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By: ashleyrandalljones
Chiropratic Wellness Clinic
I will start off by saying that I really like Dr Ashleigh Muse and she does a great job with adjustments and that is the only reason I gave this business 2 stars instead of one. However, the other staff I have dealt with are unprofessional, rude, and do not return phone calls. I only get adjusted and do not get all the other "bells and whistles" of therapy and they make me feel like "why are you here". My first visit they did not ask me what services I wanted or went over anything with me, they just had me fill out the paper work then gave me every therapy possible which made the bill over $700! (BTW - $70 of that was for a 5 minute "massage" where the girl rammed my ribs over and over and left me bruised for sore for about a week!) Every visit after that I have to tell them at least twice (once on the phone when I schedule and again 1-2x's once I am there) that I ONLY WANT an adjustment and not anything else and they act surprised like I am crazy. On top of that my first visit was in January and they are just now (April) filing with my insurance after I called them several times to get them to get it filed so that I can schedule a surgery (without their filing my insurance is reflecting that I haven't paid my deductible). As if dealing with insurance isn't difficult enough, dealing with these people has been a pain in the neck! Like I said before, I really like Ashleigh's adjustments, she is thorough and very knowledgeable, but I'm not sure I will keep going and putting up with the staff. When I go someplace I like to feel all warm and fuzzy about it - especially a WELLNESS place - and I simply do not get that feeling there.
By: Loralee C.
Tracy DR Ellis Physician
Currently, I am in the middle of the series of treatments on my right knee (I'm to have 28, and I've had seven so far....three the first visit; four the second. The earlier reviewer described the procedure accurately. I'm scheduled for four more this week. I have experienced a remarkable change in my knee as well as in my ability to walk without any pain much of the time. Dr. Ellis stated on my last visit that such a quick improvement was not usual, but he was pleased I was feeling so much better. While I'm not yet 100%, I would easily be able to live with what I now have, if this is as good as it gets. And if improvement continues to happen, I will be very satisfied. I read all the comments about the legal situation he's had in the past--this was after my first round of treatments--and it did give me pause before I returned. But so far things are going very well. I'll continue with treatment to completion, if I need it. He had indicated that, should I feel the knee was up to the level of comfort I needed before finishing the 28 treatments, I could choose to stop with no penalty and without having to pay for treatments not received. Dr. Ellis now uses a payment program called Care Credit, which is interest-free for up to 18 months. (After that, interest goes up to over 20%, so it's best to pay it off as quickly as possible!)
By: ariusangel
Wright Michael Dr
I had my spine fused by another surgeon in 2004 due to a very severe scoliosis curve. I currently have hardware from right below my neck, all the way to my waist. 2 years ago Dr. Wright took x-rays & an MRI & discovered that I had a broken Herrington rod. Unfortunately I was the primary breadwinner at that time & didn't have the ability to have anything done about it. I called their office last Monday for an appointment, now that I'm ready & able to have surgery. I was super suprised when they offered me an appointment for this morning! (Saturday appointments are kind of rare with ortho's) We looked over the imaging again & discussed the game plan & I should be having the surgery at the end of August/early September. Needless to say, I'll be posting a review after I have recovered from everything. He may come off as arrogant, or cocky to some, but it's mainly because he is very experienced & knowledgeable & knows what he is doing. He talked to my husband & I for 30-45 min. & we never felt rushed at all. Maybe appointments during the week are different, but we really did have a positive experience!
By: Tony D.
Balfour-Saul: Debora K.
My name is Tony, I am 70 yrs old. I hurt my back in a car wreck in 1991, I have at least 1 herniated disc, nerve damage in my left leg, & sciatic pain in both legs. I have been going to chiropractors since I 1st hurt my back in the early to mid 80s! But, I have had CONSTANT pain since 91! Dr. Balfour is the FIRST chiro. to actually reduce my pain! She does not use the drop table, ( which every chiro I have been to HAS used!) I have been seeing Dr. Balfour for nearly 10 yrs, & I have NO idea how many chiropractors I've seen! But Dr. Balfour is the most gentle, soft approach to adjustments I have EVER experienced! About 1 year ago, she asked me if she had ever adjusted my hip? I said no, no one has ever even asked this! So, she adjusted my hips, & I couldn't believe it, the pain intensity dropped IMMEDIATELY! I have had less pain in this last year, than the previous TWENTY! Now, don't get me wrong here, since the start of seeing Dr. Balfour, her adjustments lasted around 4 days, rather than HOURS from other chiro's! Her adjustments LAST! Dr. Balfour-Saul is the ABSOLUTE BEST!
By: lynniemoon
Huffman Chiropractic
In the morning the day before the long holiday weekend I injured my neck and I was in terrible pain! I went all day at work thinking it would get better, but with no relief I called Huffman Chiropractic late in the afternoon as I was worried that the pain would last thoughtout the holiday weekend. They were very accomodating and got me in after 5pm that same day! I was nervous having never seen a chiropractor before this appointment but Dr. Huffman was very knowledgable and explained my injury to me, how the treatment plan would be beneficial and even went as far as to explain how the spinal adjustments would help prevent further injuries. He was able to do x-rays and an adjustment right then and there, by the time I walked out of the office I could move my neck like normal again! I am very grateful for Huffman Chiropractic getting me in on such short notice and saving my holiday weekend. I am now planning on going back on a regular schedule for more treatments to fix all of my back, neck and sinus problems.
By: Michael M.
Fong, Winston MD
I have been cared for by Dr. Fong for 2 years and found him to be very knowledgeable and understanding. I have chronic neck pain due to a car accident over 13 years ago. I saw Dr. Fong after many years of pain and worsened shoulder pain and numbness in my fingers on the left hand. I had an MRI and Xrays that revealed multiple levels of disc damage and mild compression of the spinal cord at C5,C6. Dr Fong was conservative in his recommendation and I received tx at pain management x2 years with good management of my symptoms with steroid injections. Just recently my symptoms have worsened and an updated MRI was performed with Xrays too. Dr. Fong reviewed the findings and after a through physical exam and long discussion in his office we have decided to proceed with a 3 level fusion in the c-spine using my own bone for the procedure. I feel confident that Dr Fong did not rush into cutting me open and only advised it now because we have exhausted all conservative treatments.
By: Laurel S.
Southwest Chiropractic Center
I have been to several chiropractic clinics across the metro, but none compare to this facility. They excel in professionalism, but most importantly they tailor the experience to meet every individual's specific needs. They x-ray on site & develop a plan to meet your expectations, and I promise you, you won't be disappointed. This practice was started by Dr. Goat from a true passion for the practice and for helping people. He was worked on people for many years now, and has acquired a large collection of modern amenities necessary for this kind of work. They even have speciality equipment to help even the most sensitive backs. He and his successor Dr. Briggs really knows what they are doing and can align any back, no matter how bad. They use a combination of modern alignment guns and work with their bare hands. Whatever your ailment, be it stiff neck or back surgery pains, this man and his successor & practice can and will help you live a less painful life!
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By: Yancy B.
Abbas Toughanipour MD
At 43 I had a stroke, four years later I had a heart attack. I had Marfan Syndrome. Dr. Toughanipour had to perform the Bentall procedure which is a replacement of the aortic valve, aortic root and ascending aorta, with re-implantation of the coronary arteries into the graft. This operation is used to treat combined aortic valve and ascending aorta disease, including lesions associated with Marfan syndrome. On top of that he also had to perform a quadruple CABG (bypass). This was two surgeries in one that took 12 hours. He then sat be me for 3.5 hours because I wouldn't stop bleeding. This was a surgery that my surviving wasn't expected. I was off the ventilator within 24 hours and up walking within 48 hours and returned to work in six weeks. It's been 13 months since my surgery and I owe my life to Dr. Toughanipour. I feel great and have not had any complications. Dr. Toughanipour has to be one of the top cardiac surgeons in the nation!!
By: mostlyharmless22
Matthews, Rex R, MD
He took care of my daughter, who is now 25 years old, from the time she was 2. She adored him and called him Dr. Pawpaw. My son never warmed up to him quite like that but he did okay. Dr. Matthews had some rude staff back then and probably still does but the doctor himself was exceptional. If you took the time to research whatever problem your child was having, he would listen and respect you for it. That is very hard to find. I can't imagine that being aged out of him but it has been a number of years since we've seen him. My first grandchild was born this last Friday and I will recommend Dr. Matthews, in spite of his age now, as a starting point. I don't know what problems the other reviewer had with "office policies" being ridiculous but you can't judge a doctor based on your inability to follow whatever silly rules are laid out.
By: Aisha R.
Wright Michael Dr
ExceptionalCan't stop smilingI have been a patient under Dr. Wright for several years. I have to say the man is truly GIFTED!!!!Dr. Wright put in an amazingly beautiful bridge. I was preparing for my wedding. As such, I was very nervous about the procedure, and how it would turn out (after all they were going to remove my six top front teeth to put in the bridge). He took the time to explain every procedure and was very supportive, they look so natural and I cannot stop smiling. I get complements regularly from strangers on how beautiful my smile is. Dr. Wright is truly a perfectionist, to my benefit, and won’t stop until he has achieved it. I have benefitted from his extraordinary talents, professionalism and humanity. His staff is outstanding, and supper supportive. I cannot recommend him and his staff more highly. Thank You Dr. Wright 
Tips & Advices
Occupational medicine clinics can be utilized for services like pre-employment screenings and physicals. They also conduct tests like EKGs and medical examinations.
Occupational medicine physicians can treat a range of conditions, from illnesses contracted on the job, to physical maladies sustained in accidents, or over the worker's lifetime.
Occupational medicine was generally referred to as "industrial medicine" before the practice become focused on more than just heavy industries, like oil and gas and manufacturing. Industrial medicine, as it's understood today, is a refined sub-branch of occupational medicine with an exclusive focus on those settings.
An occupational medicine consultant is someone who collaborates with employers and other organizations on promoting health and safety in the workforce. They may devise strategies for outreach, as well as protocols in the events of an accident.
Injuries and illnesses not considered severe enough for the ER can be treated at occupational medicine clinics. These facilities, like urgent care, specialize in treating lower-tier cases, but which still require immediate attention. Occupational medicine clinics can conduct X-rays and blood testing, and might also be able to refer patients to doctors in the field.

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