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By: oneillusmc96
Express Credit Auto
If you make your payments on time and have nothing to say to them, everything is just fine. If you have a question, let's say over something like online payment schedules, the account management staff is just plain rude and condescending. I purchased my vehicle from this company in July of '09. I have NEVER missed a payment and in fact am usually 3 days early with my bi-weekly payment. For some time now, they have been without an online pay portal, sup[supposedly because they were looking for a new vendor for that service. They are now using the same one they were before (as I was already registered there), and are now charging a $5.00 fee for a one-time payment for a service that used to be no charge. So, I tried setting up scheduled payments online for ACH. I didn't see anything about a $5.00 charge and not wanting to pay that charge every time a payment is made, I called to confirm whther or not it would be assessed each time. The "account manager" I spoke to was extremely rude, obviously reading from a script, and when I continued to ask questions, she said "(Oh, Lord ...), Sir, can I put you on hold?" She didn't wait for me to consent, and I sat on hold for a little over 4 minutes before she hung up. I've worked in technical support and customer service for 4 years now and had I ever treated a customer in such a fashion, I'd have been fired; no questions asked, leave your badge and headset w/ security on your way out the door!
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By: Jenine P.
Auto Emporium
I bought a 2008 X3 from this dealership. They really worked with my mom and I because the wanted to sell the car, which is why I gave it the two stars. The car has been terrible, nothing but problem after problem. When I wanted to get the oil changed, the seller said, not to worry, they just changed the oil. I started having issues with the car immediately; a broken seal and nasty oil filter which had to be replaced, bad battery, braking Serpentine Belt, brake and 4X4 light coming on in car, window leaking in back seat, not to mention the black oil the seller either put into the car or hadn't changed. Repairs have already cost almost $1000.00 and more repairs are needed. Even the repair shop stated that all of these things should have been addressed before the car was sold! I need a reliable car to get back and forth to work, this is anything but!! Buyer beware!!! Only out to make a quick buck, could car less regarding what they sell.
By: Varita P.
I pulled in to Norris feeling down because I had been looking for a car over a month, getting the run around and loads of bs from other dealers. I was looking at cars and the finance manager came out, I told him I'm just looking, I can't afford these cars. He said give me one chance and if I can't help you I will be straight up. I walked in told him which car I wanted, jimmy the salesman came in and together they worked their magic. I was approved, no co-signer, put a low down and got a 2008 charger with only 49,000 miles on it. Brand new on inside. Even found me cheaper insurance, sent me there. I was crying by the end of my visit. Out in 45 minutes. They will get you financed, don't be discouraged.. go to NORRIS, 700 South MacArthur ask for Jimmy or Cory.. They ROCK!! I am rolling in my new charger.. Thanks Guys!! VaRita P.
By: racerlake92
Ajouly Auto Sales
I was very pleased with working out a car deal with Mr. Ajouly. His sales consultants are very informative on their inventory and work with a No-Pressure attitude. I really enjoyed the friendly environment. From what I could tell, it seems Mr. Ajouly works very hard to make sure the only cars he puts on his lot are in almost mint condition mechanically and visually. I was very impressed.Overall, I was only displeased with one thing throught my entire time working out the agreement on my newly purchased lexus. This being that the store is completely a cash or bank check only dealer. However do not let this scare you off, Ajouly Auto Sales helped me get in touch with a very friendly Auto finance company that was able to not only finance me, but also able to get me completely taken care of and off the lot the very same afternoon.
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By: Lisa D.
Integrity Auto Finance
I never bought a car on my own in my life.. going thru changes in my life. I had a friend that told me to go to integrity and I was nervous because everyone I went to said my credit was bad and I didn't have enough money to put down.. but when I went there I met shirley Wilson she was so nice and she made me feel like I was part of the family.. and we have been close ever since.. I got there and look around , she told me what my options were and what I could afford . She never told me I couldnt qualify for a vehicle she told me i could.. still in disbelief.. I cried.. filled out paper work and left with a new car on my own .. please go to integrity auto Finance and go see Shirley Wilson. She is amazing.. I won't go anywhere else. I'll send everyone I know there to get their car..
By: Heather B.
Motor Fair
This is an exceptional business. The owner helped me find a car that would fit my needs and gave me a great price. I am a very happy customer and would recommend this business to anyone. The owner went on his own and put new brakes on the car before I picked it up. I didn't know until I went to get it that he did this for me without adding any extra to the price. I'd like to remind people that those who are unhappy usually write reviews. If you are not going to uphold your end of the bargain please don't go here. This man, like most of us, has a family to feed and put through school. I would send any of my friends and family to this business. The owner went above and beyond for me and my family. If I could give 10 stars I would.
By: soniaparsons
Puckett's Inc
I have the worst luck when it comes to cars. I had to have a car towed twice in two months because my family doesn’t realize that car maintenance is an essential duty of owning a car. Each time, Puckett’s wrecker arrived on time after I called and my spouse’s and my son’s cars were loaded carefully. You should have seen the look on my son’s face. It was priceless. The cars had no problems being towed to their location, and I feel the professionalism of the drivers serve them well in business. Puckett’s is reliable when you need your car towed. As for my family, I think they learned their lesson!
By: emartin825
Ajouly Auto Sales
The process of looking, test driving and buying my car from Ajouly Auto Sales was too easy and had absolutely no pressure. Nobody followed me around the lot and bothered me. Hime the owner was there and when I had a question he answered it. I drove several cars. I bought a Mercedes E320. Got a great deal. Hime even had additional maintenance done on the car before I picked it up and drove it home. Hime is a great guy and provides great service. I would not hesitate to go back when I need another car.
By: Gail O.
Enterprise Car Sales
this is a small lot but it had 3 choices similar to what I wanted (a large selection often makes it too difficult to choose) and I was kind of picky about it. my salesman, ANDREW SMITH kept in touch by e-mail (my preference) was low key (again, my preference) who I must have frustrated to no end (failure to respond to emails, missed 2 appointments, late when I finally did get there) I did buy a car in short order and am pleased with my selection.
By: dianel730
Puckett's Inc
I am very pleased with Puckett's service. Twice in the last month I've needed a tow and both times they got to me within the dispatcher's time frame. They were careful with loading my car and took it to my mechanic's shop. Both drivers were very professional. They have reasonable fees and great service. They've been in business for a long time, and I'm certain that because of their high level service they will be in business for years to come.

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