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By: bozo64
Great Clips
Too bad about the previous reviewers experience. I've only had good ones with the best styist for me, named Thu (Too). She is a great stylist,very skilled, especially for others as my hair is boring straight, thin, though she makes it look thicker, bouncy, and cuts it as I request. She, they, including Stephanie, are always polite, welcoming, quick, organized, kind. It seems they have a loyal following have never seen anyone unhappy with one exception I wonder if it is the reviewer here another time on a busy afternoon. I had already been a walk in, an hour earlier,they were very busy so Stephanie in fact, advised me to make an appontment for an hour later which I did, online, as was the protocol, able to go home, to save us time, not have to wait an hour there, providing that we are back in 45 min. to be taken, all of which was explained, recommended,by them, was on their business cards, signs, online, all which I did. When I returned, 20 min. before my appointment, there were several men waiting, as before, all walk ins but one with an appointment like me, to be taken before the walk ins, per protocol, (ergo the short time appointments they allow, or used to). One huge young man was upset when my stylist, Thu, took me ahead of him, though she explained that I had an appointment, was only getting a dry cut, like men, very quick. To our shock, this PIG, clearly used to pushing people, (women?) around unchallenged due to his size likely, so irrational, actually came back to where she was cutting my hair!! Obviously invading my space, privacy, interrupting us. He barreled around the divider demanding to know when she was going to be done! THIS ONLY 5 MIN. SINCE I WAS TAKEN!! She told him it would be JUST 5-10 MIN. LONGER. Purposely, this nutcase, to INTIMIDATE US, ME, A 60 YR, OLD WOMAN, just kept standing directly behind us, staring at us with an enraged expression, stance, it seemed to make her rush, prevent us from talking, or to make me leave,until she asked him to please take his seat. I was not even getting a shampoo as most do, Both of us, everyone in the shop, were shocked, afraid of what this jerk might do. To spare Thu a scene, giving in to my fear of this A--, I actually left with wet hair, though cut, foregoing my blowdry, as this nutcase saw, no apology, as he was used to bullying women obviously to get his way. He should have been asked to leave in for this, with the police station nearby.The other reviewer's seeming entitled, ragefilled, feelings, writing, remind me of the irrational, huge, demanding, unbalanced bully we experienced.It seems very rude to me, to go to a salon, barbershop even, 10 min. before closing, (the rules, not Stephanie's), expecting to get one, seeming obsessive compulsive, complex haircut, let aone 2 haircuts, stylings, likely washing, blow drys. Clearly this demanding outraged, writer, expected Stephanie to stay 30 more min., an hour, whatever this entitled feeling writer deemed necessary, to meet his and his girlfriend's expectations, demands, (and he obviously had many), regardless of the company rules, or if Stephanie had to pick up a child at a babysitter right after closing, that she is a human being. Especially as this witier wrote in such detail of his hair style, the "bumps", etc., He reminds me of the huge freak, bully, walking around the divider, to bully Thu and I, standing behind us to invade my privacy, intimidate us, to stop my haircut, the service I paid for which he did despite Thu telling him to take his seat. She quickly finished cutting my hair, sprayed damp/wet for, so I left like this, hair wet, no blow dry, out of fear of this belligerent bully, woman abuser,doing something more insane to her, them. It seems that the previous reviewer's girlfriend likely declined a haircut being embarrassed by, or fearful of, her boyfriend irrational, rude,fake big shot expecting champagne treatment on a beer budget!

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