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By: h.bobby
The Village At Oakwood
I have been here 6months now. It has really changed my life by coming here, before I was living by myself for 8years.I currently owned my own house and the house needed a lot of repairs that I was unable to do at the time. I was going to get apartment but due to money situations a friend had advised me about coming to the Village at Oakwood. It was shocking to go from alone to come in here. It has been easy to meet people here. Peoples names started to become common after couple weeks. I switch up seats to talk to other residents that I may not know. The biggest surprise was when I walked in and it was like a hotel in the lobby and there was no smell and no nursing home environment. I looked at apartment and it was all neat, clean with neat carpet, and fresh new paint on the walls. My friends surprised me an decorated my apartment. The apartments a roomy I do not feel crammed it is like a big house convent and comfortable. The hallways are always nice an clean. I am a active church person that attends music hall, Salvation Army, and helps with the food bank giving out food to those in need. I am able to walk without assistance. Everything here is very convent and especially the location to get to different places to eat, shop, and bank. The Village at Oakwood lets me stay active and no restrictions. I like how it offers good after hour entertainment during the weekends and during the week days. The food here is very tasty! The nursing staff is super they give me my medicine on time and make sure that I get it. Often times when I lived by myself I didn’t take my medicine properly. I want to say that as being a man it is a great blessing to have housekeeping to do my laundry and clean my room and to a man that is something that is a true blessing I have this done once a week. I am able to do my own laundry and sometimes do still do my own laundry but to know that I have this service is truly a blessing. The marketing director told me up front all the information about the Village at Oakwood so I didn’t have any surprises. I could not have picked a better place to live.
By: hjcrow
Quail Ridge Assisted Living
We moved my parents into Quail Ridge a month ago and they have been SO happy. The whole experience has exceeded our expectations! All of the staff members - from the front desk to the nurse/aides to housekeeping and maintenance to dining room - go out of their way to speak to my parents and help them in any way. They greet them by name and they were doing this when they had only been there a few days!They have a two bedroom unit which is spacious and one of the biggest Assisted Living units we looked at in OKC. There is a lot of storage and they were able to fit in most of their furniture. They LOVE the food in the dining room. So do all of the residents we have talked to. They have specials at lunch and dinner but you can also order from an extensive menu. Breakfast is served all day. Another thing we like is that the dining room is open from 7 AM until 7 PM so people can eat when they are hungry. They also have a Happy Hour with wine and appetizers Monday through Friday. Monthly they have theme dinners and parties. There are dozens of activities and the show movies several nights a week.There is a fitness center which is run by Angela who is always so encouraging to all residents. She has gotten my dad up and moving again and we just can't believe it!When we were considering Quail Ridge, we toured other Assisted Living facilities in OKC and Edmond. One thing that particularly impressed us is management's philosophy: "The answer is yes... now what is the question?" They found a way to accommodate all of our needs and not being run by a big corporation has definitely made a difference.They are adding on to their building and will open a Memory Care unit in October. Then there will be an additional new wing next year with underground garage, tornado safe room, and swimming pool.Many of the residents are still quite sharp and very active. That was another big plus to us. It is not a typical assisted living! We would highly recommend Quail Ridge to anyone.
By: glennisl
The Village At Oakwood
Moving into the Village at Oakwood has benefited my husband and me all the way around. It is a beautiful place to live in. The administrator has helped me to get multiple service and into other programs that have been helpful to us. I was having financial trouble and the administrator recommended me to a rep-payee service. The rep-payee service takes care of my finances, and keep me current on my bills. I have referred them to people because they do a great job. It was becoming difficult for me to manage my medication. I no longer worry about getting all my medication because the staff at the Village at Oakwood assists me with my daily medications. My biggest relief of all is I no longer have to worry about cooking, the Village at Oakwood provides my meals. Activities are always in session, the administrative staff is very helpful, and the residents are friendly. I really like how the administration solves all my problems.
By: Lillie B.
Lionwood Senior Living
I moved to Lionwood on May 31, 2016. I have experienced nothing but heaven on earth! I am most excited about the three meals a day, housekeeping, and all bills being paid. The staff has been exceptionally helpful, compassionate, and caring. On a scale of 1-10, I rate them "10". I have been telling all of my family and friends about Lionwood. If you're looking for a home., look no further! I love the experience that I am having as a resident of Lionwood Senior Living. Less I forget, the activites and social life is extremely fun and exciting.

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