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By: riki925
Southside Dog Cat & Bird Clinic
The prices are reasonable, they do not overcharge. My dog had a problem last year that nobody could figure out...Southside couldn't figure it out, and I also took her to Neel Veterinary. Each place ran all kinds of tests, but all came back negative. The staff at Southside really did all they could to help her, and what I really appreciated was that they didn't charge me for consecutive re-exams for the same illness. Most vets will charge you each and every time you have to take your pet in, but they just charged me for meds when I had to keep taking her back for the same problem. We did eventually solve the mystery; she was having bad reactions to the heartworm medicine she was on. We switched her to another one, and she's been fine ever since. I think they're great. It's not posh, it's not glam...but it's not dirty, (as I saw one post elude to) the building is just an older building, with older furniture, but the clinic and exam rooms are clean. They are first come, first serve. If you don't like waiting, get there first. If you have an emergency and they can't get you in, go to Neel. What you don't want to do, is take your pet to Banfield. Did that done that. They overcharge, and oversell everything. They're more interested in selling you pet insurance than the health of your pet....and your wallet. I'd also like to add that I took an injured dove to Southside once... a wild bird, not a pet, and though she told me they couldn't treat wild animals, I could see it tugging at her. She wanted to help it., but all she could do was hold it and make it comfortable while it expired, so that's what she did. Point is, I don't think they'd let an eight week old kitten, an animal they CAN help...die out in their waiting room as that one post stated. I don't believe that for a minute. Southside Dog Cat and Bird are good people.
By: Tat C.
Leighton Animal Hospital
I have been going to dr Leighton for over 20 years starting with my childhood pet. He is the most caring vet I've ever had, I always ended up back in his office no matter how far I move because he is absolutely the most respectable vet in Oklahoma City. He never scared me by telling me things that weren't true, when other vet clinics were pretty much telling me my dog was gonna die if I didn't fork out $700 for immediate surgery.. He always rembered my dog and her name, and was very friendly. Prompt service and always had time to get me right in if needed. I want to thank him for everything he has done because he was the only vet that would help me instead of trying to rip me off. He rembered me when I was a little girl bringing my childhood dog in with my grandmother when I was 9 years old. It really means a lot when a business makes you feel like family. Btw my childhood dog was pregnant and a very small chihuahua, I believe he took her home with him to make sure she didn't have any complications throughout the night, she is 18 years old now. We really appreciated all he did, things are a little different now that he is in his 80s, I don't see mr Leighton every time I visit but his staff is great- they are just as caring and friendly as he was. I would recommend him to anyone in Okc. Don't blame your vet for things that are not in their control, things happen that are inevitable and nothing can stop it- not even a great veterinarian. people expect too much, this is a 5 star vet clinic- 5 star staff- with a 5 star willingness for people who need them.
By: sooner123fan
Pet-Vet Supply Inc
I have been to this store a few times and overall they were friendly and knowledgeable. The same cannot be said for the Vet portion of the store. I believe they are called Veterinary Technicians and one of them was extremely rude. She made it seem like all the clients were in her way and she had a rude tone when speaking to anyone! Even one of the Veterinarians! She rolled her eyes at the Veterinarian when she simply asked a question. I will NEVER go back to the Vet portion because of this one woman which is unfortunate because the Vet on staff that day was very kind. I think her name was Dr. Fruitt (I had to look her name up on their website!) and I found her very pleasant and kind. Maybe if they hired nicer Technicians then I would go back. If you go to this clinic beware of this one Technician! You will know her when you see her. Probably late 20's with glasses and an attitude from you know where. I was surprised by her demeanor because when I called to make the appointment the girl on the phone was very nice. I would have given this place one star but I decided on two because the Vet was so nice.
By: larryb128
Ranchwood Veterinary Hospital
I respectfully could not disagree with Lilly28 more. The people at Ranchwood were the most wonderful people one could ever wish for during the most devastating time in my life. At my wits end, I called Ranchwood at 6 am and they could not have been more helpful. They met me at the hospital shortly thereafter to help me try to save my beloved family member. Thoughout the last three months of my Samuel's life, they literally did everything humanly possible to help him and me. Ultimately, we lost the battle, but it certainly wasn't due to a lack of willingness to fight. The loss of family is a trying time for even the strongest person and I am a loss for words on exactly how these wonderful people helped me through it. I promise if I ever decide to take in another family member in, the folks at Ranchwood will be the ONLY medical professionals that will ever treat him/her while I am in Oklahoma City. To those professionals at Ranchwood, my sincere thank you will never appropriately explain my gratitude for all you did for Samuel and me.
By: William j. Y.
Quail Creek Veterinary
Regarding most services offered in this world, the old saying applies: You get what you pay for. Dr. Rubin and his staff charge a fair price for highly professional work, simple as that. We have two dear little Yorkies, less than 4 pounds each. When they were pups Dr. Rubin advised to have them spayed but we decided to wait for one (though we might breed her, but too small). At the age of 9 she developed a HUGE infection in her uterus when in season (not all that usual it seems). To cut to the chase things were life threatening for our little dog and as usual Dr. Rubin came through like a PRINCE, literally saved her life. She feels so much better now with her infection gone and she's returned to her usual self - a ball of fire Dr. Rubin is the only vet ever to touch our dogs and always will be. So if you consider you dog the best, then have him/her overseen by the best is my advice.
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By: Jimmy M.
Southside Dog Cat & Bird Clinic
I have used this clinic for 9 years now.They have the equipment to give me the answers i need about my Dog.He was almost dead and they took a Blood test that showed several abnormalities.He was treated as best as i could afford.I couldn't afford an IV hooked up so they did an Under skin water Bubble.It didn't appear to bother my little Dog at all and the next Morning my Dog was almost completely normal acting.he had gone downhill for 3 days before i could drive the 120 miles i drive now to see these folks.I have used another Clinic once near where i live but was not impressed and left feeling like i was not a good Dog owner.I was talked down to and i am 58 the Vet was just 30.The Dog,cat & Bird Clinic always informed me what may cause the problems but never made me feel like i was not worthy of my Dog.
By: claudiacparker
Air Depot Animal Hospital
Dr. Cindy Newnam and her staff are some of the most compassionate and caring people in the veterinary business. I have visited several clinics in the Midwest City area over the years and none of them have been as accommodating and professional as they are. I have had major and minor emergencies, have been able to bring them in after hours to be treated after a serious dog fight, and always the well being of our pet was more important than getting my money first, unlike at least one other clinic I visited. Her staff stays late and comes in early to take care of the pets that are hospitalized, she has certified people working at all times. Complaints like the one below border on slander, since the accusations of outdated product and equipment are verifiable and simply not true.
By: Jennifer G.
Southside Dog Cat & Bird Clinic
Let's be frank. This isn't going to be the fanciest vet clinic you will ever walk into. This is affordable health care for your pets. It is not an emergency clinic - first come first serve. Dr. Harlin is very knowledgeable and would never do anything to put your pet in jeopardy. As the review below indicates, they are always looking for ways to save you money rather than nickel & diming you to death. I took my dog there in October for a 'lick-sore', we followed up again in April and they didn't charge me an office visit because it was a 'follow-up'. They are doing the best they can. If you need to know every detail of your pet's visit, then maybe you should go to a regular vet office with regular vet prices. You can't have your cake & eat it too!
By: Shanda G.
Southwestern Pet Clinic
In response to Shelly Q, review. The case you presented to us is against our clinic policy, to be performed on puppies that old. The reason for turning away your business was to not cause undue harm to your pups, due to the increased pain receptors and increased bleeding complication risks on the age and size of your puppies. It had nothing to do with "laziness" but everything with not jeopardizing the health of a puppy. When you called to check and see if we were the clinic that you had made your 2 pm appointment with, you were informed that, no, we didn't go on appointment but are a walk in based clinic. When you came in, it was then you told us the age of the puppies, and when informed we would not do the procedures, you became upset.
By: soonerz
Ranchwood Veterinary Hospital
This is THE BEST vet in town. I met Dr. McNeal last month after having to put my 15 year old dog to sleep. This was very painful for me, but he made me feel really good about the decision that was inevitable. I have since taken my two other dogs to see him and he and his staff are the most friendly and caring folks that anyone could ask for. This is the first review that I have ever posted, but I was compelled to do so because they really do treat me and my girls like family. Oh, and he showed me his facility and the whole thing runs on solar power. REALLY COOL. I'm not a tree hugger but I recycle, and it's good to know that they care about the environment as much as they care for my pets. GO HERE, YOU'RE ANIMALS WILL LOVE YOU FOR IT!
Tips & Advices
Most 24-hour clinics do not allow owners to stay with their pets overnight. However, many do have specific visiting hours or will let owners see their pets at any point during the day. In addition, owners can call most clinics at any time for an update on their pet's well being.
  • Important phone numbers, especially those of the the veterinary clinic, the animal hospital or emergency clinic, and the poison control center
  • A book detailing pet first-aid steps
  • Copy of medical records
  • Nylon leash
  • Muzzle (only use if pet is not vomiting and has no difficulty breathing)
  • Absorbent gauze
  • Nonlatex disposable gloves
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Nail clippers
  • Digital thermometer
  • Sterile saline solution
  • Hydrogen peroxide (to induce vomiting only at the recommendation of a veterinarian
  • Milk of magnesia (to absorb poison only at the recommendation of a veterinarian)
Find a 24-hour animal hospital that provides emergency services within your area. Keep the facility's contact information in a place that's easy to locate, such as the refrigerator, address book, or smartphone. Most veterinary clinics operate on standard business hours and are not equipped to handle emergencies.
Veterinary clinics operate on a smaller scale than animal hospitals. The latter are more likely open 24 hours and provide emergency services. The former generally operate on typical office hours and only perform wellness exams and minor surgeries. Veterinary clinics also do not generally perform laboratory tests on site.
The specifics vary depending on the type of visit. For a wellness exam, bring:
  • Medical records
  • The type or brand of food the pet eats
  • Medication (including flea, tick, and heartworm medication).
If the animal needs medical treatment, the following may be helpful depending on the situation:
  • Fresh stool sample
  • Vomit sample
  • Video of the pet engaging in abnormal behavior
  • Substance the pet may have ingested

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