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By: tbutterfield
Tuesday Morning
I love Tuesday Morning for the products and bargains I find here from time to time. I can usually go here and find what I'm looking g for. However, they have to have the WORST customer service on earth. The women who work here literally don't care one iota. And this is every single time I go, not just an isolated experience. I usually wind up waiting in line 20 minutes while the employees talk to each other about their personal business and complain about their jobs. I once waited in line for 30 minutes while they were paging another employee to the register to help check out. The lady they were paging just ignored the pages and kept straightening stuff on the shelves. The other employees at the checkout were joking that she "works on her own schedule" as the customers in line were becoming visibly agitated. I also had a manager actually gripe at me for making a return WITH my receipt and tags. The sour attitudes of the employees almost make it not worth the bargains.
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By: Chelle G.
A Plus Jewelers
I will never go anywhere else but A Plus Jewelers for my jewlery repair and jewelery purchasing needs.Everytime I go into the store, I am treated with kidness and respect, just like I am a part of thier family. Everytime I have ever gone in to thier store, they always acknowledge that I am there and make me feel important.They are very knowledgeable , friendly, and take the time to make sure everything is in working order before I leave the store, and they also make sure I am happy and satisfied before I leave. My jewelery is always in better condition then when I dropped it off, and I have never had any problems with the work they have done. The staff is always very friendly and knowledgeable about jewelery, stones, custom work, you name it they will do everything in thier power to find whatever it is your looking for. A Plus Jewlers will always and forever be my jewelery store.
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By: Amy H.
A Plus Jewelers
My mother dropped her wedding ring down a garbage disposal losing 2 diamonds and twisting the ring. We brought it in on Christmas Eve and they reshape the ring so she could wear it prior to being completely repaired and with no charge. My mom brought the ring in this week for repairs and after a couple of days and an extremely reasonable price, they had it looking like brand new. After over 60 years of marriage, the ring has so much meaning and it made my mom so happy to have it back on her finger. I would definitely recommend them for repair.
By: Denise T.
A Plus Jewelers
Excellent service.I don't wear much jewelry, but it just so happened that a silver pinky ring from Salzburg, Austria broke. I went to a jewler in town and they explained the various mixes in silver (bla bla bla) in other words no can do. So in asking around, someone told me about A Plus Jewelers. I brought my ring to him, he said it'll be ready in a two days; and it was. The week after that my diamond pendent broke. A Plus had it repaired the day after I brought it to them. Fantastic job. I will never ever go to any other place.Thank you!Denise T
By: abbp23
Higgins Jewelers
They worked on an antique ring that has been in our family for years. They replaced the main stone for a much larger diamond we already had. The had to create the mounting for it without changing the delicate look of the ring. They do excellent work! They also resized the ring and gave us all the pieces left over after fixing the ring. We are so happy with them and will be using them again in the future!
By: Shannon Y.
A Plus Jewelers
This is a wonderful place to buy jewelry or have it repaired. Their craftsmanship is excellent. I gave them an old ring of my grandmothers and they created a beautiful wedding ring for me. My daughter took her ring in to have it repaired and they made it look brand new in less than 24 hours. I highly recommend this place of business! You won't be disappointed!
By: Margauxe S.
House of Pain
I frequently visit the House of Pain two to three times a week. They have just about anything from E cigarettes to posters. I go for the vapors and the E liquid they have a variety of flavors. And the staff is superb. They are very well trained and they know exactly what is what and the instructions on every item in the store. I LOVE THIS PLACE KUDOS H.O.P.
By: Shawn P.
Jungle Red
Just amazing, clean down to earth shop ! I love the blend of sexuality with spirituality that this place has. Perfect pricing and amazing costumer service ! I have been to so many similar shops and this beats them with its amazing prices and good vibes ! Will be back to Jungle Red ASAP !
By: zvang05
C.J.'s Jewelers
CJ's is a great jeweler. We just got my fiance's ring and it looks gorgeous. DJ was really helpful. We walked in with an idea of what kind of ring we wanted and he was able to come up with exactly what we wanted at an affordable price. We've decided that they are the jeweler for us.
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By: Lyric D.
House of Pain
I absolutely love this place. I'm a regular here and they are great! They see the little blonde with a backpack and my boyfriend and they always accommodate us and make us feel like part of the crew. You guys are awesome and I reccomend yall to all my friends!

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