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Living In Style
working with Janis Bevers has been a genuine pleasure. She has the experience and talent to tailor a plan that will suit personal style preferences and motifs. While guiding through the myriad of choices, Janis considers quality and function first, knowing that cost is not necessarily an indication of quality. Indeed her business methods allow her to offer her professional services independently of the cost of individual items, thus freeing any bias upon the selection of furnishings. In my particular instance, Janis has been extremely adaptable. She has gone out of her way to work around all the challenges, compromises and trade-offs that come while working with an historic home. I would recommend Janis to anyone , no matter the individuals style tastes or preferences. ---Philip Beyer
By: Tyler G.
Urban Farmhouse Designs
Seldom to I ever go to the trouble of leaving a review, however, Urban Farmhouse deserves it. First of all their furniture and accessories are unique. Not the normal run of the mill items you see everywhere else. Their pieces have character. Are they a little more expensive than some of the other stores in town? Perhaps a little but well worth the small difference. As much as the furniture and accessories are Awesome, the staff is what rocks. I have purchased many pieces with the assistance of Tatiana and Joe. Talk about true customer service. They deliver!!!
By: Mike M.
Urban Farmhouse Designs
Fabulous team! And I do mean team. A team as I define it is all members focusing on the same goal. No fighting over customers, who helps who, who's getting paid to do what...None of that "furniture buying experience crap". I own several businesses and have been in the "relationship building" business for 35 years and can tell you without hesitation that my wife and I had a wonderful experience buying a houseful of top quality furniture from this "team" of professionals. Sincerely,Mike McKee
By: Christina A.
Urban Farmhouse Designs
I love UFD! Their options and styles are kept on-trend and up-to-date. My sales associate was Blair and she handled my requests with professionalism and made my experience much less stressful. Would highly recommend UFD for any project, big or small. Make sure to ask for Blair H!
By: James W.
Design Thumbprint
If you want a totally customized amazingly awesome website that is very user friendly... then what are you waiting for?!!! The team at Design Thumbprint is exceptional and will give their all to give you and your company (or anything else) the best website that can be built.
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By: Lisa F.
Urban Farmhouse Designs
The best service!! Dane was extremely helpful and made the experience Amazing!They have the best items to set your house above and beyond all others in your neighborhood.If you want the BEST shopping experience go to Urban Farmhouse!!
By: linda.mallory.754
CDS Designs
Class Act all !!! Bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living rooms and den.
Tips & Advices
Interior designers can generally work on every type of room, but one should not assume that all of them can work on every type of space. More complicated projects--for example those in buildings with historic preservation strictures, or those that are going for sustainability certifications--will be suited to interior designers with specific expertise. Also, interior designers that have experience in a certain type of project may not want to take on projects that are outside their expertise. For example, an interior designer who has only worked on commercial projects may not want to do a small private home.
Every interior designer has their own style, but some designers are more versatile than others. Some really do specialize in functionality and code compliance, whereas others are more focused on aesthetics. Interior decorators are completely focused on visual impact, and therefore should be reviewed and selected based on how well their style is a match for the client’s tastes.
Full-service interior design starts with an assessment of a site and the client’s long-term needs for that space. It encompasses concept design, floor plans and lighting plans, providing project specifications to contractors, supervising  contractor negotiations and installations, applying for permits, and shopping for all the materials and pieces for the project. On top of this, there are the “decorator” deliverables, i.e. creating the aesthetic of the space, selecting wall colors/covers and furniture pieces, purchasing products and installing them.
An interior designer may come into a development project very early on, working with the developer and architect from the pre-construction phase. They may be the one to design floor plans, decide where to place interior walls, and supervise contractors that are installing elements of the build. They often work on commercial projects, although many of them work on residential projects. Interior designers can “switch hats” and do interior decoration, which means they are only focused on the aesthetic elements and visual components of a residence.
An interior designer or interior decorator should ask a potential client what the scope of the project is, what the projected budget is, what payment structure the client wants, and what the timeline for the project is. Also, they should be asking whether the client has any samples of other projects they like, and would like to use as a guideline. They could also ask what the client’s budget for furniture/accessories/art is, since that in many cases is a separate amount from the budget for the designer’s labor. If an interior designer is being interviewed early into a new build or a renovation project, they might ask questions to determine whether they can collaborate with architects and contractors from early on, to execute their vision for the space. If that is not in line with a client’s wishes, the client can then say that the project scope is for interior design only.

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