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By: kevnstacie
Jorges Restaurant
This is truly the best Mexican food I've found in Odessa - and it's NOT Tex-Mex, hallelujah! The first week we discovered this place we went back 3 times. Everything we've eaten has been great, but you don't want to miss the beef fajitas! Also, the guacamole is ALWAYS excellent (and my husband is an avocado aficionado, so trust me on this), the salsa looks a little different, but tastes wonderful, and the Tres Leches is TO DIE FOR!! (And if your server tells you they are out, tell him/her to get you some out of the freezer and you'll just take it to go. It's better cold anyway!) Yes, the wait can be a little long (because lots of other people also like the food), but if you don't mind sitting in the bar, you'll get seated right away. (And it's never been overly smokey in there.) My husband and I own a local business, and this is one of the first place I recommend to our customers.
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By: Chase A.
Usually a good store with great employees. My wife and i have gotten along with everyone there......until today. She handed the clerk (a blonde haired girl) a twenty and asked for ten in gas. Naturally the girl gave her back ten and my wife proceeded to fill up her car. The pump went over six dollars and forty cents before my wife had noticed it. Everyone knows if the pump is set to a certain amount, it atops at that amount. Despite this my wife went in and explained the situation to the clerk and said she would pay the difference. The clerk responded rudely with "thats not my problem." after which the manager approached them and told my wife "look, its not that i dont believe you....." My wife was trying to pay the difference kindly and got attitude back in return. I dont recommend anyone go to this seven eleven as long as this rude blonde haired woman is working there.
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By: Melissa S.
Casa Ole
Great service, food was at the table quickly and it was hot. However I had a tamale as part of my meal that I believe was spoiled. The taste of it was horrible! Out server, Adam, immediately tried to rectify the situation, offering me something else, another plate, anything I wanted. He also alerted the manager, who promptly also offered. I am pleased about the way it was handled, with concern and professionally.
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By: Daena G.
Chubby's Tacos
I am sorry you guys were not happy with my food! But 9 out of 10 people that walk in daily are satisfied with the food and service! I came in the top 3 for 100% health inspection and we don't not reuse chips or salsa. On another not this is a authentic Mexican restaurant...maybe you guys were aiming for Taco Bell flavor!
By: Tammie D.
Hacienda Vieja
Good food lousy service. The first time the service was slow but the food was awesome. Second time the service was terrible and the food was not hot when it arrived at the table which I am guessing had more to do with service than cooking. This place would get 5 stars from me if they had better help.
By: sadcitizen
Ajuua's Mexican Restaurant
Food was okay but service was terrible. Ordered Chili Rellenos with meat and got tostadas, asked for extra napkins, received them when done eating, waitress never stopped by our table after serving food. Food wasn't authentic but edible, more along the lines of a glorified Taco bell
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By: Glenn J.
El Super Taco
Finally some real food in Odessa's food court that's not carnival food. Legit mexican food, I've ordered a few different things and it a comes out authentic. I think they're based out of Colorado and LA so they know what Carne Asada fries are all about. Definitely recommend!
By: Wendy A.
Garibaldy's Taco
Cleanliness was what i had a problem with at this restaurant all the tables were dirty and the floor was very dirty and when you eat here in the summer rthey leave the back door open and there are flies all over the place pretty nasty!
By: Stefani J.
La Toreada Taco House
This is the best new place here in o.d im very picky when it comes to mexican food and the tacos are very scrumptious and i love taco Tuesday the prices are reasonable you pay for what u get
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By: Kristin I.
H-E-B Grocery
I like to get a 2 meat plate and a beer when I eat here. Service is fast and friendly, and the brisket is amazing. And you must try the banana pudding

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