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By: redneckeggrow
Crafty Cobbler
Well howdy-do yall!Billy Bob "Eggrow" Jones here and I must say, these people are some of the best boot Skootin repair shops I have ever been to (I've been around, if ya know what I mean)... Lemme tell ya a quick story, this one time I was with my Uncle Billy Bob "Ole One Hole" Jones (cause there's one thing every Hole needs is an Eggrow), and we were bought to go huntin down them there alligators in the pond behind the house. Thing is all I had on me were my pair of elephant boots my great great great Uncle Billy Bob "Beaver" Jones gave me. Well as you can imagine, when I was rasslin with that there gator, sum'it poked a whole right through my boot! Musta thought that an elephant was bout to be steppin on him so he chopped right on down. My Uncle Ole One Hole wasn't much help, settin there just yellin at my to grab the gator by them there eye balls and ride it like how he... well ya know how it is... Any who, long story short, Uncle Hole finally pried my leg outta the gators mouth, and my great great great Uncle Beavers boot was just settin there in the gators mouth. So before the gator got a good taste of that there elephant, I reached in a grabbed the boot (I only lost part of my ring finger and my pinkie! how lucky, the wife sure was mad though).Anywho, bein that there was a ginormous hole in the side of my boot I figured I would just throw them out, but then right when I got to that there trash can my Aunt Billy Jean Sue grabbed them there boots right outta my hand and slapped me cross my face! She told me if she ever saw me throwin out a pair of boots without takin them up the road to that there Crafty Cobbler, she'd be slappin me much harder next time (and mind you Aunt Billy Jean Sue was the meanest ruffest rassler in her day). So I headed down to that there Crafty Cobbler, on an empty stomach, not sure why Aunt Billy Jean Sue sent me of all people to a Pie shop before takin in my boots to be fixed. So I get there and there ain't a single pie any where in the whole place! Even if there was I ain't too sure I would buy one from them, that lady up front looked mighty sketchy when I asked where they baked there pies at with no oven anywhere to be seen.So I went ahead and handed over my boots, told to come back three days later and pick them up, I told em I was pretty excited to have a reason to get my jiffy store feet back on (again another sketchy look from the lady).I came back three days later (right when my feet were getting accustomed to those snake bites, bush thorns, and cow patties) my boots looked brand new!!I couldn't believe my own two eyes, the boots looked better than before, which kinda irritated me cause it took a lot of mud to get that special leathery color. But all in all I recommend this shop to all my good buddies, I still haven't gotten in early enough to check on how good them there pies are. One day...
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By: merryheart
Crafty Cobbler
I have had several pairs of my shoes fixed at Crafty Cobbler and I am so impressed with the work! The price was great and the service was excellent. I highly recommend this Shoe Repair Shop.

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