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By: Terri L.
Sonic Drive-In Corporate Headquarters
Location 3660 Belt Line Rod, Farmers Branch 75234.Just got the new electronic boards. They are friendly and all but I have noticed following. I buy 4 Route 44 glasses of ice every day on my way to work. They were charging me 50 cents, then 60, now all of a sudden one day it is 80 the next 85. Another location nearby charges 50 cents. Why the difference? Also, the breakfast toasters and burritos have way less egg on them than they used to. It is like they are cutting back on stuff but charging more. I tried calling their phone 469-522-7077 but it rang and was never answered. I'd love to hear from you. My personal email is tln0961@att.net. I fill out the surveys a lot and always 9 out of 10 give great ones due to great service. My login in used on them is tigermama in case you can look them up. Thanks for your time. Terri
By: lvg2011
Del-Rancho Restaurant
The okie in vegas says to you this is the best in the country the one in norman rocks been th 10000 times suport these guys they need our woderful del ranchos disapear every time i come home on gone i live in vegas and i would have the chickin fry sandwitch flown out to me i tell you even the one by my old grandfathers church he buit by air base is somthing else now coping del well i tell you they will b gone if okie dont start eaten like okies del rancho rules tom young the okie in vegas grand papa rev. Bert strickland would roll in his grave if they lose the last few del rancho and reith may granny strickland ate those till the day she died the verry long lif she lived she loved ol del rancho and so do i sorry for rambling but live in vegas awhile with no del and youll kno were im comming from romans 8:28 god bless you all
By: judy.bass.5
Sonic Drive-In Corporate Headquarters
I have read some reviews about other Sonics that were not so good but I have to say that the one in Rocky Mount, NC has always been top notch for me. The food has always been the right temp/flavor...the carhops are so polite and sweet. They smile and for such young people..they have good people skills. This Sonic has always given me the impression of being a safe place which for me its clean, does not have people hanging around just for the sake of socializing. I have been there in the early hours/ happy hour/ and running by there late at night. At all times, I felt safe and the food was good! So please don't feel that there are nothing but complaints out here. Thank you
By: Mary T.
Chipotle Mexican Grill
I was able to receive quick service but the quality was far from matching the quickness. Three of the employees had a conversation before greeting me. Then two drown out my request and I had to repeat myself to the employee helping me. The cashier was extremely unpleasant, no smile at all! On top of that, when I politely questioned my total (after paying) she rudely told me it was due to the (extremely over priced) scoop of guacamole. Wow! Glad I don't live near this location!!! I don't mind paying that much when I receive polite service!!! Don't think I'll return to this one though.
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By: Jason P.
Sonic Drive-In Corporate Headquarters
I know you don't know me but I never just randomly do this but I'm genuinely concerned. I live in Stratford, Oklahoma and we recently acquired a sonic here and we all were way excited!! But as it turns out that excitement turned into disappointment. They were trained properly but the service and the quality of the food has been going way downhill since the trainers left. My tea might have had 3 or 4 pieces of ice in it which was almost melted by the time I received it. I knew it was new and these kids have never done it but I would expect them to at least try to do their best.
By: thedot
Sonic Drive-In Corporate Headquarters
recently went to local sonic in moss bluff la and my wife and i ordered there vanilla cone to my dismay, it tasted like tapocia puddy, i went and saw one of the managers and asked her why it tasted so course. she stated that sonic changed the ingredients in it. i asked has anyone else complained about it and she stated yes, please change it back to where it was, you have lost two more ice cream lovers for now. she also stated all the sonics have changed to this new ingredient. please get back to me, waiting to go back to sonic for our weekly ice cream. the dot
By: Jimmy P.
Sonic Drive-In Corporate Headquarters
I have been eating at sonic since late 60s in texas we finally get one in ky , You order a hamburger and you get a cheeseburger. It wrote on the menu hamburger or cheeseburger but when I order they say cheeseburger hold the cheese but I still get the damn cheese I guess the kids can not do nothing right If your not going to serve hamburgers then take it off your menu and I will take my business elsewhere So this happens at both ky locations but more at the one on hwy 42 in florence
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By: jyoung42
The food tastes good and looks pretty close to the pictures but always be sure to order the exact opposite of what you want because that's what they will give you. My unsweetened tea is always sweet and when you take it back they look at you like they have no idea what unsweet tea is. I say no onions and extra pickles I get no pickles and lots of onions.
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By: Nathan A.
Sonic Drive-In Corporate Headquarters
Thank you for putting out a good cup of coffee. Most coffees have a good odor but the taste is not with the smell. Work coffee's flavor is not only in the air but saturates the taste buds as well. Your business on West Lake Mead in Las Vegas is the best one here for service and food. Kudos to them.
By: Wendi P.
Dairy Queen
I love Dairy Queen however, if they do not get an adult in there to supervise those young people it will not last in MWC. They run out of product. Never get tt he order right and even forget to bring it to you. The location is so great I hate to see it closed over not having a good manager.

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