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  • 1.Quick Stop

    800 SE 29th St

    Oklahoma City,OK

    2.51 mi

  • 2.R N Quick Stop

    3152 N Portland Ave

    Oklahoma City,OK

    4.41 mi

  • 3.Sns Quick Stop

    5708 S Pennsylvania Ave

    Oklahoma City,OK

    4.44 mi

  • 4.Star Quick Stop Inc

    4139 NW 10th St

    Oklahoma City,OK

    4.48 mi

  • 5.Jmj Quick Stop

    2913 W Wilshire Blvd

    Oklahoma City,OK

    6.44 mi

  • 6.S M Quick Stop 2

    1145 N Pennsylvania Ave

    Oklahoma City,OK

    2.00 mi

  • 7.Royal Quick Stop

    3320 S Western Ave

    Oklahoma City,OK

    2.60 mi

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By: ahhtobealive
Vapor Haven
My Vapor Haven experience was nothing shy of fantastic. The atmosphere was very inviting as well as the staff being very enthusiastic. My fiance is an avid vapor smoker and has expressed the same excitement about Vapor Haven in comparison to other local shops. I experienced this recently as i went in to purchase a Vapor for a family member who had recently had a stroke- me not being a smoker- had no clue on where to start-The staff quickly pointed me in the right direction and got me started on the standard starter kit. They taught me how to fill the tanks, change out the wicks, and charge my battery correctly. Before you knew i was a pro!!! If you are looking to quit smoking this is for sure the way to go!! Tons of flavors -tons of fun!!
By: reddraggon
Stop N Save
Jim's Stop N Save is a place I have been going to for some time now. It's a nice family store. It's well stocked on beer and tobacco products at competitive prices. They always have a good supply of soda items as well. The Liquor shop is smaller, but has a good variety to fit most tastes also. My main attention goes the the restaurant. That's the real gem here. Everything is fresh made, daily. All of the hamburger's are really good and made to order, the fried chicken is great! I highly suggest the Gyros sandwiches, all of them are exceptional. All and all, it's a great place to eat and your bound to find something you will like with ample seating. It's been a nice discovery for me.
By: vapedokc
Vapor Haven
Vapor Haven is a very attractive store with a great supply of tanks, atomizers, and a huge selection of liquids which they make themselves. If they don't have the liquid that you are looking for, they will strive to make exactly what you want. They have great customer service and really want to help people quit smoking. They are always willing to take the time to show a novice how to use the e-cigs. I had one problem with my tank and they cheerfully took care of it. I highly recommend Vapor Haven.
By: nancy.beckham.18
Vapor Haven
Vapor Haven is the best vape store in OKC hands down! I have been in several times and am always greeted with a smile. They have a great selection of liquids and ecigs. The supertanker I purchased had a manufacturer's defect, and they replaced it without hesitation. I have had it for over a month now, and it's still working great. They also let me experiment with a few flavors and are happy to mix whatever nicotine strength I want. Go check out Vapor Haven!
By: 22customer
Oncue Express #109
Great store and better service! The food is incredible and they offer multiple types of gas at a very competitive price. They also have frozen yogurt and a topping bar with fresh fruit and other great choices, OnCue also has a drive through that is perfect for those times when you are in a hurry or on the go,
user avatar
By: Rell S.
Stop N Save
I love Mr Jim's double cheeseburger& fries always fresh & fries are hot price's are good.. I've been going to Mr Jim's a little over 5yrs & I gotta say they are all so friendly love it u gotta try the gyros as well I think it's the best place in town to get one!!! Keep it up Mr Jim & family y'all are great
By: evieharkins
Okie Mini Mart is a simple gas station but the people who run it make it the best. They take the time to get to know their regulars and you always get a laugh if you stop to listen. They have everything I need, decent prices but I keep going back for antics of Mr. Kim, the owner.
user avatar
By: Holly C.
Fun Mart Bait Shop
we have a large variety of bait!! Live perch, minnows, goldfish, nightcrawlers, red dillies, cut stinky sides, shad guts, rabbit livers, loaded livers, good stuff bait, trout bait, shrimp, squid, whole shad, skipjack. Come on!
By: Shana W.
Mid-West Wine & Spirits
This place is amazing!! Yes prices maybe a little high but the customer service every one of these employees show is outstanding! Also the store is super clean. I highly recommend everyone to check this 0lace out!!
By: Heather W.
Vapor Haven
Two thumbs up. This was the first vape shop I ever went in and it remains one of my favorites. Knowledgeable staff and the Mt Dew is amazing after steeping.
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