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By: Lisa g. W.
Kim Donald MD
I've been a patient of Dr Kim since 2011. When I finally found him and was accepted I was a mess. The Dr I had been to previously had me on methadone and two benzo's. Couldn't even function. Dr Kim was kind as was his staff. I had been in pm for about a year and had become very familiar with the way people in our situation are treated. Like drug seekers without even asking what my diagnosis is. Nurses, pharmacist, Dr all guilty of treating people like junkie herione addicts. Because they don't want to take the time to learn why you are there! Or don't care! Dr Kim cares. He's only had one nurse who was mean and condescending. Being the kind man he is he gave her a chance to come around and be kind. She was there about 3 months. Dr Kim has taught me techniques to alleviate pain so I don't have to be on the extreme dosage I was on when I got there! He has made recommendations that keep me active and in less pain. There aren't words to say how grateful I am to him and his staff. He is responsible and compassionate. And makes certain you are treated with dignity. I have come to expect that and to believe I deserve to be treated with dignity. Oh BTW I am in pain management due to another drs negligence in administering an epidural. Left me with a disease called arachnoidititus. Before my diagnosis was fibromyalgia and I have learned from Dr Kim ways to alleviate this. So without the epidural I could likely have stayed on a moderate dose of Norco. So next time you want to slur a dr and his staff maybe you could ask a variety of people thier experience. Dr Kim is the best Dr I have and the smartest, most compassionate. How many drs have ever told you they would pray for your grandchildren and continue to ask after them! Thank you Dr Kim! And all you sweet nurses and the entire staff!
By: Joe ann U.
Kim Donald MD
I'm not sure if 2 of these people went to the same Dr. Kim I did. I really feel like I owe my life to this man. I was diagnosed with ESRD 4th Stage and immediately taken off every single medication I was taking to control my RA. Within 5 months the arthritis was running rampant in my body and I was in so much pain I didn't know if I could stand it. Dr. Kim taught me how to use the drugs to live NOT live to use the drugs. I'm never without some pain but thanks to this compassionate man it's bearable. And as far as helping you get off, after I had a knee replacement he managed to work me down from 6 pills a day to three. I think thats pretty good.
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By: gin108
Kim Donald MD
i disagree with the two post. Dr Kim is a caring doctor that has helped me with my pain problems. he gives you just enough pain medication to last for a month and if you run out of meds he cannot by law refill it till it is due at the end of the month. looks like to me these two are angry because the law won't allow him to fill scripts early.
By: lross38
Univ. of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center - Physician Associate Program
The doctors give good care here along with the lab and staff. To use this as a primary care provider is difficult because you communication is awful and you can forget getting a prescription refilled without calling several times over more than a week. If you are sick and just need to see anyone, this is better than the emergency room.
By: Mary E.
Shadow Mountain Behaviorial Health System
Shadow Mountain is a great place to work. I enjoy the challenges and all the rewards of really making differences in kids' lives -- when they need help the most. It's all about helping kids.
By: Kathy M.
Fast Medical Center
Excellent care; clean, friendly, professional .
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