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By: mdana519
Home Leasing & Management
The company seemed good enough. Repairs were minor to the rental I live in. My problem was more with the home owner. H4L listed our house with access to the neighborhood pool. Last year when I went to use the pool I found out that you have to get a key which is provided once the HOA dues have been paid. I spoke with the president of the HOA and he informed me that the dues had not been paid. I emailed the office and spoke with the front desk several times last year between the months of May and July about the home owner not paying his dues for us to use the pool. Well finally the dues were paid but the pool was closed. I was very upset.My family paid our rent on time, have had no complaints, very minor maintenance issues. But yet our rent increased. We signed an extension on for 4 months, rent increased by $25. If my math is correct you multiply that by 12 and the dues should be covered. With a possible chance to renew for another year the home owner asked to increase my rent again. The owner didn't raise the rent for tax purposes since his taxes decreased by $40 so that can't be the reason. I can't imagine that Homes 4 lease has increased the price of their services in the last 6 months. So why must my rent increase?With hopes to use the pool this year, I started contacting the HOA again several times. He once again confirmed the dues had not been paid. I contacted the office again several times. The owner stated he needed an invoice. I forwarded the contact information to the HOA so he could get that. As of the 30th of May those dues have not been paid and the pool once again is open but unavailable.
By: fifi61
Ok, hats off to Sherlocks. They have been around since I first started going out dancing in the late 1970's, and this is still my favorite place to dance. The crowd varies from night to night, but seems to draw people over 30, so if you are looking for a place to dance in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, Sherlocks is it. Service is consistently good, and the lighting is great. This little club is laid out perfectly, with seating a little bit above and around the dance floor. The music is a mix of hip hop, line dances like cupid shuffle and spanky leg, old rock n roll, country and western, something for everyone. You will see people here in everything from jeans to suits. I have checked out the various dance clubs in Okc, and the techno music or top 40 stuff is not for me. You will always find some good music here. Some nights they are full, sometimes is is a smaller crowd, just depends. Ladies nights Sunday Tues Wed Thurs get in free, which is a great deal. They still do the Gator, which is great fun to watch. Come once and you will be hooked.
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By: Patience B.
Doll House Burlesque Lounge
This place is amazing!!! We went Valentines weekend - we are out-of-towners. I have no idea what these other reviews are talking about - we had a wonderful experience! We arrived around 8:45. The show started at 9:30 - the show is in sections. They perform for 15 - 25 minutes at a time and then there are breaks that range from 10 - 30 min for dancing on the floor. They perform until midnight and then the party is on! The gentlemen at the bar are spot on and the drinks get stronger thru the night. The old time movies and outfits are really fun. People are amazing here and everyone is so nice when you accidentally bump into them. And I love the non-smoking environment. It was absolutely amazing. I can't wait to go back! The ladies that perform are great - no Rocketts, but do a great show! Call ahead to reserve a seat to enjoy the night completely, but if it is a spontaneous visit, it all works out and is completely worth it!
By: linda.d.wall.14
Omg... What a change! First the goodThe sound and lighting is great. The furniture is all new with the same look. BIGGEST change for me was the ladies bathroom. The last time I was there a year ago, you didn't dare touch anything in the bathroom. Now it's spotless and updated plus tons of girlie options like hand soaps & hair spray etc. actually rivals the nicer bathrooms I've seen at fancy restaurants. (Well, close anyhow.) the change was astonishing.The staff was friendly & prompt. I have to say high five to the new management for a job well done!!Now for the BAD..The very first thing I noticed walking in was a horrible mildew smell. Not sure what is the cause but wow! I'd given a complete five stars if I wasn't overwhelmed by that smell walking in. Other then that its a great place and lots of fun!!!!
By: evanhale
Doll House Burlesque Lounge
The Dollhouse is a bit different then what I expected. Being in Okc, you expect Affliction shirts and OU hats and even though some did slip in, the place was full of really well dressed people. The $15 to get in was a bit much but, it does keep alot of the trash out. The band was really good, the Dancers were few but, were good, and the DJ was good too but, I just wish there was more live music. It's a very nice alternative to strip clubs, as I can bring my coworkers and wife. There was a alot of bachelorette parties there...all though they loved the host/comedian on stage, they seemed to be very B****y to the dancers and female staff. I doubt they tipped them worth anything. Over all it was really fun. I can finally dress to go out and not feel overdressed!
By: stacylhutchinson
Silver Real Estate
I have rented from this company for a year now my lease is up and they are allowing me to go month to month without raising my monthly rent like a lot of complexes would. While the other tenants say they cant be contacted... I have the head maintenance man and the wife of the owner, Peggy, cell numbers. Anytime ive called they answer. I havent had any actual issues everything worked great in my apartment and continues to. They havent ever lost my rent and they are always willing to work with me when im late. The owner even allowed me to void the late fee because my brother cut back the trees on our property. I havent ine issue with them, they maintain the property well and are always friendly when you go to their office.
By: littlemark
Hello,My name is Mark.I am the General Manager and one of the owners of Sherlocks. I can proudly say I've worked at Sherlocks for 30 years. Started in this business as a barback and progressed to my current status. We have done an extensive remodel of the property. If you are a former patron,we invite you to come see all the beautiful ammenities. This place looks phenominal! We still play variety music as we have done for 35 years with a brand new,state of the art,sound system and light show. A full service bar, professionally staffed and ready to rock!Casual dress is fine.Collared shirts are preferred.No ballcaps,T-shirts,tank tops or grungy attire.We look forward to seeing you !!!
By: okcmgirl
K Bar Saloon
We went to this bar because we were looking to karaoke. Someone told us it was a "whole in the wall/biker" kinda of bar. Even though we are unsure how friendly or safe this place would be we thought we'd check it out. I'm so glad we did! Everyone there was very friendly and for a small bar it was clean and was better than expected. The karaoke KJ Bob was very friendly and had a great sound system! The only thing I can say was a bad review was how smokey the bar was. They tried to open a back door time to time to allow the room to vent. If you're looking for good music and talking to some nice ppl this is a place to go to and I will be visiting there again soon.
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By: Jenny F.
The Club House
I love this cozy bar. It's very relaxed in there and the bartender Krystle is always very attentive and super sweet. This is my favorite place to go after a long work day and just sit and have a drink. There's always friendly faces at the bar full of plenty of conversation. I absolutely love it when Thunder is there (youll have to go and meet him)☺They have pool league, Nascar days, and all sorts of fun things like that. It's really quite a good little spot. Also, I really like that they have a board up acknowledging all of the family/friends and regular customers birthdays. It's a nice touch.
By: joeyperezandjesseperez
Doll House Burlesque Lounge
My co-workers and I had a great time at the Doll House. The dancers were good, not always spot on as a group but still good, very entertaining. Loved the band, nice combination of live music, burlesque and dj. There was also a good mix of older and younger people, makes for great people watching if you like to people watch, and I do. :) Over all I would definitely do it again even at $20 a head. No other club in town offers dancing, a live show and a live band for the $10 it cost to get into most clubs. Love it!

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