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By: M W.
Hobby Lobby Corporate Office
Put aside the controversy over their corporate policies and practices, they have a great selection, sales people that are helpful and polite. They lack the local feel, they lack an acknowledgment that their customers are not all white women in their 30-40's. They lack the ability to update with technology that is efficient ie where's a good app? Where's a good website? Heck...... If you buy a sales item and you don't tell the cashier it's on sale their register rings it up full price, their cashiers shouldn't have to look up every sales item to give you the sales price, I have paid full price for sales items more times then I care to remember...... Fix those issues now, before you lose more customers. Don't be the walmart of art stores, get more locally sourced items, get rid of the "junk" from China as much as possible, and expand from Poughkeepsie over to kingston, it's a smart business move for your company, heck bud it in town of ulster near all the other big box chain stores, save on taxes, but at least be available on the west side of the Hudson River, there's a market waiting for you to open a store here.... Oh and beat out the competition by offering free yes I said free, meaning hiring local artists to teach classes for free, their no reason to charge for a class when you are literally selling the needed supplies to the people that attend the free classes, hiring local artists to teach is a no brainer in a community that is very local economy aware and concerned. So you can carry your cheap china products, as well as your quality good priced products, and still feel like a more local experience. Either way, it's going to be a mixed bag, some people won't shop at the store because of the bad press, hostility towards minorities, lack of good corporate judgement in a modern environment ie stop denying birth control , stop not serving gay customers, be friendly and welcoming to everyone, if you claim to be Christian then accept that part of that belief system is accepting of way , despite all that it's a smart move to close in on kingston ny and provide the great prices, the poor artists are waiting for you and there's a plethora of poor local artists.
By: Fredia B.
Hobby Lobby Corporate Office
Why Not???Because this store is so AMAZING I would never receive a check!!! There are so many beautiful items in the store and the quality and selections makes an imaginative person mind go crazy thinking of so many ideas, given so many ideas and looking at so many ideas that the possibilities are endless! If I worked at ANY Hobby Lobby Store, I would owe them at the end of the pay period because I would've have them hold numerous items for me to take home! This store is awesome! all you haters, stop leaving your personal spiritual, christen or human rights debates from this particular forum. This is for customers that want to either applaud or refute or not like products or customer service. Evidently, If you've heard of personal opinions that were not stated by the individuals that actually will there,then you're guilty of taking your frustrations out on innocent people that obviously like their jobs and have to deal with opinionated individuals such as yourself. If a particular employee offended you or did or said something that was construed as abnormal company policies or actions,then contact their manager or supervisor. But to put this company on blast for something You've heard on the news or a social feed is pathetic and being voiced on the wrong forum. Hobby Lobby doors work like any other business, they allow you to come in or go out - your choice,your money! for any creative, imaginative person,this store is a GOLD MINE! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT - AND I do agree that some of the prices are higher than a mad cats back!!!
By: okckid
Oklahoma Hobbies & Radio Control
its a small shop usually with 2-3 guys working and sometimes they are kind of swamped but have always taken the time once they could get to me to help answer questions and help everyway possible....i've bought seven helicopters and have had alot of repairs, they have always done great work and gone above and beyond to help me get going again, sometimes they can fix things on the spot and just swap a part or something and not even charge you but sometimes you have to leave something and it might take awhile to get the repair done but repair prices have always seemed very reasonable, their is a good selection of parts and prices are good, they aren't perfect but they have helped me alot and gone out of their way to keep me going there, good guys, would reccomend them, thx
By: bhart71
Oklahoma Hobbies & Radio Control
Thank you Matt, Duckie and Jerry! I'm so glad that I gave Oklahoma Hobbies and R/C another shot, they recovered from the One bad apple spoils the bunch scenario. A while back I had run-in with one of they guys there who always had a condescending attitude and was just an overall disappointment to try and learn from. Well, time heals and he's no longer there. Instead what I found was a great group of guys willing to share their knowledge and insight with me without the charge of humiliation because I didn't quite get what the were talking about. I've been back several times now and it just gets better. I've learned more about heli's in the past two weeks than I have in the past two years. Thank you so much guys for putting the fun back into it.
By: samthann
Hobby Lobby Corporate Office
I love Hobby Lobby of Modesto, CA. I go there all the time, and ask a lot of questions. These people know what they are talking about, and if they don't know, they say so, and then try to find me someone that DOES KNOW. My last visit to them was for fabric. I went there after first going to a fabric store, rather than a hobby shop. The fabric store sent me on two wild goose chases. "It's over there" with a general wave of the hand. I asked for the same thing at Hobby Lobby and was told, "It's on this rack, right here." I can not say enough positive things about Hobby Lobby. Visit yours today, and experience it on your own.
By: Kathleen V.
Hobby Lobby Corporate Office
John w: they are not ,as you put it, screwing people of their human rights. Hobby Lobby agreed to some of the birth control. Just not of those destroying the embryo. The women has a right to her body, not the babies. The baby and the mother are two different persons. I hate the word tolerence. I do not want any one to tolerate me. If you do not like me, that is ok. You can" love your enemy" as the Bilbe says, But for instance, you may forgive enemy for stealing money out of your wallet, but you would'nt hire them come to work for you as a cashier after that.
By: propilot2006
Oklahoma Hobbies & Radio Control
These guys are amazing. I am new to RC's and wasn't sure what to expect getting into a new hobby. They explained what I would need to get started and were so helpful. I went in about two weeks later to drop off my quad (I had crashed) and after giving it a quick glance, one of the guys said it would be an easy fix. Five minutes later I was ready to go. When I offered to pay he just waved it off and said "it's on the house". Great guys who know their stuff. Highly recommend.
By: r.carnes
Oklahoma Hobbies & Radio Control
I have used Oklahoma Hobbies & RC for as long as I have been Flying Helicopters. From My very First one, up to the ones I now have, Jerry and Matt have gone beyond normal to help find the oddball/obsolete parts that one of my Helis needed to just plain old setup help, they have been there. I have seen the guys spend an unbelievable amount of time on the phone with customers explaining troubleshooting tips and or parts research. I will continue to give them my buisness.
By: david.finch.92351
Mike's Models
Mike and Shaun have been servicing me for many, and I mean many years. If it has anything to do with R/C air you have come to right people. They took the time out of there day to try and get my G-2300 SuperTiger to run, and they did not have to by any means, but they did. They do not deal with CARS, so if you need cars go to I-240 and Penn. (they ARE NOT HELPFULL AS FAR AS PLANES.) iF ANYBODY IS RUDE IT IS THEM!! If you need help with air go to Mike.
By: mary.kilgo.1
Hobby Lobby Corporate Office
I have been a customer of Hobby Lobby for years and I have never been pressured by employees about Christian issues. The only clue that this company is founded and has policies based in Christianity is the kindness and helpfulness of employees, reduced store hours so employees can see more of their family and instrumental music that is Christian. It is a calm, happy place to shop. How could anyone be offended by this type of business philosophy?

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