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By: shelleyfree
Oklahoma Motor Credit Company
I called OMCC on 02/09/2013 to pay the remainder of my side note (for a repair in November) and to pay two extra payments for February. I was transferred to Chris W. I was told by Chris the original side note was $359.11. However, $459.11 is the original balance on my side note, not $359.11. I was told I was $100 behind on the note. That I didn't pay it on 12/17 (for 12/15), nor did I pay it on 01/04(for 01/01). Please note, both of these payments were made to Chris via telephone. I was looking at my bank statement where I paid these payments as she is telling me they were not paid. Then she tells me that one payment was taken from a MasterCard when it was actually a Visa - I explained to her that it wasn't taken off a MasterCard. Chris then told me she was "very competent at her job, and [she] would appreciate it if I didn't act like [she] wasn't." I asked if there were late fees or interest on my side note - she told me no.After putting me on hold - she informed me she didn't know how to look certain places to check files and payment information- but she is SO COMPETENT. (Pardon my sarcasm.) She told me I paid four payments for total of $200, after being rude to me previously saying I only paid two. She did not apologize once for being misinformed and giving me inaccurate information.She then told me that my first payment on my side note was due 11/16/12. The third party mechanic looked at my car on 11/06/12. They fixed my car 11/27/12. I explained to her that the mechanic billed OMCC $418.39 for struts on the front of the car. Side note was created on 11/13/12. My car was not paid for until the end of November, how was I due before OMCC ever paid Warren Auto Care? Chris could not answer these questions. There is a difference of $40.72 which I would like to be credited to the principal of my car note upon payoff of the side note. I asked to please speak with Andrea because she handled all of these things on the account. Chris said she would transfer me to Jeff - I asked for Andrea. Chris was rude and said she would only transfer me to Jeff. I asked, "Are you refusing to transfer me?" She said hold and transferred me to Andrea.ANDREA WAS AMAZING. She fully explained why the side note was $40.72 more, and made positive statements about resolving the issues I had and crediting the $40.72 to the principal on my account. She never told me I was wrong, nor did she insult my integrity by implying I was late, dishonest, or misinformed. Employees like Chris are the reason your company has bad reviews everywhere online - check them out. I will never recommend your company to anyone - and I have in the past. I will NOT ever work with Joe Cooper or any of the affiliated companies, and I WILL be posting this in many public forums. If I am talked to in the manner Chris spoke to me in the future I will be seeking legal advice. On top of ALL that, when I Google the company - the phone number on EVERY SITE for OMCC is 405-455-3221 - which is no longer in service. I attempted numerous times searching for the contact information - and I found no longer in service numbers. There is not OMCC website specifically - only through Joe Cooper's website, and you have to click through four pages to get to the phone number.
By: chrisinokc
Signature Loan Inc
This a great place to go if you are in need of some fast cash to get you out of a jam or to simply make it to your next payday! They had processed my application in under 30 minutes and made me feel very comfortable with the entire process. I will definately recommend this business to my friends/family/ anyone in need of fast, friendly help!
By: Nicole B.
Superior Loan
All the ladies where pretty nice when I initially got the loan & it was easy & quick. But after that, they we're all so rude and snappy. If you have to make a late payment & need help with them on a payment plan... Forget it!! Then from then on out... Super rude!!
By: Buddy M.
Cash King Loans
I've been going to cash king on 23rd off and on since 08. I like the fact that it's the same people working there all these years. They know me by name, they know my kids names and they're always really nice. You can't get that at those bigger loan companies.
By: Jessica M.
Cash King Loans
It saddens me to read the reviews of past management failures. Cash King on S.W. 59th in OKC is now under new management as of June 2017. Please stop by our office and allow us the opportunity to serve you or call 405-604-3376 for any inquiries.
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By: George A.
World Acceptance Corporation
Swift and professional; made me aware of services that I definitely needed, but had no idea that I was qualified for - would definitely recommend to those in need their services!
By: Francisca P.
Continental Credit
I been using this place 4 years to do my taxes all I can say is I wouldn't go anywhere else everyone here is awesome especially the manager.
By: Javier R.
Camelot Loans
Not to really bad. It is not totally affordable, they have a high interest rate and it is almost impossible to pay on time.
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By: Cynthia C.
Security Finance
Great friendly service, always there when you hit a rough spot! Everyone is polite and helpful and they'll work with you.
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By: Freddie W.
Signature Loans On May
These people were very nice on the phone very courteous they gave me a lot of respect tried they hardest to get me a loan

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