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By: allison200
Okc Animal Shelter
I was pleasantly surprised by this great shelter. I'm so glad we decided to adopt from here instead of a stuck-up, non-profit pet "rescue" with three pages of rules and 10 times the adoption fee. Seriously, I almost gave up after browsing PetFinder and seeing all the rules put into place for adoptions from private "rescues" around here. Pet rescues, check and see if this applies to you, because a friend of mine ended up adopting from a puppy mill pet shop even after our lectures against it because of the annoying rules, availability, and high price of the private "rescues" around him.As for the OKC shelter: the prices are reasonable. If the dog is adoptable, this is a no-kill shelter. However, un-adoptable dogs will be euthanized. We were told that dogs in cages with other dogs would be a good choice for multi-dog situations; dogs kept by themselves needed to be "only children." I'm also so glad we adopted an adult dog instead of a puppy - ALREADY HOUSEBROKEN. I can't understand why anybody would adopt a puppy when there are well-trained adult dogs available.Our dog came into the shelter injured, so it's obvious they do put effort into rehabilitation instead of just putting them to sleep if there is a chance for healing and adoption.The staff members were helpful, friendly, and informative.When you go to the adopt, the shelter has some nice play rooms where you can take a dog for somealone time. First we had taken out a male dog to play with, but he was more interested in peeing everywhere. We put him back.Next, against my arguing for "no PIT BULLS," my husband pulled out our girl! The lab mix sharing her cage snuck out and tried to run away. My husband had to grab both of them by their legs, and I was sure he was going to lose his hand to the pit bull, but she just waited patiently. We took this one to the play room. She ignored all the other dogs and smells and just wanted to cuddle up with us. Needless to say she picked us, and I'm thankful she did.She's a very well-built pit bull, and we have had people come up to us and ask to breed her. I wish I could turn them all in for animal abuse. It's obvious that she was used by a background breeder, already because she came into the shelter underweight, injured, and freshly having weaned a litter. She probably made her previous owners a good deal of money from their own private puppy mill. But, she has a real home now, thanks to the great OKC animal shelter. They do a nice job with their website, where they have pictures of many of the available pets. But you really can't tell from a picture. Our girl's picture is so pathetic - she was hiding from the camera, shy and lost. You couldn't even see her face because she was wrapped around the handler's legs, trying to hide and not wanting to be left alone again. To be honest, I remember clicking past her page on their website before we went in, because she had two strikes - pit bull and no good photo. Thank goodness nobody else nabbed her. I pray she lives a long time, and we enjoy every minute with our baby.-------There was a board full of missing dog notes, so if your dog goes through this shelter and you don't get matched up, it's your own fault. You should put a note on the board (or they will do it for you if you call in, but obviously a photo is better) and visit the shelter every couple of days to check. That's just how it works, people. Don't lose your dog and then act like it's their problem. At least they picked it up and kept it from being flattened on Penn or ripped apart by a neighborhood stray.
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By: fibrolin
Okc Animal Shelter
these people say one thing and then when the person comes to get a stray cat that someone hit in fromt of my house, she says because I have 3 male cats and counted more strays that I have too many cats. I cannot help if the neighbors cat is in heat and the male cats of the neighborhood like to spray my car tires. I am a Senior Citizen and disabled and can only do so much. What am I to do? Let the poor cat die on her own. That to me is cruel, very cruel.
By: jessm1981
Okc Animal Shelter
We have a 4 month old German Shepard mix we cannot keep. Leaving state for work in the morning and really don't wana put her in the pound. She's friendly and up to date on her shots. Text if interested 256 374 9376
Tips & Advices
Most city and county shelters offer affordable spay/neuter services. SPCA and Humane Society shelters also are known for their low-cost spay/neuter programs.
Shelters typically offer spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, microchipping and some essential medical treatment (deworming, mange treatment) to animals being adopted from the shelter. For other veterinary services, you will need to find a vet.
No-kill and low-kill shelters will state it in their online profile and other official materials. They will usually explain what their process/policy is for looking after the animals in their care. These are also known as “limited admission” shelters because they are usually at full capacity most or all of the time. Also, they often work with rescue organizations or county Animal Services authorities to accommodate animals living in inhumane conditions, abandoned or injured animals.
Anyone can bring a lost animal to a county or municipal shelter. However, private shelters affiliated with rescues often will not accept animals, whether lost or surrendered by owners. Shelters with low-kill policies often have a limited admission capability.
Adopting an adult dog from a county or city shelter usually costs $75-$100. Young adult purebreds and puppies often have a higher adoption fee.  The fee to adopt a cat is usually about $50– sometimes with discounts if one new owner adopts two cats. The adoption fee usually covers the cost of spay/neuter surgery and essential vaccinations.

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