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By: S R.
Golden Corral Restaurants
We decided on Golden Corral at this location for Thanksgiving Day Dinner. We arrived about 11:15 AM to a small line of about 8 people out the door. The line moved quickly but quickly formed behind us even faster after we got inside the doors. Within about 15 minutes of line-waiting we got our drinks and paid for our meal, then the REAL wait began. They were completely at FULL capacity and had NO available tables to seat anyone further. So we waited 20 minutes with our drinks in hand to be seated for dinner. Once we got a table (for 5) , the buffet remained completely stocked with all of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner fare in addition to all the steaks, pot roast,meatloaf,, pizza and desserts we could eat . We decided then and there that this was going to be an annual deal for us! Loved the food,,,so fresh and delicious and great wait staff.. If you can arrive early and handle a little wait on MAJOR holidays, which is only to be expected, you won't be disappointed!
By: Steve G.
Eagle One Pizza
Really pleasantly surprised with Eagle One. Groupon introduced us to these guys and we've been driving out to the Midwest City location from NW OKC for over a month now getting their pizza. It's been consistently good every time and tastes really, really good cold as leftover. I order the breadsticks without garlic butter (dry) and they also taste great even several days later with marinara sauce . Their staff always answers the phone right away and gets the order in in no time. Always ready when we pick up and they seem to have a good attitude.No complaints here. My #1 requestI would be for them to open up a location out in northwest OKC to round-out their presence in the metro area.Keep the good pizza coming.
By: Kathi S.
Fuze Buffet & Bar
This overall experience was wonderful EXCEPT the waitress we had had so much cologne on that two of us at our table were gagging. I for one am allergic to scents and have spent the last three days with my sinuses stuffed up, a migraine headache and my eyes watering and burning. Tried to get my contacts out and couldn't because my eyes were so red and inflamed. If you have someone in your party with my issues please stay away. She is all over the place and leaves a trail of cologne behind her. I could feel my throats closing up toward the end of the stay. Had I gone into anaphylactic shock there would have been a lawsuit. Ruined the whole dinner for all four of us.
By: theoklahomacanadien
Red Pepper Pizza
We recently moved to the area and honestly prefer local pizza to chain assembly line pies. We ordered a Gold Rush: 10 wings & Large 1 topping. In addition we got a gyro and chef salad. The wings are perfectly spun & not greasy or pathetic in meat ratio. The pizza was good, I like the crust, but my husband said the sausage should be spicier. He enjoyed his chef salad but in a sea of ranch, his opinion is void for that fact. HA. Lastly the gyro was better than I would have guessed! The cucumber sauce was creamy/chunky the sauted onions were delish. I have no complaints...Way better than American Pizza Co. or Stars & Stripes or even Sauced(new owners).
By: Tim H.
Little Caesars Pizza
Normally I don't have any issues with this store, quick in and out, pizza is good. However, there are occasions when one particular woman works the front and when she does the service is abysmal. Each time I have been there when she is working the front is out of pizza, she is very unorganized, slow, and this time added insult to injury by twice looking past me in line to take orders from women. I'm all about being a gentleman but with both this employee and the women in line this is taking some liberties. Needless to say, if this woman is working my business will be going elsewhere, KFC is right down the road.
By: Cecily L.
stars and stripes pizza
The current staff is careless and indifferent which translates to poor customer service. I've been a long time customer, considering I live nearby. But they made changes to their policy on deliveries that apparently nobody understands well enough to notify the customer when prompted. Also, when I called about a mistake made on my order and spoke to the manager, Bill, he was the most indifferent of them all. They have wonderful food, but sadly I will not be frequenting there any longer. NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO PUT UP WITH POOR SERVICE AS A TRADE UP FOR GOOD FOOD.
By: gyrorob1
Joey's Pizzeria
I love to eat out but sadly only go to three places in the whole city because, either the food is so bad it will makes me ill (fast food joints), or because it costs so much that all the fun is flat gone right out of the meal. Joey's Pizzeria is so the nicest combination of low price and really really good food with the most relaxing atmosphere that have ever experinced. I was in there at a time when it was fairly empty and was asked what type of music I would like playing. The waiter was very friendly and respectful. I just love this little place!
By: lindsay459
Papa John's Pizza
I work for a business that uses this Papa John's regularly and the pizza is always superb. However, I always have issues with whoever takes the order on the phone. They never seem to get the order quite right, it has to be repeated numerous times, and they're never very friendly. This is the only Papa John's I've ever encountered this problem with, so this is just a head's up to whoever's interested... if there is another Papa John's you can order from instead, I would highly recommend it.
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By: lowcam2002
Golden Corral Restaurants
This is the best Golden Corral around. We always have the best service. The food is always fresh. Trust me they are not all the same. We have been to a couple that was nasty with very rude people working there. This one on Air Depot is the best by far. Our server last night was on the ball. Maginda is her name, That young lady was on fire. Thank you to the Midwest City Golden Corral for the great food and service.
By: Tom E.
Oliver's Pizza
This was my first time here. I went here based on word of mouth from the liquor store lady next door. I had a large pepperoni. Great flavor, decent crust, and very neat build--not sloppy. Easy to eat. I will definitely go back. P.S. I have no idea what that other reviewer (Travis J.) is talking about. Oliver was very polite to me, and made sure I was happy with my pizza.

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