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By: Heather B.
Ty's Burger House
A-MA-ZING!!! We really wanted a good burger for dinner so I Googled 'burger restaurant'. The usual places came up and none of that sounded too appetizing. In the mix was Ty's Burger House and I wouldn't have gambled on it but the reviews looked good. Well, it's really good! The menu was super with all the wild game burgers as well as ground beef. My husband tried the jalapeno burger and I got the classic. None of the ingredients were average, the buns were nicely toasted too. We also shared an order of half onion rings and half sweet potato fries, yummmm! I noticed they have a good beer selection and serve wine as well. The place was super clean (bathroom too) all done in a surf decor. We sat at the window and enjoyed a really good dinner and will take our friends and tell everyone how great it is every chance we get.
By: Angela W.
Ty's Burger House
I took my boyfriend to Ty’s Burger House on Valentine's Day because I absolutely love it.¬¬ ¬¬¬¬ I had been before but it was his first time. I got the same thing I got last time (because I was thinking about it all day) - the veggie burger. It is phenomenal. Made with an array of fresh, flavorful ingredients it holds together very well and has an excellent, unique flavor. It’s perfect topped with the lettuce, tomato, bread & butter pickles, and light sauce that already comes on it. My boyfriend got a bacon Mac &cheeseburger which he said was great. The thin-cut fries have that awesome seasoning on them too. Every time I go, they just get better and better. Great job guys!!! Next time though, I plan on taking advantage of that nice outdoor patio in the back. I didn’t see it until after we started eating. LoL
By: Lanie P.
New York Buffalo Wings & Ribs
My family and I had dinner there earlier (12/12/14 around 630). I realized they were playing music and it had profanity in them. At first we (my husband & I) didn't mind. But then after awhile it was buggin'. My husband went up to the cashier and said I don't think you should be playing those type of music as there are kids in here. And I guess the employee who supposedly was the manager for the night responded " well you have to understand we will be serving beers soon." I don't know what that has to do with anything. Because even at bars (Chili's, the Draft etc) don't play those type of music. Is the young manager telling me I shouldn't eat there with my children bec they want to play there profanity music!!!
By: Mark B.
Ty's Burger House
Amazing burgers- including some interesting game meat choices. The place is owned by a father and son, but seems a bit understaffed. This caused some messing up of our orders, but nothing too bad. Really helpful and friendly staff (especially when you can't seem to make up your mind which mouth-watering selection to make! Ty’s Burger House is walking distance from the beautiful beach in Oceanside and is perfect for a post-beach day grub stop. After a relaxing day in the sun, I know all I could think about was a yummy burger. I definitely have to go back to try their imported Kangaroo burger along with their delicious sweet potato fries.
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By: Kris F.
Ty's Burger House
When I walked in today I was greeted with the same friendly service. The food was brought to our table and it looked delicious. It tasted amazing! You can really tell the ingredients are fresh. My husband was also impressed that the staff didn't just stand around when they were done taking an order, they cleaned and made sure things were organized. While eating the staff came to our table to see how we enjoyed the food and made sure we didn't need anything. My husband had the Pastrami Burger. I tried the pastrami and it tasted really good, and I don't normally like pastrami. I had the Western Bacon Cheeseburger and it was fantastic.
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By: Pauline K.
Ty's Burger House
Don't Hesitate. Eat here. I am on the road five days a week so I look to find solid "go to" places that are reasonably priced. This place has got it. Had a Sourdough Mushroom Melt with a side salad choice. Salad was generous and bright with good presentation. Melt was just right. Crisp with right mix of burger, cheese, onion, and sauce. Plenty of menu choice. It is always amazing how with the same set of ingredients one place can kill it better than another. These guys are doing a great job. 6 beer taps and 4 wine selections are a nice add for a place this size. Saw a couple of good looking main dish salads go by.
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By: Mallory F.
Ty's Burger House
I've been here a couple times and still have to make my way through the different burgers Ty's offers. My absolute favorite is the pastrami when I'm in a must-have-lots-of-meat mood. The patties are so moist and The onion rings are probably the best onion rings I have had besides the ones from Phil's BBQ. They have a light batter and the onions are cut the right size. Although not on the menu, they do cheese fries, although it's just a sprinkle of cheese, so just stick with the regular fries. I recommend Ty's to everybody because it has many offerings and will definitely satisfy everybody.
By: Robert D.
Ty's Burger House
What a swell place! First time in this evening and had a huge create your own burger that was outta this world. Nice, yet small, selection of beer on tap at a reasonable price. The burgers were fresh, hot, tasty, and ever so filling. If I had to pick one thing to complain about it would have been the fact that my stomach was too small to fill my taste buds desires, hehe... loved it! ohhh, the place had a very warm, welcoming, and clean atmosphere as well. Very clean! If Oceanside wants to continue to clean up its reputation more places like this are a must. Can’t wait for a return visit!
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By: Jessica B.
Ty's Burger House
All of our family and friends have migrated away from one of our regular eateries to the Burger House. I get the chicken sandwich because I can't eat the burgers, but every burger comes out great. Scott asks us after every meal what he can do to make it better every time, which has made each visit better tha the last. Ranch dressing with the fries is a must, whether you get the regular or sweet potato fries! Great, clean, welcoming atmosphere for families and singles alike. Hope this one makes it into the list of long lasting restaurants for younger generations to enjoy!
By: Ani M.
Ty's Burger House
I was looking for a great little place to eat in Oceanside and Ty’s Burger House is the place. They have great light salads too, (burger house implies only big greasy burgers) but they have incredible gourmet burgers and something on the menu to make everyone happy. The atmosphere is very Comfortable and I love the patio that they have out back to eat. It is located just a little bit off of the main drag of PCH 101 where they are doing that construction. It’s a little hard to get to now, but a really nice place with good food at reasonable prices.

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