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By: Madelein C.
Bellevue Health & Rehabilitation Center
My, it has been adventure for me. The five week stay at Bellevue was awesome. I have referred to it as the Spa.All of you were just wonderful in my care and healing from this ankle surgery. Each and every one of you made me feel special and I know that was why I was able to progress so well. I did not know what to expect but I know I needed help and could not get that at home. Because of you all I did not get in any hurry to come home. You were my family and I will be forever thankful for you. I Praise God for leading me to Bellevue. All of the Aids, Nurses, Physical Therapist and Occupational Therapist were excellent.I continue with Physical Therapy at home. My third cast is purple and is a walking cast. That will come off May fifth and I will then get a walking boot. This has been a LONG recovery but because of the Bellevue staff it has not been dreadful. I like challenges and this certainly has been one.It is my pleasure to tell people how wonderful you are and that if they need your care that they will be welcome and cared for one hundred percent.Thank each one of you and I know that God Blesses each one and I continue to ask for continued peace and patience for you. I know that God guides you and gives you the loving hearts that you possess.
By: Iza L.
Bellevue Health & Rehabilitation Center
Bellevue was an amazing facility overall. I was treated incredibly well by the majority of the staff. I lived in a private room for four months during my recovery from a major climbing accident. Although I was not the normal patient because I was the youngest patient by 30 years, I required the same types of care. I was administered medications, aided in bathing and most personal care actions, fed, and retaught to walk by their physical therapy staff. The facility was kept very clean, the. Food was actually pretty good and they made activities available to keep the patients entertained. There were a few instances where I had issues with specific personnel or equipment. The administration in charge was very accessible and extremely helpful. They rectified any and all issues I had in a timely manner. The bed was very comfortable and a second bed was provided for my family that wanted to stay there with me. There were several lovely interior courtyards easily accessible to the patients. Meals could be taken in room or in the cafeteria. Snacks were provided throughout the day by request and a nutritionist checked with each patient to ensure their nutritional needs were taken care of.
By: Dayna S.
Bellevue Health & Rehabilitation Center
We admitted my mother to Bellevue Nursing Center after her surgery so that she could receive physical rehabilitation. The care could not have been better! My mother was greeted at the door and escorted to her room by one of the administrative staff. Her room was spacious and clean. She was introduced immediately to her nursing staff and a member of the kitchen came by and spoke with my mother regarding her dietary preferences. They even cooked my very picky mother alternative meals when she wanted them. I found this nursing home to be far superior to any of the others I've seen. I will not hesitate to use this facility again if we need it. I also recommend this facility to anyone I know who might need to place their loved one in a nursing home. I never had a moment of worry with the Bellevue staff looking after my mom. Thank you Bellevue for all you do!!!
By: Thers P.
Bellevue Health & Rehabilitation Center
My mother had a wonderful experience at Bellevue. We chose this facility after our mother had an illness that resulted in a surgery. She didn't bounce back from that surgery very quickly and ended up needing physical therapy and skilled care which was a whole new world for us! We were nervous but the minute my mom entered the doors she was greeted, shown her (very nice) room, and then quickly asked about dietary needs and preferences. She ended up spending about a month here, which included Thanksgiving day. The facility had a nice dinner for the residents but we chose to also bring her some food from our meal---all in all, the staff helped my mother have a good holiday despite the circumstances. I would highly recommend this Rehab center and my mother certainly does! She hasn't stopped talking about it yet.
By: Luka H.
Bellevue Health & Rehabilitation Center
My mother spent 2 weeks in Bellevue's rehabilitation center after knee replacement surgery. We were extremely pleased with every aspect of her care from beginning to end. The facilities were very clean and beautifully decorated. The staff and owners did everything to make her feel welcome and at home. The nurses and physical therapists were all very friendly, encouraging and genuinely cared about her recovery. The food was great and they even gave her a bath everyday. One of the family members on staff came by and checked on my mom at least once a day and if she requested anything extra, they made sure it was taken care of. When she left Bellevue she was well on her way to full recovery and felt confident that she could manage at home. I would recommend Belleve to anyone!
By: Jordan D.
Bellevue Health & Rehabilitation Center
my father in law was readmitted in january of this year for the second time. he was not doing well at all and actually the doctors at the hospital said he would probably have to stay in the nursing home IF he even made it at all. the people at bellevue was encouraging, listened, offered assurance and comfort. at the end of this month we will be taking him home. therapy was awesome working with him.The nurses are awesome. when he admitted he had wounds from the hospital and the wound nurse jumped right in there and the wounds healed quickly. it could have been a completely different scenario for us as a family but it isnt. they take time with him and are ever so patient with him and us the hovering family members. thank you Bellevue.
By: Elicia H.
Bellevue Health & Rehabilitation Center
I had to admit my father for physical therapy. This is the first time I had to do this and it was all so confusing. From the moment I walked in and followed dad down to his room I felt like a burden had been lifted. Everybody was helpful. We did not sit anywhere for long. Therapy walked right in and did an evaluation and off he went to therapy. Nursing aides were great. They knew dad and what his favorite foods which way he liked to lie down and even his favorite tv shows. The only thing I saw that I did not like for me personally was he had a room mate but dad did not seem to mind. Dad said he likes the food and everybody helped him and he was happy doing therapy. I really couldn't ask for more. Thanks for taking care of my dad.
By: Perci V.
Bellevue Health & Rehabilitation Center
Administrators, Nursing, Therapy, Housekeeping, etc – I wish I could mention you each by name because each of you deserves to be acknowledged for your care of our wife/mother, Mary K. Moore (928 &931).THANK YOU!A million times, Thank You! Yes, you were doing your job but you did it with heart and we just want you to know that this family noticed and appreciates you.We don’t know, perhaps after Geriative Psych momma will need Rehab/Nursing again. If so, we would not want her anywhere other than back with all of you. Please pray with us that it will not be necessary, however. You have done your job for her and we pray she will next be home.God bless you all and your families and the work of your hands.
By: Laree B.
Bellevue Health & Rehabilitation Center
Thank you to everyone at Bellevue for the excellent care and kindness my father received during his nine months there. After being at other facilities in OKC, we were so glad to finally be in such a well-run, caring environment. Dad showed great improvement and had a better quality of life than we expected in his last months. A very special thank you to all those who worked directly with dad including: Carmen, TJ, James, Anita, Kenisha, Shahla, and Victoria. We will always be especially grateful to nurses Krystal and Samuel, his aide Iris, and his restorative therapist OB ("THe best thing that's happened to me"). Thanks again to everyone who touched our lives the last nine months.
By: Dillez L.
Bellevue Health & Rehabilitation Center
How can we possibly ever say thank you to you and your staff forthe love and care you provided to our dear LaVerne over the past 7 When she arrived there over 7 years ago you all quickly embraced her into your family. She so totally identified with everyone that she considered herself part of the Thompson Family. She especially bonded with Steve Thompson whom she considered her husband. Her last years were wonderful, thanks to you all. May God bless you and your entire staff for the service and love you show all your residents. You definitely go above and beyond the care promised to your residents- you give them a wonderful home!Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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