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6926 NW Expressway, Oklahoma City, OK 73132

Mon - Fri 11:00 am - 7:00 pm, Sat 10:00 am - 7:00 pm, Sun 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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  • Amazing Daisy!

    One thing to be aware of with Daisy Exchange is that it has now MOVED into a bigger, better, roomier store on MacArthur and NW Expressway. Its basically one mile east of the old store, and is right by Charleston's.
    So, when I went in, I brought big trashbags of Mall store brand items. Hoodies, skirts, jeans, whatever. They had a very professional manager? I guess? guide me through what to do. The staff seemed happy and well informed. I asked for one girl to get something down off the wall, and she happily obliged. They do like their dark dye denim stuff though. I tried selling lightwash jeans but was kindly told they didn't take them.

  • Rude manager, rude staff, cheap, fashion backwards

    Manager has acted nothing but rude and snobby to all of my friends and family friends that have gone into the store. Not only is the manager rude but the rest of the staff is quiet, never smiles, and seems pretty clueless.

    I took in 3 pairs of nice True Religions and 7s and was only offered 25 dollars because they weren't all skinny jeans. It's strange because they have a hideous and cheap-looking denim selection.

    They are also currently advertising fake Toms as real ones, with real Toms Shoes ""one for one"" posters and everything. How disrespectful! I'm embarrassed for them.

    ""Daisy Exchange accepts any season at anytime"" is written on their website in the ""about us"" section. Obviously they don't accept ""any season at anytime"" because every time I've ever come in or seen anyone try and sell clothes it's always ""out of season.""

    Great place to buy cheap out of date clothes for middle-schoolers.

  • Rude teenage girls

    Me and my boyfriend took our clothes up, very good clothes, hollister, Ae, Amazing jeans. We came in with 3 bags, came out with 3 bags. Took nothing of my boyfriends maybe two shirts that we're ugly, they took maybe 3 of my shirts. all together they gave us 23 dollars in store cash. I will never go there again!

  • JOKE! Waste of time and gas!!

    Called twice to make sure what they would and wouldn't take - got to the Expressway store which is pretty far from my house left my stuff came back couple hours and told they didn't want anything because of either style or condition and they were only looking for skinny jeans. My stuff is in great condition, and DUH, there were 3 pair of skinny jeans which tells me they didn't even bother.

    I saw stuff there in worse and older condition than my own. I will make sure all I know won't go there.

  • Don't waste your time.

    Everyone I have talked about Daisy Exchange to has agreed that the workers are rude. They do not take things that are trendy, aka are not Hollister. It's more of a Junior market store. If you're past age 17, I'd look for another consignment store!

  • Waste of Gas

    I have worked in retail and customer service for a very long time and I was so disappointed when I walked into Daisy Exchange. I had a pretty large bag of ""casual clothes"" which they request. The employee was very short with me, rude, and condescending. I had a couple of tops, which she wouldn't take. She said they wouldn't sell because they were ""out dated"" and ""out of style"". I just bought them that year and recently saw that ""style"" in a current magazine! I felt she was judging me, not the clothes. I agree with a previous comment, that I was dismissed because she disapproved of ME. I also agree that N Style in Edmond is AWESOME! I have only gone there since. They are friendly, and may not have has large a store as Daisy but much more variety.

  • Quick & Abrupt

    Took some beautiful (like new) items of clothing belonging to my granddaughter in to Daisy Exchange on 9/23/08 for their consideration to buy. Just happen to have a gorgeous semi-formal short black dress on top . Was told that they did not take formal wear or leather (had a black leather dress) underneath the sem-formal dress, and that they only took casual attire, When I informed them that some of the items I brought in were casual I was told that I could probably take my items to another store( without looking at the other items I brought in) I was dismissed. I could have saved myself the trip had I been told this when I called the store. However, I feel I was dismissed because of my age and my ethnicity.

  • A new shopping experience

    I heard about Daisy Exchange from a friend, and decided to stop by when I was in the city. I wasnt sure what to expect, although I was hoping to find some good deals on cute items for my wardrobe.
    The selection of clothes was great and the prices couldnt be better. I purchased a pair of Hollister brand jeans for only 16.50!
    Walking into the store, it gives the feeling of a funky botique, its GREAT! It definitly has its own personality and look.

    All in all I reccomend this store for name brand trendy clothing

  • Go To N Style in Edmond Instead

    Daisy Exchange is a copycat of N Style in Edmond on 2nd street east of Bryant. Daisy had a larger selection of clothing but their pieces were not as nice as Edmond's N Style selection. Edmond has nicer clothes and at a cheaper price. I purchased a pair of Express jeans for only $10 and i found a pair of the same brand for much more at Daisy Exchange. Overall N Style in Edmond is the place to go!

  • Get CA$H 4 Clothes!!!

    Daisy Exchange is a hip, trendy store where you can sell your old clothes for CA$H!!! Sweet huh, I know. They have all kinds of different cool stuff from purses to swimsuits for guys and girls. They also have a broad selection of designer brands which is rare to find at such a CHEAP PRICE! Not only do they have great clothes and accessories, but the help has always been nice as well as helpful. I would definitely reccommend going in this cool store especially if you are into the latest styles and trends. They are open 7 days a week which I found very convenient and with great store hours from 11-7 M-F, 10-7 Sat, and 1-5 Sun.

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