By: John D.
Northside Tag Agency
I have used this agency for many years and I have always been happy with their service. We got a new car this month and there were some issues that came up when there was a mistake made at the dealer. I called them several times to get some information and they were not only very helpful, but offered some good advice on how to get the mistake corrected. Just paid the tax and picked up our new tag this afternoon plus renewing my driver license. Could not have gone better, even my DL pic was good....... :)John
By: Diany A.
Northside Tag Agency
As the poor clerk was waiting on me, they only got 50 phone calls but still trying so hard to get us out of there and people were being very rude in person and through the phone. From what I witnessed, if they were rude to you, you probably brought it on yourself and tested their patience. They were lovely to me but you get what you give. Remember that they don't make the regulations for your vehicles. IT'S NOT THEIR FAULT!!
By: William T.
Northside Tag Agency
Well, my experience was entirely different from Harvey R.. The clerks were pleasant, effective, timely and cheerful. Only problem I observed was when the computer wouldn't take the clerks' fingerprint and she got a bit irritated at it. My license reissue was smooth as silk.
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By: Shawn P.
Greenway Plaza Tag Agency
The best Tag Agency on the south side! Super Professional and always pleasant to work with! You don't stay in business for over 20 years without doing things right! Only downside is they are super busy, but again when you are the best, doesn't surprise me!
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By: John H.
Quail Tag Agency
I have been using Quail Tag for 18 yrs. Great service, friendly and they know everything they should. Robin and her crew are Perfect Aces in my book. Wouldn't dream of going anywhere else! Thank you Robin!
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By: Christine I.
Price Tag Agency
We found this tag agency to be very helpful! We worked with Crystal and soon realizes she knew what she was doing. We really appreciated her hard work!!!

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