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By: T J.
Shady Nook Pump & Supply
SUPER FAST & SPOT-ON SERVICE AT FAIR PRICENo water in the house, called Shady Nook Pump and Supply at 7:25 AM on Monday to come out and take a look. They arrived by 8:25 AM nd had my well working again by 10:10 AM. Problem was a short in the wire between well and the house. These guys had to dig starting at the well and working towards the house. They found short under sprinkler valve manifold. Wire was apparently damaged by sprinkler install team about 10 years ago. Chris was lead techician. He was very curteous and professional. He and Jay worked very efficiently and quickly. They were there to get my water rwstored and quickly. RDid troubleshhoting to isolate the provlem, replaced 6 feet of 10 gauge wire, added conduit and replaced dirt in 1 hr 45 min., and only charged $276, which was reasonable.I have used this company before about 6 years ago at my previous home. They did a great job then, too. These guys also told me several thing I should do to keep from having major problems with my well. They even took off the handle on the shilut off valve between my well and the pressure tank, which if turned could blow my pump off the pipe or destroy it. Told me where I need to install a valve, and reset my pressure switch to a 50/70 psi setting to reduce cycling. Also told me I needed a bigger pressure tank, 86 gallons, to reduce cycling, since I have a 2 HP pump.I will always go back to these guys for well service. They are great!
By: john.mashburn.50
Shady Nook Pump & Supply
Did a great job replacing a pressure tank and pump for us. Turned out the original contractor had installed a pump that was way too small for the job which explained why we had been having trouble with our well for years. No problems for well over a year now since they installed the new well equipment. They were clean, friendly, very reasonable on price and quick.
By: o0michellehughes0o
Shady Nook Pump & Supply
Highly recommend these guys. They came out right away, fixed my well, had great customer service and gave me advice to prevent the problem from happening again. I've had great experience with customer service when buying parts at their store in the past too. I have been extremely happy with this company.
By: Cheryl S.
Shady Nook Pump & Supply
Have needed them twice, once in 2011 and now in 2014. Different homes. The first was replacement of a rusted water well tank that burst in garage. This time, a crew dug in the wrong spot and burst my well water line. Both serviced within the same day. Fast, friendly. Knew what they were doing.
By: Jason L.
Mow 4-Less
Highly Reccomend. The company was professional both over the phone and on the job. Also, thier prices on sod were unmatched by other companies. Hopefully you read this review, and it will save you time.~ Jason (Air Force officer @Tinker)
By: Michelle R.
Jackson Drilling Services, LLC
Drilled a well for me when I was on a time crunch. Called me back the same day and was very polite and professional. The overall process went smoothly. We are very pleased. Would recommend.
By: Cheryl S.
Shady Nook Pump & Supply
Great in 2011 and 2014. Both urgent calls. Handled same day, friendly, reasonable price.
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By: Steve G.
Jackson Drilling Services, LLC
Great work. Thank you for my well.
Tips & Advices
The local climate’s heat and humidity affects evaporation rates, and this helps determine the best irrigation options. For example, sprinkler irrigation in a high-heat / high-sun environments lose more water to evaporation than drip irrigation. When choosing an irrigation system, also consider soil type and topography.
Drip irrigation uses 20 percent – 50 percent  less water than traditional sprinkler systems, which conserves water and saves money. It reduces weeds, soil erosion, and fertilizer run-off. Drip systems work well with irregularly or hilly landscapes. Because it waters the plants evenly and efficiently and reduces water contact with leaves, it also reduces the risk of plant disease or fungus.
Drip irrigation uses tubing to “drip” water slowly and directly to the soil surface, roots or bases of plants. This low-pressure, low-volume system can use drips, sprays, or streams to keep roots moist but not soaked. The tubes can be located above ground, where they are visible, or “subsurface,” which reduces evaporation even further.
Yes. All irrigation systems are made up of component parts that need maintenance and eventual replacement. Professional maintenance in the spring and fall will keep the system in its best working order.
Most professionally installed irrigation systems can be installed in one or two days, depending on the size and complexity of the job. Do-it-yourself installations could take longer.

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