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By: Ashley M.
KinderCare Learning Centers
My child attended the school for about a year and a half. The 2 year old room is amazing, and the teachers there are incredible. However; once the new director was hired things went downhill fast. You could tell that the teachers were unhappy because they were no longer as nice to our children as they once were. I also complained to the director on several occasions that my child would complain about being thirsty and that they were not offered water throughout the day. This issue was never fixed. Every day after pickup my child was so thirsty that they would drink an entire bottle of water before we even made it out of the door. My child also got food poisoning while attending. I was called to come pick her up. Her teacher advised me that 5 children had been sent home right after eating lunch. When I approached the director she lied to me and told me that my child was the only one. I do not know why the teacher, who is the one who was with the sick kids, would lie to me. The director was obviously more concerned with herself and the centers liability then she was with the children’s health. My child’s doctor confirmed it was food poisoning. The teachers in the 3's were also very rude. I would hear them scream at the children when I walked into the center. They of course were nice once they saw a parent. My child was afraid to go to school. I got my child out of there as soon as possible. Four months later I received a letter in the mail from a collections company stating that the director informed them that I owed the center $25. I was furious. Never was I informed of any such late payment in person. They obviously had my number and could have called me. Once speaking with the director I was informed that it was a mistake, however she had already sent it to collections and it will now be a smear on my otherwise great credit. She is an awful director. She will lie to your face and does not handle the business properly. I would never suggest anyone take their kids there. My child’s last week there also happened to be 4 of the other kids last week too. All of the parents were fed up and left.
By: E T.
Excel Learning Center & Child Care
Excel Learning Center & Childcare is an exceptional day care facility. As the mother of 3 children that attended the daycare over 10 years ago, I was astonished to hear my daughters who are now 15, 14, and 10 reciting the Excel Creed just the other day and encouraging one another that they can "Do anything they put their minds to...". Excel Learning Center & Childcare set the tone for their education and prepared them well beyond what I would have expected in the pre-school program, propelling my then Kindergarten daughter into an accelerated program and preparing my pre-school daughter beyond all the other pre-schoolers in her class when we relocated to another state. I can't speak enough good things about Excel and I believe their longevity in this business, the staff that consistently works hard to provide the best care for our children and their exceptional program make Excel Learning Center & Childcare the BEST choice for your childcare needs. I thank God for the staff at Excel Learning Center and specifically those teachers and administrators that have made an impact on my children. Ms. Cain, Mrs. Candice, Mrs. Barbara, Ms. Von, and last but not least Mrs. Traylor because without her, Excel Learning Center would never have been able to impact my life and the lives of my children. Hats off to you all!
By: alwaysonthemove
Village Montessori School
We have found Village Montessori to be an extremely special place that has helped our little girl grow, learn, and thrive. She is a very strong-willed child and can be very challenging, and we know that not every place is a good fit for her, but VM has been the right place. We moved from out of state and enrolled her at age 20 months, and two years later, she is beyond her years in education and is making great progress in all other areas. This is because the director and her teachers have taken the time to get to know her personality and to recognize the best ways to interact with her to embrace her strong-will and use it to help her learn how to be a caring friend and a good and patient student. Her teachers and our family have maintained continual and constructive communication, and we feel like our daughter is supported in the same way at school as she is at home. We can't say enough about VM, and we look forward to sending our next child there when she is old enough.
By: suzannereinhardt
Excel Learning Center & Child Care
I sent my son to this facility for approximately 3 months, he is a toddler. I had very mixed feelings the whole time. Some of the workers are fantastic! They have wonderful personalities and interact with the kids. Other workers were very poor....they had mean looks on their faces as if they hated their jobs. They did not greet me and did not actively interact with the children. Cleanliness is somewhat of an issue because at times there was a urine smell. They rarely took my son outside on nice days which was sad. They did not change his diaper regularly enough. The final straw was when he went 6+ hours with no diaper change! While it is affordable, I would rather pay more and have my child cared for in a better fashion.
By: happyhap
Allphase Real Estate
I have not met a more honest helpful group of people than the people I rent from. I have been very happy with the repair men they came out right a way and left my house just as it was when they came. It is easy to pay because Kim came by to pick it up after my operation and i could not get out. The girl who answers the Phone is always polite asking if i have anything else i need. They even helped me find a man to mow my lawn cause i am not able, i got a good price because he likes them too. I will never live anywhere else.
By: hdrapt3
Allphase Real Estate
I dont know what the problem is the people here are great. I had very good conversation with them looking at the house. It was a little rough but the day before i was to move in they called me to check it out to see if there was any thing they missed. The carpet was rough but the guy was there cleaning it. They did give me some card to give to my friends to move in and i get 50.00 off my next rent. heck yes i will tell everyone i know to rent from them.
By: Alyssa T.
Village Montessori School
This is a fantastic school! Both of my children have attended here and I would never consider sending them anywhere else! The teachers make sure the children are always having a wonderful time while adhering to high educational standards. They encourage parent involvement, have wonderful caring staff, and always strive to personalize your child's educational experiences. My children were excited every single day to wake up and go to school!
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By: Mary N.
Resthaven Funeral Home and Memory Gardens
The think that annoys me is that even though you buy a permanent vase they throw away your flowers two or three times a year even if the flowers look good. The other issue is that many of the graves markers are sunken down and under water during rainy seasons. It seems to me that they should raise these graves so that they are above the water.
By: Luke H.
Village Montessori School
It only takes a week to notice a difference in development from a traditional daycare. The one on one teacher time is great. My 4 year old was learning basic math and reading skills before pre-k. Well worth the cost of tuition if you care about your child's early education.
By: Alex C.
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