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By: mysbehavin
Goodwill Stores
I absolutely love my Goodwill Thrift stores, but.... this one has started giving you intercom reminders of when the are closing, starting about 15 after 8 and continuing until the last person is in line. After using the intercom he then walks thru the store going down isles stating what time it is and how much time is left. I happened to be on a isle across from 2 employees when one ask why are you yelling the time every 2 or 3 minutes, and the other one responded "most of these idiots cant tell time". Then i was in line at 20 min till 9 when all the lights inside the store were turned off. At that time there was still about 8 people in the store including a 2 year old child who started screaming! I almost stopped going to this location after all this, but decided I would go again maybe this was just a bad night.....yeah right. I walk in and the same man from the intercom was standing close to the door (usually your greeted with welcome to goodwill) I was greeted with, you have 40 min ma'am. I responded yes I know. I didn't even get to the carts before the intercom went off stating the time and what's left. Then down the isles he goes yelling how much time is left before closing. A total of 8 times until I was at the register at 10 till 9. This night the lights went out at 15 till. And I understand wanting to be out at 9 when the store closes, but this is a bit extreme. Having someone following you around the store yelling the time is unnerving to say the least. And shopping in the dark....well you get the idea! Treating adults as if they were 3 yrs old and don't understand the meaning of hours and time, and yelling at them the whole time is beyond ridiculous!!! And making extremely rude comments about customers should be grounds for termination. Ivery never been treated that badley in any retail setting ever! Needless to say that was my last trip to that location. There are plenty of good wills around that treat customers with respect and smiles.
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By: Heather V.
Best Thrift
My last visit to the store was great to begin with, but I was severely disappointed with members of the staff who seemed openly hostile to our family. After only a few minutes browsing the racks (kids clothes), an employee stormed out of the closed door back room, informing me that she had been "Watching your kids on the security camera" and found it abhorant that they had been playing with each other under a rack of clothing. She made a big fuss about how clothes could be knocked off, disturbed, and made a mess, but not one thing had been disturbed in the moments we had been shopping. Nor was anything disturbed in the remaining hour in the store.If this store would like to sell children's things to families, you must actually tolerate the REALITY of children, as patrons within the store. Child-like behavior, is not inappropriate behavior.I don't expect grade A- staff at a thrift store, but this hag needs the boot.
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By: Cynthia M.
Goodwill Stores
Have some amazing helpful workers like this one young lady I believe her name was Kayla was soooooo very helpful and went the extra mile...that's the kind of people I pray you keep working for your company it was the store off Reno avenue in midwesr city,ok. Anyway that young lady Kayla made my shopping experience very fun and so easy and kind and courteous and very professional one thing I remember is how she was a joy and always smiling and willing to help me in any way possible and me being elderly was very grateful. Once again thank you KAYLA FOR GOING THE EXTRA EFFORT!
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By: Dave A.
Jenny's Thrift
It is always a joy to just go in for a visit. What good deals as well. The idea of getting your best deal for your dollar abound. I am not one to barter often but she makes it such a joy. I'd rather go to Jenny's than any other thrift store. I am not originally from Okc but Jenny is such a joy to talk too. A home away from home
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By: Wendy F.
Outreach Thrift Store
I go here often and have never had a bad experience. I almost always find several items I like. Wide selection and the staff is nice. I have high quality dresses I bought from here years ago that are still in great shape and I paid only a few dollars for them.
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By: Ryan V.
Good Guys Clearance Center
AWESOME PLACE BEST PRICES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By: heritagegrad14
Community Thrift Store
Very Clean, Nice Clothes, Great Managers
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By: Randa S.
Goodwill Stores
Very good storeKathy Embry is the DM.
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By: Randa S.
Goodwill Stores
I love the people who work here2

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