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By: Shawn W.
Pb Jams
if you are the that i saw on the news about the food and the dumpster i just would like to say that i think you are one of the most caring people i have ever heard about, i have been in that spot my self before and that it is hard very hard life, i have gotten blessed in my life and now am doing good for my self, and just would like to say thank you, and if possible i would like to know what i could do to help to , i guess i would like to know how i could go about bying a meal for them to?? you and message me at and let me know if this would be possible
By: Sabrina P.
The Rib Shack
We have been to a few BBQ places and I thought I had a grasp of what BBQ was supposed to taste like around here.. Then we seen the rib shack on yellow pages. This is the best BBQ place we have been to! The ribs have so much flavor without the BBQ sauce and the wings also have the best taste. The fries are perfect and taste amazing and the hot links are mind blowing. This place has one thing thatothers don't. Flavor! The BBQ sauce is not as good as head countries BBQ sauce but that is the only reason why I gave this place 4 out of 5 stars.
By: Luis G.
El Malecon Sports Bar
First time there very disappointed. prices high for the area of town and the food being served. they charge for every thing without you being told until you get the check. If food is not prepared for your liking you will still get charged if you return it. Ask for a mojara fito plate the fish still had the scales on it and tried to say that's the way its served, I said no thank you thats when they said I would get charged for it anyway. I said might as well call the police now because I am not paying.
By: pk2012
Metro Wine Bar & Bistro
Wonderful place to dine! Always the best service and food. My friends and I can't get away from the Chicken Vermouth. Try it! Everything else I have tried has been amazing also. Very cozy little restaurant and always a very pleasant crowd of people to dine around. We come here quite often...sometimes 1-2 times per week. Never waited over 30 seconds to be seated. They are showing us our table before we get in the door.
By: upduhcreek
Well Club
This is a great neighborhood bar that's quickly become one of my favorites. They've got awsome prices on mixed drinks, and buckets of beer, with a great group of people to hang out with. There's a pool table, 5 dart boards, and a punching bag game. Friday and Saturday night they have dart tournaments, and karioki. There's even a different drink special every day of the week. Come on down and have some fun with us.
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By: Whitney H.
Cloud Hooka Lounge & Bar
Ok. I know you're looking at all of the five star reviews and you're wondering if they are fixed. They aren't. The food is amazing. The hookah is great. The tea is yummy. The service is creepily good- we never once asked for anything. Before we could think of something to ask for, it was delivered. Seriously. This places deserves all five stars. A+++
By: debbieingrace
The Rib Shack
I love the BBQ here, the sauce it spicy but still flavorful, the ribs are fall off the bone sweet and tender, the huge baked potato with chopped brisket on top is amazing! I don't like very many BBQ places, I feel like everyone in OK decided to do BBQ and hardly anyone know how, but this is really great. I was impressed and that's hard to do.
By: Jason C.
Cloud Hooka Lounge & Bar
Mike and Pari have created an incredibly inviting and modern place frequented by friends and family old and new. From the traditional hookah and authentic made from scratch cuisine, Cloud is a great place to eat, drink, and relax in a warm, friendly atmosphere. Once you try it you'll be back with more friends.
By: divafeva9710
Hy Palace Asian Restaurant
Amazing food and service!!!!!! The restaurant has amazing decoration and kept clean and nice!!!! The food is great no matter what I want I get the real feel of the Asian food. They have different items that are tradition chinese and Vietnamese food!!! :)))
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By: Roberta B.
Jim's Diner
GREAT FOOD!!! GREAT PRICES!!! Wonderful Wait staff and cook. We are now regulars here. Going sometimes 3 times a week. Best place in town for an inexpensive Delicious meal. NOT GREASY!! Love the Route 66 Breakfast, and the burgers are great!

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