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By: nicole.carson.92
Family Hair & Nail
I will never go here again!!! My boyfriend took my two children ( a boy age 11 and girl age 5) to this business to get a haircut. He told them he wanted their hair trimmed up. When he got home I immediately left and took the kids back to get a refund. My daughters hair was slanted and the bottom was very choppy looking. My sons was even worse. During the summer we had let him grow it wild, it was below his ears and into his eyes. Imagine my surprise when I saw him and not only was his hair still covering his ears but he now has choppy, uneven bangs!!! It also looked as though she hadn't even touched the back to cut it. When I asked for a refund the lady that had cut their hair came over and began saying that I paid with credit card and it couldn't be refunded and that the manager was not there. I told her that yes it could be refunded and that she needs to call her manager. Then she grabbed my daughter by the shoulders without saying anything to her and forcefully turned her around and then grabbed her head and turned it as well. She said "well if she holds her head like this it is ok." I said no it really isn't and what about my sons hair. She got 3 inches from my face and glared at me for a full minute. She said the man who brought them said to trim it. I told her that means to at least cut it above the ears. Again I asked her to phone her manager. She goes around the wall and has me follow. She speaks Chinese to a woman who then claims to be the manager. ( Remember how she said her manager wasn't there?!) She says the woman has cut hair for 15 years and has never had a complaint, the woman who did the haircut starts getting her scissors out and I told her not to touch my child. This goes back and forth and needless to say I was told I would not get a refund. I was told to come back tomorrow and someone else will cut their hair. I will be going back tomorrow but without the kids and to make sure I get my money back. Stay far away from here!!!!Update: Today (7/30/2013) I went back up to the salon and my money was refunded! I would like to say that I don't want to mislead anyone and that the HAIR SALON IS A SEPERATE BUSINESS FROM THE NAIL SALON. I was previously not aware of this fact. I have had my nails done here in the past and enjoyed the way the staff treated me as well as the wonderful job they did on my nails. I even treated my best friend to a mani/pedi for her birthday and she too was very pleased with the results. I don't want my comment to reflect in any way on the hard working ladies at the nail salon. I also want to say thank you to their manager for making things right although it was not her responsibility to do so. I would recommend this salon at any time if you are looking to get your nails done. On the basis of how I was treated upon my return today I am changing my review from a one star to a four star.
By: Nigel O.
On A Whim
Being more like "On a Delusion," this is a gyno-centric shop staffed by too many annoying and underworked sales girls. The two stars are for their attempt at an upscale experience.The first one greeted me with an unfitting personality, like that of some little girl at a birthday party who's had too much cake. As I browsed over to their book collection and became focused on one, that girl kept interrupting my thoughts asking me if I was "doing alright," like I was going in for surgery or something. Simultaneously, two other sales girls next to me were futzing with handbags and loudly nattering on about some garbled nonsense in a rather annoying and vapid tone. One of them kept interrupting my thoughts asking if I was "doing okay" about 3 times over the next 20 minutes. Why? Do I appear as if I'm melting? They wouldn't shut up, and the place has an echo, which made it worse. Leave the customers alone after you've greeted them, especially if they are reading books.Most of the items are over priced, and somewhat ugly, junk made for those who spend too much money on "the latest tacky thing." I imagine their average customer is a leisurely trophy wife or spoilt Nichols Hills brat. They need to rein it in a bit, and diversify their style. Not everyone is named "Alice," and stuck in "Wonderland." This was not a shopping experience like those I've had in London or New York, nor one I care to repeat.
By: wanda.dancy
Donna The Lash Lady
I have been a very satisfied customer of Donna's since March. I have been to 4 other lash tech's in Oklahoma since 2011. After my first set of lashes with Donna I knew I would be staying put. I had experienced such unprofessionalism from every other lash professional. I have been overcharged, appt cancelled with little notice, found that the utensils used were not clean and the list goes on! I was honestly about to throw in the towel on lashes. However, then I met Donna. As her superior certification suggests she is at the top of her craft. Yes her place of business happens to be located in her home however she gives you an option of a Medspa location depending on the day of your service. I have visited her location at the medspa and frankly I enjoy her home location because of the warm environment and the feeling of home. Donna can attest it is so peaceful that I am notorious for falling asleep EVERYTIME during my lash application. I am a very loyal customer and spend a great deal of money on various beauty products, I would definitely recommend Donna. She simply is the best. If you have any questions about her quality of service please feel free to ask her for my number and I would gladly give a personal recommendation and account of my services. You won't be let down really! Wanda
By: Stacy B.
Hair Rage III Salon
Ashley is amazing. I have had a hair color disaster that needed fixing for 2 years. I had seen 4 different stylists who only made it worse. I have very fine blonde hair that shows every mistake that someone "accidentally" bleached when I only wanted a few highlights. It turned my hair copper and a terrible white color. Everyone else who tried to correct it only made it worse. I went to very fine salons & sought the help of the master stylists in each to no avail. Ashley not only corrected it but she was able to weave in colors to where you could not tell my hair had been highlighted. Through Ashley I have been able to restore the natural color and the health of my hair. She also really listens, repeats back what she understands you want and checks in with you throughout the process so you don't end up disappointed. In my last appointment, she helped another stylist fix another client's hair that had been dyed multiple times. Everyone in this salon is very caring & friendly. They're also able to duplicate haircuts from pictures, etc. It's a fun place & they get along & support each other as a team. I would call this a no risk salon. They will make sure you are satisfied with the service.
By: caryn.franson
Nancy's 57th Street Lighthouse
Nancy's is a cozy bar/restaurant whose patrons run the gamut with respect to age and musical tastes. Karaoke begins around 8pm, and is fun and entertaining, whether you are a spectator or participant. The DJ has over 100,000 songs in his library and he does a good job of making sure there's a decent mix offered throughout the evening. Some of the regulars have pretty good voices. Occasionally someone will get on stage after they've enjoyed a bit too much liquid bravado, but they're just as fun to cheer on as the others.We arrived early on a Sunday night with a friend visiting from Australia. At first we weren't quite sure what to think of the place but as the evening went on, we found ourselves among a lively and friendly crowd. About the food -- the apricot chicken was a little overcooked and lacked flavor but the pork tenderloin was wonderful.Important notes: 1-the a/c is extremely efficient, so bring a wrap or sweater if you tend to chill easily.2-don't pick a song with swear words, or if you do, make sure you don't actually sing them. The owner WILL make the DJ turn it off. (not a bad thing, IMHO)
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By: gr8tfl1
Ann's Chicken Fry House
I have been going to Anns for 28 years. We went there once a week for years. In all that time their food has been consistently wonderful. It is a very small place, but the service is quick and the food is always fresh and hot. We have ordered other things occasionally and it was always very good but we are addicted to that chicken fry!! The house dressing, garlic ranch is made fresh, it's creamy, mild and delish. I could say the same about the cream gravy, made fresh, creamy, mild, and delish. There are other places we like to go with great food but what keeps us coming around so often to Ann's is great food at a low price. In 28 years the only problem we had was the chicken fry getting a little bit too done. That has happened 3 or 4 times. We miss the original waitresses now. The ones that watched us become a family and watched our kids grow up. They were there so long, they felt like family to us. They still have great service and a lot of memorabilia mostly from the 50's, 60's. Oh Yummm, now I think I'm fixin' ta git me som'a that chick'n fry.
By: privateye41
Ladies & Gentlemens Hair Studio
I discovered Sheila at Ladies and Gentleman's about 6 years ago. She convinced me to let her try a custom color she formulated just for me and even though I was skeptical I was intrigued by what she suggested. She very effortlessly and quicker than I could have imagined wove into my hair 4 different colors. The colors blended perfectly and just seemed to melt into each other and yet there was definite artistry to where the color was placed. Shelia finished off my custom color with a precise haircut that she cut to my hair type and facial structure. I honestly had never felt so beautiful and when I drove away I could not stop looking in the mirror of the car or running my fingers through the new cut. It was nothing short of perfect. Being in my 40's I have had many stylists over the years but I have never been completely happy. I now fly to Sheila at Ladies and Gentleman's from out of state to have my hair done by her. I simply don't want anyone else to touch her beautiful work of art! -- Marilee Mahan
By: cynthia.fenton1
Donna The Lash Lady
Donna has been doing my lashes (and the occasional facial) for almost a year. The lashes are WONDERFUL and look natural (but gorgeously natural!). I've had numerous compliments; and one of my favorites was from a saleswoman who told me I had beautiful eyelashes; and then went on to say "I bet you've heard about your eyelashes all your life". That's exactly the look I want ! Each lash is applied individually (which is one of the things that makes this pricier than your $25 special); but those $25 specials generally look like fuzzy caterpillars. Not a look I want! I've been to the Northside medspa location; and Donna's home studio, and prefer the home studio myself. It's cozy, comfortable, stylish and just as professional in appearance as any "spa" location I've been to. If you want professionally applied beautiful lashes, see Donna. If you want a pair of fuzzy caterpillars attacking your eyes, stick with the cheapo specials.
By: cgood1
Ladies & Gentlemens Hair Studio
My mom started going to Julie several years ago. My mom has ridiculously hard hair and JULIE was always able to find different styles that looked great on my mom. The first time I went to Julie was on my wedding day (without a trial run), needless to say I didn't even have time to be worried but prayed for a miracle. She did an amazing job on my bridesmaids' hair and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect look on my special day. I've been going back ever since and every time she teaches me something new and I appreciate the fact that she gets to know my hair and works to improve it with every visit. She always goes above and beyond. Who massages your neck after having to take so long so wax your face because you're so hairy? Yeah, she's pretty awesome!! She's a whiz at thinning facial hair (something I wasn't even able to get thinned with several laser removal treatments)! LOVE HER!!...oh and I can't think of anyone else as reasonably priced.
By: Michelle V.
Donna The Lash Lady
If you're looking for the best, then you have found her...Donna is just amazing! She has done my lashes for quite some time now and I would NEVER use anyone else, EVER! Her prices are beyond resonable and her work is second to none! The compliments I receive on my lashes are never ending. From family and friends to complete strangers, my lashes are admired all the time! Donna, is the consummate professional, she's so warm and friendly and has always accommodated my needs, even my last minute schedule changes and requests. I've been to both: the northside spa location and the home studio location. While both locations are lovely, I do prefer her home studio, it's beautiful, tranquil and relaxing. I feel so comfortable there, it's become one of my favorite places to be! Guaranteed, no matter which location you choose to visit, Donna, you too will be amazed by her expertise, her perfessonalism, her unmatched attention to every detail and every client.

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