By: djyung2kokc
E Cig & Vapor Shop
This place is like home to me. The above reviews that were negative obviously have a personal issue or are righting these to slander this company. The reason that i ended up at this shop is because i had bad customer experience from other vapor stores when i first wanted to start vaping. People would help me or acknowledge that i was even in the store at other shops. So i ran across this place actually by accident and from the time i can in the door i was greeted and immediately helped.when they found out that i didn't know anything about this they took the time to go through everything in regards to keeping my equipment cleaned to helping me out with flavors and explaining what pg and vg meant. I will say DO NOT BELIEVE WHAT IS SAID IN THE ABOVE REVIEWS please come in and see for yourself YOU WILL SEE WHY I LOVE THIS PLACE AND THEY ARE THE BEST SHOP IN THE CITY
By: pipina
Vapor World
I really enjoyed my visit to this store. I had so much fun. The staff was great and the customers too (I guess people who enjoy this type of thing are generally fun). If you have free time, you should head to this store. They allow you to take your time, sample the different flavors, and don't rush you out the door (of course the day I visited a tornado was headed that way and they did have to close the store early, but still gave me plenty of attention and help) I'm thinking generally, you can stay all day (if a tornado's not coming)... Also, if you refer customers they'll give you and the customer 5% off, so feel free to mention my name because I definitely plan to go back... (Tell them to make a list of all the people I refer because I'll be back ; ) Thanks!
By: momma2jc
E Cig & Vapor Shop
Be happy on your first visit, best customer service around! I became a customer in January. This place has the friendliest employees. They are all very informative and can help you with any questions you may have. I've personally watched the owners come out and help with the customers. If you have any problems they are more than willing to bend over backwards to make it right. Every person who walks out the door should be a happy customer because if you speak to the employees and have a legitimate problem they will make it right. They have the biggest selection of flavors out there and a great selection of products. This is the best place to go if customer service is important to you; they've won me over, I'm a customer forever. Bonus - Open 7 days a week!
By: roger33
OKC Vapes
They have good products at reasonable prices, but have the most inefficient operation I have ever seen. Be prepared to wait a LONG time for anything. The sampling bar seems to be the hold up to the whole thing. Why do they need to have every flavor in every strength? 1 strength would suffice. Also, make it self service and put the flavors on the wall like everybody else. People get trapped in there for so long the parking lot gets full. It's just crazy. I will drive to Edmond before I subject myself to that zoo again.
By: kenneth.reilly.12
E Cig & Vapor Shop
The location, easy to find, Enviroment is down right neighborly, Product is Great, and a huge selection!!! However best about this place is the personalized attention you recieve on every visit, Awesome job guys and gals, and anyone lookin for a perfect rep, ask for Steven, freindly, knowledable and very patient... not in a big hurry to get your money but will take time to ensure you are satisfied with everything! Thanks to you all, see you in a few days.. Ken the Car Salesman...
By: Stacy W.
Vapor World
Beautiful store!! It's enormous. The service was the worst service I've encountered in a long time. The boast about no wait time but I was there today and waited for thirty minutes. I was flat ignored. The girl helped us stood over on the side helping no one. When we asked if she was an employee she seemed highly irritated. There were five employees working that day. I purchased a new tank and she sold it with no box or wicks. The only thing she was helpful at doing is screwing me.
By: kiarat
Mrs Coolz
Awesome store!! Lots of glass and friendly staff. They have all american glass and tons of choices. Love the atmosphere the most, and the prices are waay better than any other store in okc. I've had my pieces from them for years, although SOME people can't hold onto their glass because they're clumsy from using the piece, lol. Would recommend over any other one in the area, the next best one is all the way in Edmond.
By: adone77
E Cig & Vapor Shop
Everything about this place is great! From the friendly atmosphere to the huge selection of juices. The customer service here is phenomenal. I wish that there were more places out there that would treat the customers the way they do. They are always personable and more than willing to take their time to make sure that you are satisfied. I will not do business anywhere else. Happy Loyal Customer
By: bettyboop1968
E Cig & Vapor Shop
Bought a kit after man explained it all to me. Told me they had best prices around.He was very nice. Was happy with it until I went to Chelinos few doors down and saw sign for ecig at another store. I went in to see and it and The lady showed me what they had and it was a lot cheaper than the kit I just got. Almost 40% Cheaper. I'm happy with mine but I hate I didn't see other place first.
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By: Lynn B.
Ziggyz Smoke Novelty Shoppe
I just don't know why they don't stay open later because I just did them on a website and said they're closed right now it's only 4 o'clock because I was wanting to know how much a carton of times cigarettes cost there if you can call back my number is 405-300-2230 and tell me the price I would appreciate it if you could thanks im sorry but why are you all only open on Saturdays

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