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By: Patience B.
Doll House Burlesque Lounge
This place is amazing!!! We went Valentines weekend - we are out-of-towners. I have no idea what these other reviews are talking about - we had a wonderful experience! We arrived around 8:45. The show started at 9:30 - the show is in sections. They perform for 15 - 25 minutes at a time and then there are breaks that range from 10 - 30 min for dancing on the floor. They perform until midnight and then the party is on! The gentlemen at the bar are spot on and the drinks get stronger thru the night. The old time movies and outfits are really fun. People are amazing here and everyone is so nice when you accidentally bump into them. And I love the non-smoking environment. It was absolutely amazing. I can't wait to go back! The ladies that perform are great - no Rocketts, but do a great show! Call ahead to reserve a seat to enjoy the night completely, but if it is a spontaneous visit, it all works out and is completely worth it!
By: martha.forbes
The Flying Phoenix Antiques
Oh my gosh, Ms AntiqueGuru are you really that grumpy or are you just a jealous competitor? I have been to the Phoenix and have never been treated so well in any store. It is charming and so warm and friendly - it feels like wrapping up in a warm blanket on a cold day. I've been to this sort of mall around the city and around the county but this one is special.I loved all the different vendor areas; they are all different but, they share a commonality - charm and unique diversity. All of the vendors that I met seemed to help each other by escorting the customer to other sites that might have their desired item. I met one delightful lady in the Phoenix, who told me that she had been coming here for a while and now came not only to shop and buy but , also to visit the very friendly owner, Kris. I have to admit, I feel the same way. I guess it is almost redundant to say, "I absolutely love the Phoenix"
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By: Franco C.
Nuestra Comunidad
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By: evanhale
Doll House Burlesque Lounge
The Dollhouse is a bit different then what I expected. Being in Okc, you expect Affliction shirts and OU hats and even though some did slip in, the place was full of really well dressed people. The $15 to get in was a bit much but, it does keep alot of the trash out. The band was really good, the Dancers were few but, were good, and the DJ was good too but, I just wish there was more live music. It's a very nice alternative to strip clubs, as I can bring my coworkers and wife. There was a alot of bachelorette parties there...all though they loved the host/comedian on stage, they seemed to be very B****y to the dancers and female staff. I doubt they tipped them worth anything. Over all it was really fun. I can finally dress to go out and not feel overdressed!
By: helianthus
The Flying Phoenix Antiques
What??? " Me thinkest thou protesteth too much." Guru-san. All the antique stores in Okc do a lot of good things for the city and all are not perfect but hey they work hard. The Phoenix stands out as one of my fav's for many reasons and the layout is one of the most charming and magical due primarily to it's age (1952) and former uses: TG&Y, Suburban Contemporary Furniture, etc, etc. and of course the ghost old man Pennington who developed most of NW Okc. And show me an antique store in a high rent district and I'll show you over the top sale prices! Go see for yourself and oh by the way, good job to all the antique stores Okc. Everyone works hard and deserves an atta atta!
By: joeyperezandjesseperez
Doll House Burlesque Lounge
My co-workers and I had a great time at the Doll House. The dancers were good, not always spot on as a group but still good, very entertaining. Loved the band, nice combination of live music, burlesque and dj. There was also a good mix of older and younger people, makes for great people watching if you like to people watch, and I do. :) Over all I would definitely do it again even at $20 a head. No other club in town offers dancing, a live show and a live band for the $10 it cost to get into most clubs. Love it!
By: shopsalot
The Flying Phoenix Antiques
This Antique Mall is AWESOME!! It has the largest variety of inventory in the area. It is not snooty and the staff have always been incredibly helpful. I have no problem with their large bag policy - a lot of businesses do that. It is pretty common. The only people who should be offended are shoplifters. I don't think the area is bad either. The photo place (what used to be Epperson's) caters to high end clients. I love this place!!
By: myfatso
W W Lounge
When I first saw the sign I thought to myself this place is going to be a dive. The W&W sign looked to be about 60 years old. But once I got inside it wasn'st. It was very roomy inside,4 pool tables and friendly people what more could you ask for. Had a good time there. And one of the best things going on there is the $1.00 beer, that's right one buck all day and night. Look past the outside and have a good time.
By: sbrigham
Antique Co-Op
It has a little of Everything. Jewelry I love and they have a lot of it. If you ever need a particular color then Antique Co-op is the place to go. There Jewelry collection is unbelievable. Everything is priced so reasonably and anyone can afford it. They also have other items like Postcards, Vintage Valentines, Old Photos, Glass figurines, Pottery and much much more!!!
By: sassy2go
The Flying Phoenix Antiques
This antique store is a must go to place. It has wonderful selections and great deals. There is always at least half dozens vendors having sales in their booths. The employees are always very helpful. The large bag policy is not a big deal for me and I don't mind leaving it in my trunk or leaving it behind the desk. The location is great and easy to get to.

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