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    I've been going to see Tom and Tina for awhile. I love them to pieces. I can't see going anywhere else.

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By: agoldsby
Cheryl's Place Nail Studio
Went to Cheryl's Place for a pedicure last week. Must say, I was very impressed! First, she greeted me at the door, introduced herself and shook my hand. After directing me to the pedicure area, she asked if I would like a little something to drink. We talked about which pedicure services she offered and what was included with them. She asked me health questions, which I've never had anyone do before, and she explained why she was asking them. I told her I was concerned about the calluses on my feet. She looked at them and gave me great advice on how to keep them to a minimum and that they weren't that bad. I was so relieved. I got the spa pedicure and I must say Cheryl gave me the best massage I have ever had with a pedicure and my feet felt like new. I highly recommend Cheryl's Place! You will be in very capable professional hands and feel light on your toes!
By: trueview91
Cheryl's Place Nail Studio
All the reviews on this page are fairly accurate. To a degree. Cheryl did a decent job on my toes (in her defense my toe nails are quite short), but I'm not sure the price was worth the quality of service. I paid for two spa pedicures totaling $96. Cheryl for the most part had a friendly attitude and the shop was very clean. I do have to say that the chairs were uncomfortable, but that is only a minor complaint. The one big complaint I had about Cheryl is that she made me feel ashamed that my toe nails for so short. I understand that short nails would make her job more difficult, but that is no reason to chastise your customer. Anyway, overall the experience was okay. I do not think I will be heading back there. I do recommend giving it a try and seeing if you like it. For me, sadly, it was not a great experience.
By: divafeva9710
Lava Nails
AMAZING salon. They always take great care of my family and does the most Amazing designs. I have been going here for 4 yrs and never onced had a problem. They have the sweetest workers and they have remodeled the place. I was there the day the customer below went and she was the most rudest person ever. People should have the patience for others serving them and she was talking on the phone the whole time!!!!!!!!!! SHE ONLY WANTED A FREE BEE AND NO SALON IS EVER GOING TO DO THAT ESPECIALLY WHEN THE CUSTOMER DOES NOT EXPLAIN WHAT THEY WANT. After she left she tried to come back to polish her nails for free. If something is wrong you NEED TO SAY SOMETHING BEFORE THEY FINISH NOT AFTER. I LOVE LINDSEY!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE DOES THE BEST DESIGNS AND WAXING SHE IS THE SWEETEST AND CUTEST LITTLE THING :)
By: Jotty S.
Studio Nails
Before I went to this Salon I noticed that there's a few not so good reviews but I had to experience myself and I went here not knowing the treatment I will receive. Me and wife went here on the week day and it was busy but we only had to wait for a few minutes. The pedi and medi were awesome and the atmosphere is very friendly and the services were outstanding. Unfortunately you will get what you pay. This place is very classy, clean, and professional. Now me and my wife are a regular here. We were told that the Governor used this place several time and I hope to run into her one day. Now because of my research and not listening to the few bad reviews I was able to find a place that ca pampered my wife. I can definitely say everyone should give this place a try.
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By: Lazara G.
Ivy Nail & Spa
I have to disagree with nails_lover77. These woman are very nice and professional. Some have only been in this country a short time and do not speak our language. Unlike many of the other nail salons, these woman receive more than a fair wage and they get to keep 100% of their tips. That's why I go there. But being mean and calling them names is not very nice. Plus on top of it all they do an awesome job. First time I went I was not happy with the shape of my nails. Mind you they were completely finished. Loan, the manager, asked me why and I told her I didn't like it. She had me sit down, took off all my gel nail polish and shaped my nails to my liking. And repainted them. So as Angela R. said. If you were not happy you could of spoken up and they would of fixed it.
By: pmaysmith
Cheryl's Place Nail Studio
Have had nails done off and on through the years, and in all my years I have never, NEVER had such a good experience. Cheryl took the time to find out my wants for my nails and we talked about what would look best on my nails. She also took the time to explain everything she did and answered all my questions, as I had never seen the type of nail she applied. They were awesome looking and they looked so natural! Her place is spotless, she is very nice and really listens to what you want and gives it to you! I am telling you it is the best place in Oklahoma City to get your nails done. :) She is by appointment only but dedicates that time just to you, which I appreciated! Overall a wonderful, relaxing experience!
By: Britney P.
Western Spa Nails
I've been going to Western Spa Nails for over a year. So far, they've done a great job on all services. I go there every other week to get my nails and toes done. I get a lot of compliments by others and from my co-workers at work. The price is very competitive for all services in the area. Yet, all nail technicians are very friendly and wonderful. They treat you like a family with warm welcome and respect, unlike many other nail salons rushing to get their job done within 15-20 minutes. The drinks are free, and if you refer or bring a friend as a new client, you'll get free eyebrows wax. What more can you ask for at this great and wonderful place? Give it a try and you'll like. If not, don't come back!Britney P.
By: ldyatty08
American Nail & Spa
This place is the diamond in the rough of nail salons. I have enjoyed their services for over three years and there is no other place I will allow to touch my nails, toes, brows and lashes. I found the staff to be very considerate and even compassionate. They truly aim to please. Typically, listening to other nationalities not speak English pisses me off, but not with these chicks. I just feel like I am with my girlfriends every time I go to get hooked up. Thank you Tammy, Henry and your crew! Once people find out about you, other nail salons will go out of business.
By: Tristina A.
Studio Nails
I'm a regular at this salon and I love it! Always come to this place to get my nails and feet done. They're nice people and service is great. The solar nails are the best option so I would recommend that one.. Plenty of designs, I always try something new each time. The shop itself changes often. It's very decorative and clean. I remember seeing three variations of new pedicure chairs installed since I've been going. They also have a cute little pond in the shop. Small details matter to me I guess lol. Highly recommended
By: puravidag
Lady Nail
I highly recommend lady nails unlike the other review on here they have treated me wonderful and there prices are very low compare to the other nail salons on that street! So don't let that other review keep you away from checking it out! I am new there I left classy nails where i was going to for almost 2yrs because in 2 months they raised there prices like if we were living in the Village! Lady nails has great prices and they do great work, I'm always getting compliments on my nails!

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