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By: john.robison.1654
JR's Heat And Air Specialist
We were very pleased with jrs heat and air specialist. They came out told us within 15 minutes what the problem was and got it fixed within the hour. We had an older system so we started getting quotes from every company that would come out for free. Advent heat and air was the only company that compared with jrs heat and air specialist but advent it was a random guy jrs heat and air specialist only sends back the same technician first off the gentleman set down with us before even seeing our system and he went over how the company originated and it just gave us a peace of mind of who they where and how they run their buisness. As soon as the technician entered he untie duces himself and just really gave us an upfront version of how it all work which in my book the 15 minutes we spoke we also got to build trust with one another they are very loyal we Baught a complete new system from them the told us it would be up and running the same day which it was and he said it would take 2 days until everything was up and running first day they got our heat back on the 2nd day they finished the a/c side before noon on there second day as he said if it wasn't finished within that time frame we would recieve a 5 percent discount. Which he gave to us any way by giving us a 3 year service agreement which includes 6 tune ups 2 per year all our rebates were taken care of within 3 weeks they installed a filter that you only change once a year. They went threw and put this mastic where we had holes at in our ductwork that's in the slab. They relocated are condenser from back of our home to the side of our home laid a new pad and they had a electrician come out to add a new disconnect box for the compressed they installed a 14 seer Lennox A/C with a 95% furnace which they built a new platform for the evaporator and the Lennox 95% furnace to set on we choose to purchase a Reme air purification system which my wife just loves. This is a very good heat and air company to use. They tell you up front how much everything is to a point and walked us threw the steps of everything that was wrong and what they did to fix it. The best part is we are now saving 104-107 dollars per month on our utility bills which is actually paying for the new system itself if your looking for a loyal and trustworthy company that you can depend on I would give them a call at 1-405-512-1539.
By: Norm I.
Red Plains Plumbing
I hired Red Plains Plumbing after having another company come out and give me a quote that seemed ridiculously high $850.00 to run a gas line to my new fireplace.I am a do-it-yourself person and usually only contract out work that requires a licensed contractor like Plumbers or Electricians. After getting a quote that I felt was way too high for such a simple job. I decided to go to The Home Depot and find out what it would take to run the line myself and just have the Plumber make the connections. I was told a The Home Depot that I could use the yellow gas flex line and run it through the attic. I purchased the 1/2 inch by 75 foot gas line and the two ends needed for the plumber. At a cost of $155.00 with tax. Myself and my nephew ran the line through all three attics in about an hour. Next came time to find the gas licensed plumber. I called the fireplace store where I purchased my fireplace. They gave me the number for Red Plains Plumbing. So I called and talked to Steve Thurmond and he said he would have someone out in the morning. The guys showed up around 9:30 and after finding the point where they would would need to tie in to the existing gas line. They said it would be a service call plus parts. It took them about 2 hours to complete the job and they had to provide some additional parts to meet code. All said and done, their bill was $337.50 The total job ran a little more than I expected, but I wasn't aware of code and the extra parts needed. However I am completely satisfied with the job that was done and I feel like Red Plains Plumbing was very fair with their bill. I would recommend them for a gas line installation.
By: Casanova L.
EDCO Plumbing
My house main water pipe busted at the meter last freeze and the city went out shut the water off on Sunday. The city did not return to inspect the meter until the following Wednesday. I got home and found out that the break is on our private side and desperately need an available plumber to fix it. I called over 37 different plumbing and was told they were all booked through the 2nd week of December. I ran into Edco Plumbing Heating & Air in Yellow book and the office staff told me she would get someone right out. Matt and Ed showed up within 30 mins. Wow! what's fast service. They both explained to me the problem and solution. They also educate me about a new connection that would give the pipe some room to work when the ground got freeze or too hot. Needless to say, they are very professional and is the most informative plumber I've ever known. They went to work on the pipe immediately and thank to them my family has our water back. I can't thank them enough to know what it was like for our family to go without water for days. If I ever have any plumbing problems in the future, I will probably give Edco a call. They are local family own and operate. They are also license and bonded. They are also have competitive price and great rating on BBB. Give them a call, you won't regret it.
By: daniel_light
A Perfect Fit Plumbing & Gas Co.
Joe Bessett at “A Perfect Fit Plumbing” is definitely A PERFECT FIT when it comes to plumbing. Joe is my go to guy from now on whenever I need plumbing done. I had Joe come out and replace my entire plumbing system. Joe, was extremely knowledgeable in everything that I asked about and was able to give me options in order to save money. With me being a know it all, since I watch the DIY channel, Joe took the time to explain everything he was doing and why, all without making me feel like I was intruding on him.If you want a top-notch plumber, and want to be sure it is done right the first time. Joe at a Perfect fit Plumbing is the man to call. He was always on time, honest to a fault, Very knowledgeable in his field, Always Polite and Considerate, and when he was done he took the time to be sure everything was cleaned up to where I almost didn’t even know he was there, except for having my system working again.Joe – I can’t thank you enough for everything you did for me and my family, it is nice to find someone that cares as much about their work, and takes the time to be sure everything is done correctly the first time as you do.
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By: David H.
Country Appliances
The Problem:I purchased a very nice refrigerator with some very small (almost unnoticeable blemishes), everything worked while it was in the store, and I was told I have a 90 day policy. After delivery and set up, the freezer was not cooling and both ice makers stopped working and then they brought a loaner and took my refrigerator to repair.The Ugly:When you call the store for updates on your item being repaired, they are back and forth, whoever answers gives whatever knowledge they may have off the top of their head, inconsistent information, poor customer service, poor communication, no ability to schedule pick/drop off effeciently. The Good:They do follow up, they back their product, Tobey ( the daughter) is very nice, follows up, does her best, and it seems like they are making an effort to have some customer service. Follow up on Previous Review:To the person with the roaches - For all the horrified reviewers, I did not have any problems with bugs of any type.
By: Kimberly T.
1st Choice Plumbing
Keith is the best! I left a voice-mail on the company phone yesterday at 4:38 pm. He called back (after typical work hours) at 7:17 pm for my non-emergency (slow draining shower & sink with gurgling toilet) and was able to fit me in today! He showed up within the agreed-upon 2-hour time frame & called me with a few minutes advance notice that he was heading my way. He cleaned out my pipes and got up on the roof to clean out the vent- in the freezing cold weather- all while answering my questions with patience & humor. (I am a relatively new homeowner.) He solved my problem in less than two hours and for a VERY reasonable rate. My only complaint is that he wouldn't take the stray cat I've been feeding with him when he left! haha By the way, this is my 2nd time using 1st Choice Plumbing (for different issues), and I've had the same experience each time.
By: Amy H.
A Perfect Fit Plumbing & Gas Co.
Joe is incredible! You can tell right after meeting him he knows what he's doing. He came out to the house very quickly after contacting him. He's very personable and explains everything that's going on with your plumbing issues and what he plans on doing before he does it. He works with integrity and honestly cares that you are happy and confident with the work he has done. He leaves no messes behind. Joe even text me the next day after working all day with the number of issues I had and wanted to make sure everything was working properly. He also offered to come out and spend some more time on my plumbing for free in case I was still having issues. However, I didn't need him to because he had already taken care of it! He genuinely cares about his customers. Joe is a great plumber and a great guy! I highly recommend him and I'll be using him again!
By: ahhtobealive
Vapor Haven
My Vapor Haven experience was nothing shy of fantastic. The atmosphere was very inviting as well as the staff being very enthusiastic. My fiance is an avid vapor smoker and has expressed the same excitement about Vapor Haven in comparison to other local shops. I experienced this recently as i went in to purchase a Vapor for a family member who had recently had a stroke- me not being a smoker- had no clue on where to start-The staff quickly pointed me in the right direction and got me started on the standard starter kit. They taught me how to fill the tanks, change out the wicks, and charge my battery correctly. Before you knew i was a pro!!! If you are looking to quit smoking this is for sure the way to go!! Tons of flavors -tons of fun!!
By: Tonya R.
A Perfect Fit Plumbing & Gas Co.
I don't usually write reviews but felt I just had to express my gratitude. I am a single lady and I attempted a do it yourself project on a sink and quickly realized I was over my head. I called A Perfect Fit Plumbing and I am so happy I did. Joe is a very direct to the point TRUE professional. I appreciated his professional behavior and his honest approach to save me money and future plumbing problems. He did a wonderful job. He did not talk down to me cause I'm a woman as I had experienced with other plumbers in the past and his price was more than fair. I trust him to take care of all my plumbing problems in the future. I am recommending A Perfect Fit Plumbing to everyone I know who needs a super knowledgeable and true professional plumber.
By: Ladena L.
ClimaTech Air
What a great company! We called them out with some issues we were having with our AC unit, knowing we may to replace the whole system. They came out quickly and went through every part of our unit inside and out and gave us an estimate on the total repairs and another estimate on how much it would be to just replace the unit. There was no pressure from the technician on which way to go, he was very informative for both estimates. We ended up replacing our unit and the job they did was spectacular! Very efficient, clean and professional, so much we went ahead and had them replace our duct work as well. We would recommend them for all of your heat and air needs.
Tips & Advices
Frozen pipes are hazardous and can cause massive amounts of damage to your home. To prevent your pipes from freezing during the winter, run your faucets at a trickle and keep your house's heater at 55 degrees Fahrenheit or above to keep the water flowing.
  • Be mindful of how much water you use in your bathroom, kitchen and even outdoors when watering your lawn.
  • Make sure your toilet handle works properly and doesn't stick.
  • Replace old shower heads with more efficient low-flow options that can cut down on the gallons of water you use each morning.
  • Turning off the water while you brush your teeth
  • Only running your dishwasher or clothes washer when you have a full load.
Yes. If you're interested in buying a new home or property, it's smart to hire a contractor or a plumbing service to not only tell you if the building's foundation is sound, but also if the pipes are in good working order.
  • Don't use your toilet or kitchen sink like a trash can by stuffing hard to flush material down the drain or pouring fats and oils down the pipe.
  • Throw coffee grounds and eggshells in the garbage instead of in your sink.
  • Only use your toilet to flush human waste and toilet paper
Some states do not require plumbers to be licensed, but for the safety of your house, it is important to have  a licensed plumber to do the needed work. A licensed plumber means the person completed the necessary education or training required to work as a professional tradesperson. Hiring a licensed plumbing service means the people working on your building are knowledgeable about water and gas pipes.

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