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By: Sherri S.
West Marion Community Hospital
Our first visit to this hospital went so well, we wanted to leave a review. We were picked up in the parking lot and driven to the ER entrance in a golf cart. We checked in, electronically at the ER desk. My husband, who was the patient,had his vitals taken, then was taken for a CAT scan, returned by wheelchair to the ER waiting room. Then taken back for a exam. He came back to the waiting room for the 30 minutes it took for the CAT scan to be developed, we were taken back to see a Physician assistant who then had the results and medical advise was given and we were on our way. Total time in ER was 2 hours. There was a steady flow of people and everyone was treated expeditiously. I liked staying in the lobby instead of waiting in a exam room. We had a tv to watch and the time spent was not so terrible. Our visit time was mid week, mid day.
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By: Spring P.
West Marion Community Hospital
I am not a fan of Ocala area hospitals but this one is my favorite. I rather go here then to Monroe or Ocala Regional. I went in 09 when I was pregnant with my daughter, whom I had a complicated pregnancy with. First time I needed medical care I went to Monroe and they straight out told me I wasn't pregnant. Well I am very sick when I am pregnant. I then went to this one, they did the tests needed. Told me that my bleeding was pretty common seeing it wasnt much. I thought I was having a miscarriage since I had before. They listened to her heartbeat and her vitals reassured me she was fine. I later had a healthy baby girl.
By: Milan S.
Mother Earth's Comfort
Excellent, very private setting. No one but the doctor and you. Got my recommendation after a thorough exam. Thanks!

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