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By: earli n.
I liked the idea and set up a meeting with our Principal, IT, the District Food Service manager (for his insight into Federal Laws), an AP and myself. SkoolLive made their presentation and answered every question thrown at them. They had done their homework concerning Ed Code, etc., and what we could or could not advertise on campus. Justin also took time to walk me around my own campus and show me where Corporate America was displaying their image. He simply said that High Schools and Colleges had a great number of clientele(students) that Corporate America wanted to influence. SkoolLive was going to give them this opportunity and Corporate America was going to pay the schools to do it. For several months we have been working out how to best make use of the kiosks and here is what works for us. Announcements include anything from activities, like club meetings or games, to information from counseling or the office. We use our kiosks just for kid stuff. I don’t announce Teachers’ meetings. Besides announcements, we also put up celebrations with pictures of kids. We list Birthdays each day and include pics of kids on winning teams, an award, a scholarship, an acceptance to college, etc. Anything we can celebrate we do. And our kids have to look at them because they or their friends might be on them. The third thing we do is academic/character building stuff. We include some or all of the rest of these each day: a “good person” quote, an importance of education quote, this day in history fact, a joke of the day, or a tweet of the day. We inter mingle the announcements, celebrations and quotes to keep the kids looking. The kiosks also give us instant credibility where our community and our staff are concerned. I have been asked several times where we got the money to buy these. We didn’t have to pay for them. They’re free and they pay us. And when we discuss technology in any setting, they always come up. Aesthetically, they add beauty to our campus, give us a collegiate feel and maybe even add professionalism. What about vandalism? A real concern early, but we have found that students respect technology and no one has touched them. I sincerely believe that these will be on every campus in the next five or six years. There is no way they won’t be.
By: Kala S.
I am very grateful that we have them.

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