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By: gr8tfl1
Ann's Chicken Fry House
I have been going to Anns for 28 years. We went there once a week for years. In all that time their food has been consistently wonderful. It is a very small place, but the service is quick and the food is always fresh and hot. We have ordered other things occasionally and it was always very good but we are addicted to that chicken fry!! The house dressing, garlic ranch is made fresh, it's creamy, mild and delish. I could say the same about the cream gravy, made fresh, creamy, mild, and delish. There are other places we like to go with great food but what keeps us coming around so often to Ann's is great food at a low price. In 28 years the only problem we had was the chicken fry getting a little bit too done. That has happened 3 or 4 times. We miss the original waitresses now. The ones that watched us become a family and watched our kids grow up. They were there so long, they felt like family to us. They still have great service and a lot of memorabilia mostly from the 50's, 60's. Oh Yummm, now I think I'm fixin' ta git me som'a that chick'n fry.
By: Nilla W.
Mimi's Cafe
Excellent comfort food, but consistently dirty utensils. We went three times to this location. Each time we had to show our server dirty forks, knives and spoons. Knives had greasy fingerprints, several had FOOD stuck to them. You couldn't miss it. On our second visit, we spoke to the manager and recommended, at the very least, that those who roll their utensils should have clean hands and need better training to send them back for another wash.. The third visit, the manager never came to our table. That's enough for us. Dangerous bacterial infections are spread by dirty utensils. Beware. If the utensils are dirty, what else is, too?
By: jl0308
Red Robin Gourmet Burgers
Red Robin has the best burgers. I used to eat there quite often, and I've never had a bad meal. Their downfall is their to go service. Whenever you call, even after you pick the to go option, you still have to hold for yet another person after someone picks up the phone. The last few times I've called, they put me on hold for way too long and I ended up hanging up and going elsewhere. I even had one time where I filled out my receipt stating that I left no tip for my to go order, and when I checked my bank account, they took out $3 for a tip. They did take care of that quickly after I called though.
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By: Stephen C.
S&B's Burger Joint
I have never seen a restaurant make such a messy Burger or what they call a Burger anyways... you mind as well ask them EVERYTIME to put your bun on the side or it will be mush by the time it reaches your table...which will probably be thirty to forty-five minutes just for two burgers and some fries... and don't even worry about answering them on how you want it cooked... waste of time. I have tried so many times to give them chance after chance to make something worth eating but they fail time after time! great menu but NO execution!!!
By: phanchazmo
Nonna's Euro-Amer Ristorante
This is Oklahoma's finest restaurant. The menu is primary European American cuisine featuring a lot of Italian dishes. The lasagna, caprese, pot roast, and tilapia are great. The chef specials are over the top. The atmosphere is elegant and inviting. Although the wine list covers a vast array and is exceptional, the price for most wine bottles are a bit high. I highly recommend the cheese plate and strawberry shortcake. This is a high end splurge restaurant. Overall, this restaurant is very satisfying.
By: dwayneerodgers
Florence's Restaurant
The food, service, and atmosphere was the best that I've received in a Soul Food Restaurant in a long time. The food was hot and cooked to order, no need to add any seasoning just hot sauce. Florence's provides a true down home family atmosphere with friendly staff (Kayla) and courtesy service attentive to the small things. The group that I was with had an opportunity to meet and take pictures with the founder/owner, who still manages the kitchen. Looking forward to my next visit to OKC!!!!
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By: pcharboneau
Sophabella's Chicago Grill
My boyfriend and I went with another couple, after hearing how great the food was supposed to be. We were a little disappointed. The food was okay, but too expensive. Also, the service wasn't that great. They were very slow about refilling our drinks, getting bread, clearing our table, etc. During the dinner rush time, there were only three tables occupied. Apparently, word is getting around about not going to this restaurant. Save your money and go somewhere else, like the Olive Garden.
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By: Betty S.
Nina's Family Restaurant
This is our favorite place to eat. The food is always good, the service is always quick and friendly. I am constantly recommending it to friends. Their homemade soups are delicious. The menu has enough variety that you can easily find something to suit your mood. The international students staying with our family love their chicken fried steak. My son always looks forward to their enchiladas and tacos. Very friendly folks.
By: Sharon W.
The Drum Room
The atmosphere is typically that of a neighborhood sports bar. The menu is primarily chicken (there is an Angus hamburger ) . Our waiter was Miles and he was pleasant and very informative. The food arrived hot and crispy. The taste was better than most children restaurants that I have freqented. I would recommend this restaurant to families and adults alike.
By: Kelsey S.
Victoria's Pasta Shop
My new favorite Italian restaurant!!! I ordered the tri-colored tortellini with broccoli and artichoke hearts. I also ordered a piece of cheese bread. All of my food was delicious, perfectly cooked, and all at an affordable price. The atmosphere was relaxed and very clean. The staff was very kind and accommodating. Don't pass up this restaurant, it is amazing!!!

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