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By: reddraggon
Stop N Save
Jim's Stop N Save is a place I have been going to for some time now. It's a nice family store. It's well stocked on beer and tobacco products at competitive prices. They always have a good supply of soda items as well. The Liquor shop is smaller, but has a good variety to fit most tastes also. My main attention goes the the restaurant. That's the real gem here. Everything is fresh made, daily. All of the hamburger's are really good and made to order, the fried chicken is great! I highly suggest the Gyros sandwiches, all of them are exceptional. All and all, it's a great place to eat and your bound to find something you will like with ample seating. It's been a nice discovery for me.
By: Vanisha L.
mademoiselle Figure and Fitness
Started looking for a gym for a bigger size lady like myself, went to a few of the national chains and really felt uncomfortable. I got a free pass for Mademosele and tried it. The average size woman there was not a tiny 20 year old. They said they offer free personal training, so I tried them on a month to month deal. I can now say I am hooked. Classes I take do not make me feel uncomfortable and I feel i can use any of the equipment and pool without feeling like I don't fit in. I do use the free personal training and while she helps me she helps others as well, I feel like I have a chance now to lose some weight and not be treated like an outsider, I'm glad I found Mademoisele.
By: Kade L.
10 Gym
I have been going to this location for close to 2 years and have never had a single complaint.Can't beat the price and they have all the equipment I need, and they even expanded about 9 months ago which has made things much more spacious. Its always clean and the staff is super friendly.Also the management is very professional and always doing walkthroughs to make sure everything is going smoothly. Love 10 gym South!!
By: Danny B.
mademoiselle Figure and Fitness
Absolutely incredible!! I also have been using a great website online to track my progress as I head toward my weight loss goals. Its free and can be fun after you sign up you get a portrait, and by updating your weight you can change the portrait into a different one's while on your weight loss journey. Sign up its awesome! http://www.weightlosstournaments.com/
By: blakey1217
Fitness 19
I have been a member at most of the gyms in the area and they may have fancy locker rooms, pools, and such...BUT Fitness 19 is CLEAN and affordable...They are always cleaning and keeping the equipment in perfect order. Everything is new and the staff is friendly! I highly recommend, you wont find anywhere that is much bang for your buck!
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By: Kaylynn M.
10 Gym
I love this gym! I've been going for about 2 years, now. I added a kid zone package about a year ago and my 1 year old loves going, while I work out. The kid zone staff is very professional and come and get me if they need me at all! Love them and when my second baby comes, I'll add him to the kid zone package as well. ☺️
By: 22customer
Oncue Express #109
Great store and better service! The food is incredible and they offer multiple types of gas at a very competitive price. They also have frozen yogurt and a topping bar with fresh fruit and other great choices, OnCue also has a drive through that is perfect for those times when you are in a hurry or on the go,
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By: Rell S.
Stop N Save
I love Mr Jim's double cheeseburger& fries always fresh & fries are hot price's are good.. I've been going to Mr Jim's a little over 5yrs & I gotta say they are all so friendly love it u gotta try the gyros as well I think it's the best place in town to get one!!! Keep it up Mr Jim & family y'all are great
By: Leslie A.
mademoiselle Figure and Fitness
Using the pool to workout is a great benefit to me because I weigh over 350lbs. I just started to workout here because it is just for Women. I feel comfortable and had have a good experience so far. I have just been working out for 2 weeks. I have also used the toning tables and other stuff. I like it!
By: evieharkins
Okie Mini Mart is a simple gas station but the people who run it make it the best. They take the time to get to know their regulars and you always get a laugh if you stop to listen. They have everything I need, decent prices but I keep going back for antics of Mr. Kim, the owner.
Tips & Advices
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