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  • Andrea S.

    Well you guys I wanna share my experience because I know this will help others not get ripped off.We all work hard and have to look out after our money.If you guys are looking for a car with a low down payment and monthly payments,look else where ots worth it.My husband and I put a down payment of 1800 dls for ford f150 the payments where gonna be low so we agreed and thought perfect deal,we only had to fix a rim and truck was around 13000 to 14000.Well left us stranded on the hoghway after less than 24hrs no joke.Talked to kalili and he said he would fix ok,aweek and a half later and after get 900dls extra on our bill we picked up the truck and right at the corner BOOM IT DIES,Luckly came back on and we immediately turned and returned to mr kalili.Well he said come bavk in a week ill get u guys a good truck. On friday he got us an 08 Titan 112k on it for 17,000 after test driving we said ok and just like at the behinning he wants more cash asked us for 200 more.Few days later the truck starts smoking everywhere.We could not even stop at a drive thru once because it didnt stop throwing smoke after 5 mins.My husband talked to 3 mechanics after doing tune up oil change and they said engine was bad and it was no less than 2000 dls for job.Well we could not afford 2000 bucks and making monthly payments at once so we wanted to return the truck and work something out like decent ppl but turns out mr kalili went to iran so a month passed and he still not back.were into the second month and hes still on vacation weird thing a bout it is.My brother saw him at his jobs since hes owners friend.Immediately I went to Metro and the other guy said hes not back.Funny right?Well second time and once again We went to Metro and hes still not back!!!Im still tryn to talk to him even though he wont do anything because thats hes way of oing business because this same month he got a 300 chrysler back since it wasnt working properly.So please be aware of Metro Car Co.Porfavor no compren aki no malgasten su dinero que avemos personas que travajamos muy duro para ganarlo,asi como mi marido.

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    Andres R.

    The owner of metro car mr.kalili Makes he's money by riping people off he tryed to sell me a Chrysler 300 with over 120,000 miles for 17,000 dollars with a rebuilt tittle I looked up the value on a car with a rebuilt tittle and the value is half the price of the car with the normal green tittle and when I tryed to negotiate the price he called me a young inexperience man that did not what he was talking about!! Well I went to frontier Chevrolet and got a 2009 dodge charger with 90,000 miles and 5.7 hemi engine the car is in great shape leather seats and sun roof well maintained and no issues at all for the low price of 13,000 dollars with a great interest and low payment!can't say the same about metro car the cars are over price in bad condition and too many mechanical problems. Dont get ripped off by this greedy man Mr.kalili at metro car on Sw 29th my sister and brother in law bought 2 bad trucks with over 150,000 miles on both and really bad engines the first one was a 2006 Ford f150 with over 170,000 miles on it for 15,000 dollar with a 18,000dollar down payment the truck didn't last 2 days before the engine went out we talked to Mr.kalilo and he refused to give back the down payment instead he supposly fixed the truck and charged an additional 900 dollars for the work well afet picking up the truck we didn't even make it home when the truck died once again so we talked to Mr.kalilo and he refused to give the money back instead he exchanged the truck for a 2008 titan 112,000miles for 17,000 dollars sounds like a good deal right well the truck didn't last a week before the engine went out we took it to a mechanic and he explained to us the engine on the truck wasn't good that most likely it was gonna die for good if we kept driving it so we took it back to mr.kalilo and it turned out he went on vacation to Iran and supposely he's still on vacation after a month well we caught him on a lie because Mr.kalili because I've seen him come eat at my bosses restaurant when he's supposely on vacation at Iran so if your thinking of buying a car go anywhere else don't go to metro car and get ripped off by this greedy man

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    Kemie B.

    This business"Metro Lemon car lot" WARNING!!! The asking price for a 2000 Volkswagen $1800 talked them down to $1600 cash. That night steering column goes out,the oil pan had a whole bigger then a golf ball.That's just the beginning!!! What's really weird is the next day the owner went to Iran on vacation. We have been up there twice. The other owner says he will get something worked out. He's a joke to!!! So bypass Metro!!!

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