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    My dealing with this company has been a disaster. I hired them to do driveway and sidewalk stamping. Josh Richey started the job and after doing the job for several days, I made him stop until he had a plan in mind. Nothing matched, the stain was running and drying like it was running off of the driveway. It was awful. The second owner, John, can out and we had to plaster over the driveway to cover up Josh's mistakes. John seemed to have a plan and the job looked good when completed. I had to pay extra to cover up Josh's mistakes. My driveway began chipping the next year :( I was given a 3 year warranty before I needed to seal and any maintanance. I called the company and reported the chipping. They said they'd get out to look at it. Never heard for them again, Called this Spring, said they come out, no response. this was a small problem last year that could have been taken care of. This year, it's a big problem with sections peeling off that are about 2 feet wide. I truly regret hiring this company. Customer service is huge and this company doesn't know anything about honoring your product. All it takes is a response at times. This company is not as good as it's word. Don't fall for their good pictures- Josh Richey has gone to work for another construction company and I caution anyone in hiring him. If the job doesn't go right, as it does from time to time, you can't trust him to follow up and honor it.

  • This guy should not even be in...

    This guy should not even be in business. He is unreliable, unprofessional and completely out of touch with the concept of time. He won't return your phone calls which was frustrating because the man, Josh, never showed up when he said he would. We missed work to make sure someone would be home for him to do his contracted work and the jack wagon wouldn't even show up. You would call him and would not get a answer or a call back. He started work at our house in June and to this day we still have incomplete countertops. The countertop he did finish, had several mistakes on them. We advised them of the issues and needless to say he wont di anything about it. Since he won't answer his phone, we're stuck. The guy is rediculous! He told us he was just a manager. Come to find out, he owns the business! He is very sketchy at best. SERIOUSLY.... go somewhere else.

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    This was supposed to be a three day job at the most and it is still not complete.

    As will all of the other complaints, mine is 100% similar. Though my counter tops were completed, there noticable air bubbles that they are aware of and they not fixed them. Though my center island was put in place, they have not returned to complete it and they have not called to advise me about their absence or utter lack of crappy business practices.

    As far as communication is concerned, it is the worst I have ever expericened from a contractor. They never showed up on time and they would never let me know that they were going to be late. I took off work expecting them show up at a specific time and after waiting half the day, I was finally informed that they would arrive at my residence after 6 p.m.

    I only wish I had seen the other reviews before I hired to this company. If you are a prospective customer, you really to head these reviews and rethink your choice. Though their prices may seem good, you get what you pay for. Horrible service.

  • Much like every other review o...

    Much like every other review on here, our icoat experience was horrible and lasted several months (only suppose to take a week). Our counter tops were never finished and our flooring that was finished is alread coming up (its not even a year old!!). We were so displeased with the outcome that we took Josh/icoat to court. We won, needless to say we have not reveived our awarded amount as ordered by the judge. Please DO NOT USE ICOAT FOR ANYTHING!!

  • The reviews written on the OKC...
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    The reviews written on the OKC ICOAT page are exactly my same experience. The responses from Josh are weak excuses for horrible craftsmanship and unprofessional behavior. I wanted a kitchen countertop and was told by Joe that he could fix my leaking shower pan and update my bathroom countertops and floors for less than the price for other countertops. I made a huge mistake and agreed to this plan. I have had to spend over $6,000 repairing my bathrooms. I have had to take a hammer to the ugly mess they made on the floors and hire a tiler to come back and make the floors presentable. I also had to replace the toilets, and bathtub due to their sloppy concrete, paint and sealers. My countertops that they painted do not fit the backsplashes...I have huge gaps between the countertop and the backsplashes. Josh was angry that he was having to fix Joes's mess, so he painted everything one color,an ugly brown and left deep puddles of paint (I have a child and dogs in the house). He said he would return to fix the puddles and never showed up. He returned the next morning and said that I should be happy that he came back on the weekend!!! They were at my house from August 6 to November 1. I threw them out after the first mess, but again (stupid on my part) I was told all of the problems could be fixed. The repair of the first problems made things worse. I have pictures, if you want me to send you examples of this companies expensive and destructive practices, let me know. I did not receive my downpayment back, even though the contractors all agreed that there were many problems with the work. Now, I have to remove my kitchen floor, and replace the kitchen countertop and two bathroom countertops. This was a very expensive mistake on my part. Stay away from this company.

    Business Response05/24/2012

    I have pictures as well. Colors looked great, but as with our product it is truly unique and custom. The timeline was so, because she had other work done by another contractor that convinced her we were doing wrong, because he didn't believe we could overlay over existing surfaces, but we can. This is a challenge we have encountered due to our product not being widely known. She then hired him and we returned several weeks later after he messed everything up. (after this job he actually contacted me to take our training class.) We have come a long way as a company. Sure we have made mistakes along the way. We took the right steps in trying to make this right, we tried repeatedly to make this customer happy..

  • Customers considering using th...

    Customers considering using this company for installation of any type prodcut should be aware of the following from my experience.

    What I was told would be a 2-3 day process went 10 days. After applying a particular stage of the process on the second day, the installer said he'd return that evening to finish. When he had not returned by midnight and was contacted, he texted "I am drunk and should not be working."

    I received comments from various contractors about the job ranging from "can you get your money back" to "are they going to come back and fix it", as well as "this looks like their first time to work with this product". Each stage of the installation process appeared rushed, resulting in sloppy work. Areas of silicone were smeared on the counter tops in various places, ruining the first application of epoxy. When a semi gloss coating was applied to try to cover that sloppiness, the result was another smeary mess. The installer admitted he had never had good luck with the semi gloss coat. The next epoxy application resulted in a hazy result with numerous drips as a result of not adequately stirring the product and failure to remove drips as the product set. The installation never dried and was always sticky, so the counter tops and back splashes had to be torn out and replaced.

    Granted, the entire process of installing their product is somewhat messy, but this company seemed extra sloppy. Care was not taken with walls, as existing wall paint was wiped off as they wiped off the drippings of their products. In one area, wall paint was stripped to the drywall by their tape removal and had to be retouched. Another area had to be repainted to cover up their smearing of their product from the back splash and counter top applications. Several hours have been spent cleaning up epoxy, silicone and semi gloss off floors, refrigerator, oven, dishwasher and sink. A phone jack had to be replaced due to it being damaged when the installer tried to remove the product off of it.

    The company was not equipped for the full job, as they used the customer's paper towels, scrub pads, large trash bags and did not haul off their own trash, adding to the impression of their lacking professionalism.

    Business Response12/22/2011

    We as a company are always improving. This is not an accurate description of the effort that we put in to satisfy this customer. I have pictures that show the true outcome of this project. Sure there are areas that require some touch up paint. That is always discussed prior to beginning any work.. We did not tell her we would be back, she called demanding us to come back and I was at a birthday party. She had also had 2-3 other contractors in before us and while we were there.. Fired them and then called us back to fix his mess. The point had finally come when she had stated she was not going to be paying the balance we were done.

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