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By: Kathy C.
Massengale Eye Care
We have seen Dr. Massengale for about 10 years since we moved here. We have many choices but he is the best. The only time I have ever waited very much was when I had not made an appt. and was a walk-in. They once had walk-in times and those times could get very busy. I have appreciated that they can work you in right away if you have a problem. When my daughter had issues with her contacts, they saw her right away. Dr. Massengale is always kind and patient and seems to be very knowledgeable and up-to-date. We trust him and that is very important. Also, we try to use them when we buy our glasses too because we usually get such great service. Some places you buy glasses are hit and miss with sizing and the advice you are given but Massengale's has given us great care. They will order anything you might be looking for if you don't see on the shelf. Dean is the best we have ever worked with and we have lived several places. Nothing bad to say about Massengale's. If you don't love your eye doctor or if you need help finding the right glasses, give Massengale's a try.
By: charlesgrubbs
Action Retail & Wholesale Optical, Inc.
Well I am just an old man. In other words I have been there and done that! Over the past few years I have noticed a degeneration of the ethics of businesses and our society in general, you would have to be blind not to see it. Action Optical is what I call Old School philosophy work ethics. These people have been in business just about as long as glasses have been invented. They are always friendly, professional, caring and ready and willing to bend over backwards to make everything they do for you a rewarding experience. When you walk out of this place you may say to yourself why can't all businesses be this way. A fair and great place to business...for those of you who want your glasses in an hour then go for it. But for those of you that want to have confidence in that your eye ware was done the best they could be then by all means shop here!
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By: Angie G.
Affordable Price Vision Center
The doctor is great but her front staff could use more training. I went in and I had 2 insurances. They filed my first insurance the one under my dad and did not file mine. When I asked they said it was too late to file. I do insurance myself so I know that as long as I had insurance the date of service You can still file a corrected claim. The front staff wasn't too happy that I wanted my second insurance filed and that they had to give me a refund for my overpayment they were very rude every time I went in for my contact fitting. I will not be doing my exam with them next year. It sucks for the doctor because she is amazing but she did lose a patient because of her front staff.
By: okcsoulwmn
Massengale Eye Care
The staff and Doctors are wonderful, Dr Massengale is one of the kindest people you could meet, there is no doubt about that. But the experience itself is not good at all. The wait time is the worst. I watched people standing, no place to sit, because the place was booked. Its clear they overbook their appointments. I watched people who waited a long time need to reschedule because they needed to leave and couldn't wait any longer. My appointment, on two different occasions, was 3 hours and 2 hours on another day. I was supposed to come back to be seen again and pick up contacts that I already paid for and I couldn't do it...I decided my time was more valuable than my money.
By: Jan P.
Massengale Eye Care
20+ years ago I had RK surgery. Due to this surgery, I have struggled with getting corrective lenses since my distance vision started failing about 5 years ago. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Massengale. My experience was wonderful. He and his staff worked with me to get me fitted into soft contacts. I look forward to now getting fitted with new glasses. I was so pleased that I suggested my son see him also. After his appointment he told me " Mom, I've never had such a thorough exam". I highly recommend Dr. Massengale to you, especially if you have any out of the ordinary issues with your eyes. GREAT EXPERIENCE OVERALL.
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By: jennifer.baker.359
Midwest Vision Center
The doctors are very nice, patient and thorough. The customer service that comes with the fitting however, leaves MUCH to be desired. Neither of my two kids was even fitted. They did not check to see if the frames were the correct size, or if their eyes were centered in the lens. Even after me asking. During the second kid, an employee wouldn't get out of the chair for us to be helped! I have 6 kids along with my husband. They could've had a lot of business but instead I will buy glasses from Eyemart. Disappointed.
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By: Shelley G.
Massengale Eye Care
My husband are not yet patients of Dr. Massengale; however, we hope to be in the future. We went to his business with a prescription from another Dr. and found the staff to be HIGH CLASS!. Donald helped us; he was so professional and thorough. He even asked my husband if he preferred to be called Mr. G____ or Kenny. He helped him find XXL glasses that were so perfect. We are so pleased to find a place that is respectful and courteous to customer. Highly recommend to everyone!!!!!
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By: Karen W.
Schmid Samuel H Optmtrst
I've been a patient of Dr. SCHMID for years, he is very pleasant and easy to talk too. As for the secretary she is great as well she's been there For years however his wife works their and she is very rude and don't know how to relate or talk to not only her workers but the patient as well. If wasn't for DR SCHMID I would have left a long time along. It's ashame he had not realize the attitude abd rudeness of his wife is hurting his practice.
By: Chen C.
Circle of Life Eyecare Center
The doc is very knowledgeable, attentive, and caring. She took her time explaining everything and answered all questions thoroughly in a way that is easily understood but not over-simplified. She was very patient to the kids and my 3 year old had fun during his last visit without scream and tears. Finally I found one doc for our entire family! The administrative staff were also very courteous, nice and helpful. Highly recommended!
By: Mary B.
Action Retail & Wholesale Optical, Inc.
A friend of mine went there for years. A lens broke out of my sunglasses. I took them in today and a nice lady had them repaired right away at no charge. I checked out the frames for readers and found several that I liked. Due to their customer service, I am going to order RX readers at their shop. I am also recommending to a friend who needs a repair on his sunglasses.

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