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By: Stacee T.
Little Shoes Learning Center
I have had my children at Little Shoes Learning Center for over three years. I have never had a problem with the teachers/staff. The facility is always clean, welcoming, professional and it has a home-environment feel. There is always communication between the center and home. Children are sent home with daily sheets which report diaper changes/bathroom usage-for potty training, daily activities (what is being taught-letter C, Number 9 etc.), items of need (extra clothes, diapers, etc.). Additionally, parents can follow along on the Center's private Facebook page, where pictures of your children can be viewed (permission from parents is obtained prior to pictures being posted). There are 3 large storm shelters- this is a necessity in Moore, OK. The children are always engaged in activities at every age. Infants finger paint and bring home adorable parent keepsakes. Older kids work on letters, numbers, colors and skills needed for preschool. All children are learning various skills while playing and the children are introduced to different languages.To respond to a previous post, my children have come home with bites, scrapes, bruises from falls, etc. but each incident was documented and I was informed each time and given complete information on what happened. There has been times where the teacher on-duty did not have all of the information I was asking for but I was able to get in contact with the teacher that was on-duty to get the answers I requested. Video cameras do show each of the rooms so that incidents can be reviewed if necessary. Kids are going to be kids; part of growing, learning, and playing involves getting a few unavoidable bumps here and there. The teachers are not neglectful and they do care for the children they are watching.Little Shoes Learning Center is my children's home away from home. They are comfortable, learning, socializing, and being cared for by loving people. I go out of my way to take my girls to this Center- I won't change.
By: colempotter
Cornerstone Child Development
My Daughter went to Cornerstone Child Development for over two years and we never had any problems and were very happy with the way she was treated there. It's hard to read such a bad review and to be quite honest, if this child really did get out and run down the street, that tells me a lot about how this child is probably being raised at home. Question: Is it the daycare or the child's parenting that really caused this type of behavior. All it takes is a few bad reviews form some irate (over the top, over exaggerated) parent to ruin a good daycares name and reputation. I can tell you that if this really happened, it was a fluke and I'm sure there is two sides to the story. Go and check this place out for yourself and then go and look at other places. I'm sure you will pick cornerstone over the others. This place is ran by people who work very hard and probably work a little too much at times. I know the owner very well from our experience there and she is a very hard worker and good person with great character. I would recommend this place to any new family starting out in the daycare world. You will not be disappointed. Five star daycare. Remeber: don't believe everything you read. Do your own research. Go there and and see the place and that will answer all of your questions and concerns.
By: Sally S.
Sweet Smiles Learning Academy
I wouldn't take my child anywhere else. The facility always smells good and is clean. That is rare. The director is so kind and very understanding. My child has learned a lot and is happy since he's been going here. I would definitely recommend this daycare to anyone.
By: Gayle L.
Kids Village
The staff at Kid's Village is capable and caring. My child loves to get to go to school. She is three years old and is learning many of the basic primary skills. I appreciate the opportunity for her to learn how to make friends and play appropriately.
By: Jaclyn M.
Little Shoes Learning Center
This child care center is by far the best place I have ever taken my children. It is very clean and the staff is very friendly. It also has a storm shelter which can put me at ease for the bad weather days. Highly recommended.
By: Catherine B.
Happy Times Cdc
My son goes here and he absolutely loves it! We've been going here over 2 months now and haven't had any problems with any of the staff. They all know my son by his first name and always tell him bye. Every singe teacher.
By: kay.jackson.796
Trina's Learning Center
My daughter loves this daycare. She comes home daily with something new she has learned. Languages on down to reading. I feel as a mother I made a great choice. Mrs. Trina and her staff are great in my book.
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By: Katie E.
Quality Care Child Development Center
WE absolutely loved this center when our children were there. They are now school age and with a sitter for the summer but I will continue to take them for breaks when school starts and also next summer!
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By: Sandy F.
Play Care Academy
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By: Desi R.
Developing Foundations
I absolutely love the staff and more importantly, my daughter loves it. It is a family-run daycare and they truly care about and enjoy working with the kids.

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