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    mom on a mission

    I am so frustrated with the system. I agree totally with lifeslow, it seems like once your child is in the system they make sure they never get out. Everyone believes that all they have to do is comply and they will be fine but even for someone with a good job and no record it would be very difficult to do this. Between trying to get a job with a record within a month of being released, and getting signed up for all the classes which most cost over $100. paying fines, doing 3 drug tests a week at $20. a piece, supervision fees, somehow in alot of cases finding a ride to all of these and still beg someone to give you a job but give you all the time off to make all of your appointments, and as lifeslow mention pretty much live on your own because family isnt good enough to live with according to app. so as a result they throw them right back in jail or prison as soon as they cant comply and then we wonder why the jails are so over crowded. Hello!!! open your eyes people, or is it that its all about money to them? Where do we go for help in changing the system that is so hell bent on screwing everyone they can?

  • parole is ment to help you become better, not to set you up to fail

    I feel as a parent with a son who is on parole, that it is very important to be supportive and there for your loved ones to help them get through the parole successfully! But I was found to be wrong by the parole officers, when they said I was to involved with my sons parole, and that he wasnt going to beable to move home. This is not fair and its just a way of making them fail, when there is no way my son can afford to pay rent, and his fines and restitution and also pay on his classes which the parole officer has put on him. He has medical bills to pay monthly on and he has collections expecting payments as well. My son is working making 7 dollars an hour and is working only part time shifts. he is to be paying out close to 350 or 400 a month and he brings in about this amount right now... So he can either pay his rent and forget everything else and end up in trouble or he should be allowed to be home where our bills are shared and he has the love and support he needs to make it through all this. SO WHICH WAY IS HE TO GO? He hasnt a choice because he doesnt get to make them choices he is told what to do or else. This is great encouragement i guess the parole officer thinks.

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