By: john.robison.1654
JR's Heat And Air Specialist
We were very pleased with jrs heat and air specialist. They came out told us within 15 minutes what the problem was and got it fixed within the hour. We had an older system so we started getting quotes from every company that would come out for free. Advent heat and air was the only company that compared with jrs heat and air specialist but advent it was a random guy jrs heat and air specialist only sends back the same technician first off the gentleman set down with us before even seeing our system and he went over how the company originated and it just gave us a peace of mind of who they where and how they run their buisness. As soon as the technician entered he untie duces himself and just really gave us an upfront version of how it all work which in my book the 15 minutes we spoke we also got to build trust with one another they are very loyal we Baught a complete new system from them the told us it would be up and running the same day which it was and he said it would take 2 days until everything was up and running first day they got our heat back on the 2nd day they finished the a/c side before noon on there second day as he said if it wasn't finished within that time frame we would recieve a 5 percent discount. Which he gave to us any way by giving us a 3 year service agreement which includes 6 tune ups 2 per year all our rebates were taken care of within 3 weeks they installed a filter that you only change once a year. They went threw and put this mastic where we had holes at in our ductwork that's in the slab. They relocated are condenser from back of our home to the side of our home laid a new pad and they had a electrician come out to add a new disconnect box for the compressed they installed a 14 seer Lennox A/C with a 95% furnace which they built a new platform for the evaporator and the Lennox 95% furnace to set on we choose to purchase a Reme air purification system which my wife just loves. This is a very good heat and air company to use. They tell you up front how much everything is to a point and walked us threw the steps of everything that was wrong and what they did to fix it. The best part is we are now saving 104-107 dollars per month on our utility bills which is actually paying for the new system itself if your looking for a loyal and trustworthy company that you can depend on I would give them a call at 1-405-512-1539.
By: keith b.
A-Better Heating & Air Conditioning
My house was hit by lightning and as a result I had to replace my 19 YO system, which I had never been pleased with. I took bids from several contractors in the south OKC market. Among the brands were American Standard, Lennox and Carrier. My house had some real challenges to it that I shared with the contractors. It had been a model home when first constructed and as such the garage had been a sales office sharing mechanical with the rest of the house. This meant that when converted to a private residence the return and supply ducts from the garage to the HVAC had been disconnected and sealed off. To make a long story short I had a 3.5 ton system hooked up to a duct system that could only handle 2.25 tons. A Better was the only contractor that counted and measured my window to size the system. They proposed adding a return duct in a hallway and a new supply duct to the utility room in order to get the duct system to match requirements of the house and provide required air volume for the unit. My review of the bids came to the conclusion that A Better was the one to go with. They were offering better SEER and AFUE rated equipment from Carrier than other contractors from other manufacturers. The install went well. As with any retrofit there are unseen issues that come up. A Better handled all of them in a proper manner. When the new return and supply ducts were fabricated and put in place they went through the extra effort of sealing all the joints on the sheet metal with the proper sealant. You usually don’t see this attention to detail on residential systems. Their foreman was circulating between several jobs, as is typical for this sort of operation. At every critical step Mark was there to make certain things were done properly. With HVAC systems the performance of the equipment is determined as much by proper attention to detail in the field then to design and fabrication at the manufacturer. It came with a WIFI t-stat by Carrier that has lots of features and is easy to setup. I have had the system in operation for about two month and were into the high 90’s. The house is cooler, quieter than ever. They also repaired some ducts leaks which means we don’t have to dust the house as often. All in all I have no reservation recommending A Better HVAC of Moore, Ok. I have referred them to friends already.
By: 1classicguitarchick
Oklahoma Air Conditioning
I chose several companies to give me an estimate on a new trane air system. I chose Oklahoma air because they did a better assessment on my house than any of the others that came. They were the only ones who went into my attic to look at the duct work, which needed some updates. On the day of installation, their crew completed the install in one full day...or so I thought. You see, my unit was installed in the winter time and on the first hot spring day of 90 degrees we tried to turn the air conditioner on for the first time and it did not work at all! Since it was the weekend we were stuck in the heat with a brand new (and not cheap) unit that was not running. We were frustrated and called on Monday. In a few days, someone came to look at it and it turned out that they had not finished hooking the air conditioniner up all the way and they had not told us that, so we thought that everything was ready to go. A second thing that bothered me was that when they came and did my estimate they recommended the installation of a second vent in one room and included it in the estimate. Getting near the end of the install day of I asked about the vent because they had not started working on it yet and they changed their tune and said to wait and see how the unit worked in the summer months because they didn't want to overwhelm the room with too much air. Well even though that work was included in my estimate they still charged me the same price as if they had done that work. A few months later I called them and they came back to install the extra vent for no charge. All in all, they were not perfect, but they made everything right and I would probably use them again.
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By: Pat dames K.
Oklahoma Air Conditioning
I would rate 10 stars if I had the option!I don't know if anyone out there is "old school" like I am but I was So refreshed by the good ole, old fashion customer service provided by Oklahoma Air! When Mark came out to give an estimate, I was so impressed with him putting back everything he moved in order to gain access to the old furnace. Now that's great home training:-) However, the true mark of this great leader and company is that ALL of his team did the very same thing in his absense!They were such a professional and great bunch of guys.Special Thank you Mark for providing me the information and steps needed to obtain the energy efficient rebates! Cha-ching back to us! Ever little bit helps :-) My brother in law left here just a little bit ago needing to check into a new hvac. Without hesitation, we highly recommended Oklahoma Air. Thank you Mark and your team for helping to restore my faith in quality customer service in this day and time. Mega blessings on your business as you continue to take care of your customers as well as you've cared for us!Sincerely,Pat K.
By: Dan H.
Ever-Ready Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning Inc
After notifying a less than competent warranty company I was referred to Ever-Ready. A pretty good thing since they had done some work for us before & they had done a super job.This time it was a water heater. I was doubtful if it could be removed without tearing out a wall due to the close quarters surrounding it. Randolph arrived with a new heater and a helper. What he did was nothing short of miraculous when removing the 'heater from hell'. He safely extracted it & with the assistance of his helper removed it from the house. This heater, complete with accumulated sediment weighed in excess of 300 lbs & Randolph managed it without any damage to the furnace right next to it. Installing the new one was all downhill. Randolph was always professional, courteous and friendly. I will not hesitate to recommend Ever-Ready to my friends, family and business associates. I can't elaborate enough about the performance of Randolph. To use a military term he is also familiar with, OUTSTANDING!!!! DRH
By: blakey1217
Ever-Ready Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning Inc
We called our Home Warranty for a garbage disposal that wasn't working, a running toilet, and no cold water pressure in our kitchen sink. The first two companies the home warranty listed as options to come out we have encountered before and they are AWFUL....so the third was Ever-Ready Plumbing, Heating & AC....Ever-Ready was VERY prompt to call me as soon as they received the work order and got us scheduled first thing the next day. Randall was our tech that came out and was super nice, efficient, and fixed everything with no hesitation- it was our BEST experience by far placing a home warranty claim! Randall never questioned anything, didnt give us a run-around because we were using a warranty, and was very knowlegable and professional! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!! In less than 36 hours of calling the home warranty company ALL three of our issues were fixed! Great job Ever-Ready!
By: helmforhim
UltraClean Of Oklahoma, Inc
We had UltraClean come to our home to give us a second quote. A different company had given us a quote of $3000. to fix the problems in our duct system. After Eric and his assistant from UltrClean checked out our system, they found none of the problems the 'other' company found! They were able to analyze and clean our duct system for a minimal price! Not only that, but when they were cleaning our duct system, they discovered a major break in the duct under the living room floor. The first company did not detect this major fault in the system. We have been heating and cooling under our living room for who knows how long! We are so appreciative to UltraClean for their thorough work! Most of all, it is so very refreshing to find a company that can be trusted!Finally, Eric referred us to a company that can fix the problem under our living room floor!
By: jill4ou
UltraClean Of Oklahoma, Inc
This is by far the BEST carpet cleaning service I have ever used! The employees are very professional, thorough and friendly! It's nice to find a service you can trust, especially when you are inviting them into your home...Michael Sunday and Wayne were amazing and so determined to make sure we were completely satisfied with their work. Despite the many challenges they faced with our extremely tough stains, they left our carpet looking great and smelling wonderful and never once complained or acted like they just wanted to finish the job....they wanted to make sure they did everything possible to insure that we were happy and satisfied with their work...Mission accomplished gentlemen!! I will never call another company again for the services they offer...I plan to be a very loyal customer!! Thank you UltraClean, Michael Sunday and Wayne!
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By: Spencer W.
UltraClean Of Oklahoma, Inc
It is hard to explain the sheer level of excellence and customer service that Ultra Clean provides. I have used their services for over 3 years and have never been disappointed. The guys are all polite, punctual and professional. I have gotten to know the owner of the company on a personal level and can say for a fact that he is one of the most genuine men I know. He truly understands how to serve and will do everything in his power to make sure you are taken care of. There have been a few times when a specific stain would start to show back up after a week or two and he would send someone out to hit that stain specifically again at no charge. Hard to say enough about these guys. THANK'S BOYS IN BLUE!
By: Linda S.
Ever-Ready Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning Inc
I'm sorry I am just now seeing the ability to review this company because it is absolutely the best! Randall comes out on every call we placed through a home warranty company and over the past 3 years, I am guessing he's been out here 4 or 5 times (we have an older house that evidently had not had much done to it before we bought it). Randall replaced a water heater by himself, cleaned out lines, replaced a disposal, fixed toilets & faucets over the years. Every single time he was quick, pleasant to talk to, and very knowledgeable. The price was fair and affordable--especially for our situation and I could not be more pleased. I am calling them again this morning due to a frozen outdoor faucet.
Tips & Advices
You can keep your air conditioner running efficiently with some preventative care measures. Shut off the power to your AC before cleaning it or performing any of these tasks:  clean your filter at least twice a year; remove leaves and twigs from cages; clean the fins with a garden hose or special spray, then use a butter knife to straighten any that are crooked; keep your yard clean so the fins won't get blocked; cover the unit up for winter; and make sure it's level or you run the risk of damaging the inner workings of the unit.
To clean your air conditioner drain, first shut off the power to your unit at both the thermostat and the breaker. Then remove the drain pan. If the pan is full of water, soak up the liquid with a few towels or rags or use a wet vacuum. You can use a solution of water and distilled vinegar, or substitute peroxide for the vinegar, to clean out the drain pipe. Let the pipe sit for a while in the solution and then put all the parts back in place. Once you start using your air conditioner on a regular basis, check it periodically to ensure condensation isn't building up.
If you happen to live in a hot and humid area of the country, drainage problems can occur with your unit since moisture can trap itself inside the system. Routine maintenance can cut down on drainage issues by cleaning out any mold or algae from blocking the drain. If you notice moldy smells whenever you turn the thermostat down, check on your system.
If you notice your system is acting inconsistently, the sensor is most likely out of place. Turn off the unit and reach behind its control panel while carefully bending the sensor back into place near the evaporative coil.
Find out where the noises are coming from. A banging or clanking sound could be due to a loose part. If you hear a hissing sound, it's most likely because of a refrigerant leak and you should contact an HVAC technician as soon as possible.

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