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By: Brandon W.
Dubz & Up Tire & Auto Center
I saw an ad on Craigslist for an incredibly inexpensive offer to change my brake pads. I called to verify the special. The woman who answered the phone confirmed the price and said that they could buy my brake pads and have them ready in an hour. I was there in an hour and was met with some very friendly people and they were ready to change my brake pads. Not even a half an hour later, they were done! They did not try to take advantage of my mechanical ignorance by trying to upsell me on anything else and I am sure that they picked up that I knew nothing about car repair. My breaks were making a terrible sound as I drove down the road prior to going to their shop. They could have easily told me that I needed new everything for my brakes and I would have had no idea---but the did not. My brakes are working great and the aweful sound is gone. I highly recommend!!!
By: Lawrence K.
Dubz & Up Tire & Auto Center
I have been here several times and I love this place!! They are very friendly and helpful. I had seen an ad on facebook that said that they financed. So, I went in and the nice lady in the office sent a link to their application to my phone and I filled it out in their lobby. Took me just a few minutes and found out I got approved for $2000!! I had only come in to get a new set of tires, but since I was approved I went ahead and got tires and wheels. It took a couple of days but as soon as my tires and wheels came in they let me know. I went in to get them put on and they had hot coffee waiting for me! Lol. They also noticed that I needed something done on my suspension, which I was able to add to my financing. They were just awesome!! I won't go anywhere else! Thank you Dubz & Up for everything.
By: ahhtobealive
Vapor Haven
My Vapor Haven experience was nothing shy of fantastic. The atmosphere was very inviting as well as the staff being very enthusiastic. My fiance is an avid vapor smoker and has expressed the same excitement about Vapor Haven in comparison to other local shops. I experienced this recently as i went in to purchase a Vapor for a family member who had recently had a stroke- me not being a smoker- had no clue on where to start-The staff quickly pointed me in the right direction and got me started on the standard starter kit. They taught me how to fill the tanks, change out the wicks, and charge my battery correctly. Before you knew i was a pro!!! If you are looking to quit smoking this is for sure the way to go!! Tons of flavors -tons of fun!!
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By: kellprice90
American Propane Gas Company
I am a frequent customer coming in at least twice a week and I happened to be graced with your presence the day of this incident. First off you were the one out of line coming in with your attitude (a rude one with that). They tried to handle you calmly but with your b*tching I would have sent you out the door far before that. I have been a customer over 40 years and every visit I make to American Propane has been a great one and I urge people to ignore this over tempered a**holes response. Grow up! One last thought... Why have they continued to thrive after 75 years if they have such terrible customer service. Keep up the good work!
By: vapedokc
Vapor Haven
Vapor Haven is a very attractive store with a great supply of tanks, atomizers, and a huge selection of liquids which they make themselves. If they don't have the liquid that you are looking for, they will strive to make exactly what you want. They have great customer service and really want to help people quit smoking. They are always willing to take the time to show a novice how to use the e-cigs. I had one problem with my tank and they cheerfully took care of it. I highly recommend Vapor Haven.
By: nancy.beckham.18
Vapor Haven
Vapor Haven is the best vape store in OKC hands down! I have been in several times and am always greeted with a smile. They have a great selection of liquids and ecigs. The supertanker I purchased had a manufacturer's defect, and they replaced it without hesitation. I have had it for over a month now, and it's still working great. They also let me experiment with a few flavors and are happy to mix whatever nicotine strength I want. Go check out Vapor Haven!
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By: Dryden M.
Garcia Tire
If you are going anywhere else for're rolling the dice. Locally owned and operated, Sammy Garcia and his staff are always patient and professional. They are about repeat customers first and foremost. They will get you the tires you need instead of up selling and putting you in tires that only service their bottom line. I drive 40 minutes form home to get my tires here. I wouldn't dare go anywhere else. 10/10!
By: Jason G.
Dubz & Up Tire & Auto Center
It was really hard for me to find someone that would mount my 28" rims. A friend told me about this shop. I went and right away they said they could mount them. They have great equipment and did it right away. I spend alot of money on rims so i want quality work. I was very happy. I will recommend this shop and will come back.
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By: Holly C.
Fun Mart Bait Shop
we have a large variety of bait!! Live perch, minnows, goldfish, nightcrawlers, red dillies, cut stinky sides, shad guts, rabbit livers, loaded livers, good stuff bait, trout bait, shrimp, squid, whole shad, skipjack. Come on!
By: Heather W.
Vapor Haven
Two thumbs up. This was the first vape shop I ever went in and it remains one of my favorites. Knowledgeable staff and the Mt Dew is amazing after steeping.
Tips & Advices
With the correct tools and conditions, changing a tire oneself can take around 15-20 minutes. Professionals at auto shops can change flats in about half that time.
The ideal tire pressure for the majority of vehicles is between 30-35 psi. A specific vehicle’s optimal tire pressure depends largely on the car’s make and model; the owner’s manual will list its ideal tire pressure. This information can also be found on a placard within the driver-side door jam.
There are two types of spare tires: donuts, which are smaller and far less durable than a vehicle’s regular tires, and full-sized spares, which are the same size as a vehicle’s standard tires and can be used without restriction. Generally, it’s not advised that donut spare tires be driven on for more than 70 miles or at speeds of more than 50 mph.
No, multiple tires can be replaced at one time if that service is needed. The majority of auto shops have the tires and staff on hand to fulfill the requests of customers that need to replace more than one--or even all of their tires--if needed. Some offer discounts if more than one tire is purchased.
A tire plug is a rubber stem used to seal holes no bigger than 1/4 inch (6mm) in diameter. Do-it-yourself tire plugging kits can be purchased online or from many auto body shops if you choose to repair the tire yourself. Attempting to plug holes bigger than this size is not advisable, as the tire should be replaced at that point.

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