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By: tylina01
Redpin Bowling Lounge
This place is dirty, out of date, over priced, and full of rude staff. Don't waste your money. An old broken down bowling alley from the 70s would have better working equipment.
By: Amanda F.
Redpin Bowling Lounge
18% gratuity added to large groups on food/beverage/service which is expected but they also charge 18% the lane rental as well. Be prepared to pay an additional 18% for shoes/lanes/balls for no reason. These costs should be added to the cost of lane rental. Will not return - plenty of other bowling alleys in the area that are unique and fun!
By: Craig H.
Lyrewood Lounge
Not the best area but the owner does a great job of keeping the wrong people out everyone is friendly and there is hardly ever any trouble I highly recommend this bar.
By: Mick E.
Redpin Bowling Lounge
We had family come into town and thought this would be a great place to take them. Wrong. 1st of all we had 2 lanes for 2 hours. The party in front of us was running 15 mins late. After it was all said and done we actually only got 1hr and 20 minutes to bowl or less because the lane we had kept freezing up and had to wait 5 mins for someone to rundown and fix it. We ordered some sodas, and a couple of appetizers. The fried pickles were horrible and unfit to eat. The grease tasted very old. My son asked for a chocolate shake the waitress talked him out of it because she would have to make it herself and said it would take 20-30 minutes before she could get to it. The bowling balls were in horrible shape with dents and nicks all in them, but the worst thing was when we got the bill. We had a party of 8 and we were charged 18% gratuity on everything, including the cost to bowl, the shoes. It came up to be $39.50 gratuity for the waitress to bring us a round of sodas and a couple of appetizers. I wasn't happy and will not be back. Save you hard earned cash and go elsewhere.
By: dara.binkley
Redpin Bowling Lounge
I reserved two bowling lanes for my boyfriend's birthday. Spoke to the manager one morning before they were open. He took my credit card info and everything to reserve the lanes. We arrived an hour early to eat dinner. They had the wrong name on our reservation (or so we thought because the name was similar for the same number of people, same number of lanes and same date/time) We sat at the bar where the bartender hardly acknowledged us. Finally we were able to order and shortly after our bowling server came and asked our shoe sizes then came back asking if we're the party with the other name. We of course were not so she got a "manager" who didn't look like be had any business managing a nicer place like that. I gave him the name of the person I spoke to and the date and time but he told me I didn't have a reservation and there was nothing he could do. After I proceeded to explain to him that I made the reservation over a week ago and the info of the person I spoke to and that we had come from out of town and had people meeting us there he said we could wait 3 hours to bowl or he could give us a credit for a future date. I explained again that we did not live here and were only in town tonight. I turned to look at my boyfriend (2 seconds) and when I turned back the guy disappeared. I've never been treated with such disrespect and never got a single apology for THEIR mistake. The food was good but a little overpriced. Also, the lanes are $45/per lane per hour to reserve so I'll be calling my bank first thing in the morning to make sure they didn't get any more of my money. We couldn't even get a server to get a to-go box for my food. Do not waste your money ant this place.
By: lshantz
Brix Restaurant & Sport Lounge
It was quiet, but it was Sunday night! Nice portions and quality of beef on my mushroom burger was good. Nice massive TV screens. Good sports bar
By: cupcakepinup
Redpin Bowling Lounge
I went to Red Pin for the first time last night. i was with a group of 8 people and we had reserved two lanes for the evening. We were only there for 20-30 minutes our lanes were not working properly, they had to be reset at least two times. We were then moved to another set of lanes where we experienced the same issues. The employee was being very rude to me and my friends so I asked to speak to the manager. When the manager came over I told her the the employee had been rude to us. The employee overheard me and proceeded to get in my face for telling the manager he had been rude to us. The manager walked away while the employee was yelling at me, my husband, and a friend of ours. The employee then grabbed me by the throat and threw me up against the wall. Management did nothing, not even an apology. As I was waiting for the police so I could file a report they let the employee go back to work, which shows they obviously are not concerned with an employee assaulting a patron. No one that worked at Red Pin would give me the managers name or the name of the employee that grabbed me. This morning we contacted the owner and found out the managers name was Natasha and the employee that grabbed me was Chevis. We are still waiting to here back from the owner, Erin. It is painfully obvious that this establishment does not care about its patrons and does not take violence against women seriously. If i could give this place negative stars I would. Never in my life have I been treated with such disregard.
By: heather.wickizer
Redpin Bowling Lounge
-I had a party that I had planned for over a month and a half here on Saturday. There was a lot that went wrong and I normally will never do this, but I was very dissatisfied with the business that I feel it necessary to let you know my feedback. First of all, I called up there five times within the last month and a half to make sure of what I was getting. The second time I called after making reservations three days prior, I was told that I didn't have reservations so I had to reserve it all. Second, I had to call and ask what all was included in the $270 that I was paying and they told me the two lanes and party room. I called another time because I wanted to make sure that the shoes were also a part of that. I reserved two lanes and told the gentleman that helped me that there would be up to fourteen people there. I called also that day to find out what I'd be paying and to make sure bowling could be separate from whatever else was charged and was told yes. When I arrived there Saturday I was told I could not pay for the bowling yet because my card would have added gratuity on it just for bowling. (You would think for as much as I had called up there I would have been told this.) The waitress came up because instead of my reservations showing 9-12 it showed 9:30 to 12. (Why I'd be paying for 3 hours of $270 I'm not sure.) After getting that situated to where I was supposed to have the area at 9:00 I asked about the gratuity and told the waitress that I was never told about it and asked if it would be close to $50 and she told me it would be. After being highly aggravated about that and telling her I was never told about that and that it should be taken off she informed me that it was the rules of having a party of 36 people. I never said I'd have 36 people there. I told her that only 9 or 10 people would be bowling and that I never said 36 people were showing up. After the waitress was highly rude with me I asked to speak to a manager. The manager was nice enough to inform me that she would not add gratuity to the bowling I was fine. I was at the point of being so highly mad at your business before this I began to cry and the waitress decided to let everyone know that I cried about it which was unnecessary because if I was told all of this in the beginning I wouldn't of even came to your place of business. At about 9:15 we were told that we could go to the two lanes I had reserved. The other party was still in the room until about 9:45 and when they left the waitress did not clean the mess at all so about 10:20 the guests of the party began cleaning that room so people could sit in there. The waitress never came and got the trash so I had to go ask someone else to come take care of the mess. When the waitress came back around she was asked about getting food for some of the people and our party was told that the kitchen was closed. This was about 10:45 and about 11:30 the party that was next to us had four pizzas brought to their party. We asked again about food after seeing this and she began saying well the kitchen told me that they were closed so I can't get you food. The waitress was very unprofessional to where she rolled her eyes when one of the girls with my party needed to exchange shoe sizes because her shoes brought to her were the wrong size. I was very displeased with your business and working for a business myself I will be honest in telling you this was one of the most horrible experiences I have ever witnessed. I did not order drinks the entire night or food for myself because I was so upset with the entire situation. We had other people that showed up to hang out in the room and had a cake as well. When asking the waitress for a spatula and not responding after being told she would bring one we had to cut our cake with a plastic fork that I brought. This is probably one of the most horrible places to go for bowling. I'd recommend spending your money on a more professionally ran place.
By: myfatso
W W Lounge
When I first saw the sign I thought to myself this place is going to be a dive. The W&W sign looked to be about 60 years old. But once I got inside it wasn'st. It was very roomy inside,4 pool tables and friendly people what more could you ask for. Had a good time there. And one of the best things going on there is the $1.00 beer, that's right one buck all day and night. Look past the outside and have a good time.

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