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By: Aqua S.
Psychic Reading Room
A has an amazing gift, and if you're able to get an appointment with her, it's a blessing. The stars were aligned and it was meant to be for you, your spirit guide, and A to all meet together and powwow and talk about life. What to expect: Be open minded and try to have a clear mind the day you see her. A is full of positive energy. The room you'll be in is very relaxing and comforting, smells very spa like. I always wear super comfy clothes when I'm able to see her. She'll ask if she can hold an item you wear or have near you often, eg. my ring. She'll ask you 3 times if she has permission to communicate with your guide. And then when she connects with your guide, it's amazing! She has helped guide me in different aspects of my life, giving me direction on personal info that no one could possibly know about except my spirit guide. Prior to meeting her, I didn't believe in visiting with a medium because of my religion and I'm not crazy about horror movies. Now, I am so happy and grateful that I've met A because she has connected me with my spirit guide (someone very dear to me whom I love that had passed). A told me personal things that only my spirit guide and I shared like experiences, sayings, jokes, items....For example, on my way to my appt with A, I picked up a cinnamon roll, wrapped it tight, and placed it deep in the bottom of my purse. Reason being, my spirit guide loved cinnamon rolls. Anyway, prior to the session, A shows me a drawing of a cinnamon roll and says "before we start, that's the spirit guide saying thankyou for bringing them the roll! Crazy but true!A is such a beautiful person and I'm lucky that she's open to sharing the gift she has with others.You won't find other readers or healers like her!
By: Lindamarks E.
Psychic Reading Room
Asia is incredibly gifted, down to earth, and relatable. When it comes to Asia she is definitely someone I have greatly enjoyed working with and receiving a session from. I received hypnotherapy and a psychic reading from Asia and the session we had helped bring back my spark. The energy and sense of humor she brought to the session helped me feel instantly comfortable to open up and be myself without any fear of judgment. To me, genuine acceptance is key. It wasn't about healing or fixing me (which would be a judgment), it was about bringing me back to my own truth and empowerment. She held space for me to be me, which puts her in the group of some of the best spiritual practitioners I've received a session from.Asia is "real" and that is the cherry on top for me. I'm not a fan of receiving sessions from the stereotypical "head in the clouds" spiritual types. We live in this modern day crazy fun and stressful culture, and it's important to honor that not everyone can live outside of the daily grind. I say "real" because she offers insights that apply to "real" life. Not some fantasy of wishful thinking. And that is something I really respect.
By: Barry S.
Psychic Reading Room
There are a few things that I would like to point out about this place -The Psychic was so powerful hair stood up on my arms.- The Vibe: I felt like I was grounded once I entered, and I noticed that both times I've come here there is the lingering scent of white sage among other incenses so I know they cleanse at the very least on a daily basis. I just love the vibe here, it is definitely refuge from the general energetic harshness that seems to encompass the surrounding areas; this is why I'm giving it a full 5 out of 5 stars but also because it is quite literally as good as it gets in this area I would say.- The friendly atmosphere: the assistant was particularly helpful.- They offer yoga: that just says it all right there.- Their small selection of herbs and incenses, including charcoal incenses.- They have a selection of oil blends.- They do Seminars, Classes, and other events.- They provide a myriad of metaphysical services and supplies.I would definitely love to see this business grow. The area needs more of this sort of grounded and cleansed energy/space.
By: Whirlpool C.
Psychic Reading Room
I had a reading from Asia in June It was so much more than what I had thought it would be.Asia was able to give me some valuable insight into so many things I didn't even know I would care about regarding my family, my work and myself. The best news IS...1. I was able to use this insight to negotiate a substantial raise just two weeks after my reading. 2. It helped me to understand my relationship with my daughter resulting in a deeper connection and appreciation of who she is. (This is super important to me)3. I was able to have a better relationship with my body resulting in positive health changes.All of this has added up to my life being more full and more enjoyable than ever before.Thank you Asia for the healing approach! The old saying of "you don't know what you don't know" definitely comes into play here. This is NOT your typical psychic reading. It is about receiving actionable information you may use to improve your life.I will be seeing you again ... and again... and again for years to come!
By: Martiena L.
Psychic Reading Room
It was very hard getting in for an appointment i called the gentlemen that works there, Asia's assistant 4 times before i could get it, although after i saw her i understood why. Asia is not your average Psychic she is a caring genuine friend who guided me and made me see the other side of things instead of being so white and black about everything. A few weeks ago we had a bad storm and it flooded my basement it was $5500.00 worth of damage and i was totally flipping my lid! Asia explained what a blessing it will be once its all over and of course in detail she explained.... IT WAS! I met this guy who worked for a carpet company and it was instant attraction, he was so caring sexy and had smooth feel to him. We are currently dating and its awesome. He has kids and i do as well. he owns his house and i own mine. he works in the banking area and i do to! its so alike and freaky but Asia did say this would happen. BIG CHEERS TO YOU ASIA!
By: barryk21
Psychic Reading Room
Your accuracy is amazing. My mother passed away a few years ago. During a recent reading, you described a pin that she was showing you. You said it was a crystal insect with wings and that it was not a butterfly. At the time I could not picture it. You said it was something that belonged to her and that I had it in my possession. You were positive the description was accurate in spite of my not being able to recall it. As soon as I got home, I checked my jewelry box. There, right on top was her crystal firefly with its wings spread. I had completely forgotten about it and had not seen it in years. How it got to the top of the box is a mystery—just as exciting as having found it. You were right on. Thanks for that wonderful verification of my mother’s visit which provided proof to me that she is still with me.
By: Winner A.
Psychic Reading Room
I decided to try out this place from finding a living social deal through them. All of the positive reviews on here honestly don't even do it justice. I just attended my first session? Workout? Meditation? Not sure what I would call it so I'll just describe it for what it was: an experience, and a life changing one at that. I have moderate anxiety that not only affects me mentally, but builds up tension and negative energy in my body as well. I walked in with the weight of the world on my shoulders and within an hour and a half I felt like a new person- like I was existing on another plane. Such a beautiful atmosphere radiating so much positive energy. I will definitely be back every day I possibly can within my month of unlimited, and at about $100 a month (without any coupons or deals) I consider it to be a necessary expense from now on (;
By: belindacol
Psychic Reading Room
My experience was quite enjoyable, PsychicAsia is very unique in her way of performing Psychic sessions details that will send chills down ones spine in a good way, Asia did Psychic Spiritual growth and Life coaching sessions for me happy to say she was and is excellent at all 3! Helped me develop a spiritual side i didn't know existed quite astonishing and vibrational, Thee Life coaching basically guided me thru the 2 main complicated situations i was in giving me correct advise therapy and direction. I will never be able to put what Asia did for me in words so maybe the soul that looks at this review can try when she helps you. It was not easy getting a hold of Asia it took 2 weeks although there was many complications with the offices and locations so Sada needs to realize karma's coming. TY Asia
By: alicia5532
Psychic Reading Room
I loved this place the previous person is such a hater! Asia is pretty and young college girls envy her beauty i have been seeing Asia for over 5 months now following up each month on the things she said would come true and as the days go by those predictions are arising! I am very happy with my services and i wanted to thank Asia for the help she held my hand through one of the hardest times of my life she wiped my tears as i shed them over and over again she made me laugh when i was the most angry with everything and everyone Asia has 3 locations in Michigan 1 in New york and 1 in New orleans shes gotta be doing something right!
By: Debbie B.
Psychic Reading Room
My sister was telling me about a Grand Rapids Psychic that she visited and asked if i would take the drive down there with her to see her again, i mentioned something about possibly seeing a local Psychic first. We googled Psychics in Michigan and Psychic Reading Room came up so we called to schedule a appointment. I told my sister i no longer will go to Grand Rapids to see that Psychic since Asia was so on point with so many things like, My son getting into drinking problems, my aunt passing, my dad marrying a younger woman!!! All so great!

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