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By: Matt Z.
Chili's Grill & Bar
On Tuesday, August 1 at 6:46 PM, I ordered dinner online: to-go curbside pickup. Notifications said my order would be ready at 7:08 PM. Great.I arrived at the establishment at about 7:14 PM. I parked in a to-go parking spot and waited. After about 10 minutes, I left my car and entered the restaurant via the to-go door. No one was working the to-go register. A sign on the register's counter said, "to-go ~ See bartender". Upon reading the sign, I noticed a server walking towards the back room/kitchen area. She looked at me, but said nothing...I went to the bar area. The bartender was busy serving patrons. After she got done serving a guest, she began serving another. The bar area wasn't full. There wasn't a crowded. I stood out. After 4 minutes of waiting, she finally acknowledged me, "What's your name". I provided her with my name. She then continued serving the patrons sitting at the bar. Meanwhile, I saw a manager look at me two separate. After a few minutes, I noticed my order was sitting on the bar's back counter. My order wasn't being kept warm by anything. I continued to wait. I waited. Finally, I went and confronted the bartender and assertively said to her, "Excuse me, I ordered to-go." She replied, "Yeah, I know l". I went back to where I was waiting.Finally, another employee stepped behind the bar and gave me my order. I was baffled by the situation and don't remember my exact words. I believe I said to the employee, "I don't get this." The employee said to me, "The bartender is busy... I'm just helping her." I asked for her manager. This is the first time I have ever asked for a restaurant's manager to complain. She went to get the manager. I waited a minute, then left without speaking to the manager. I brought my order back to my hotel room; less than a 2 minute drive from the restaurant. My food was slightly above luke-warm. The customer service was terrible. The overall experience was worse than shopping at Walmart.
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By: Shontira C.
Westside Coney Island
I called because my order was taken incorrectly and I wanted to come back to change it. The server on the phone was extremely rude about it and told me it was MY mistake and she didn't know what I wanted her to do about it. I proceeded to talk to another server, she was just as rude agreeing with the FIRST rude server. THEN, the owner gets in the phone and expresses that the rude service was okay and he can't confirm that I said I wanted chili so the server was right. I tried to explain to him that the food was not the issue. It was the customer service that I received when I called. I told him I eat there all the time and I don't appriciate how I was being talked to. He told me I can take my service where ever I wanted to if I don't like the service. Clearly this place does not care about their customers being respected or losing service over rude servers.
By: Julie J.
The Cheesecake Factory
I can not say bad enough words to describe our experience at this establishment. It may have been because it was Valentines Day, and it was busy, and we waited over two and 1/2 hours for a table after being told it would be one hour (arrived at 1:p.m. and we were seated after 3:30 p.m.)..... but whatever the reason or whatever excuses they might have, my food was awful. When it arrived, it was cold, so they took it back to re-heat it. When it was returned to me, it was hot, and also very dried out, tough and chewy. I had the chicken enchiladas with "vegetable salad", which was basically some raw cauliflower and some green stuff chopped up and dumped in a bowl and was pretty much inedible. All they would have had to do was to put some fresh sauce on the enchiladas and that would have helped greatly. And how about a little more variety in the "vegetable" salad? Very poorly done. And I get that dessert is usually a pricey item, but $8 for a VERY small slice of cheesecake? It was barely 2 inches wide. I saw slices go by that were much larger than what we were served. Was it because we ordered our desserts to go? That should not change the serving size if someone is paying the same price as dine in. We opened them in the restaurant to make sure we got the right ones and we should have asked for a refund immediately. I still don't know why we didn't. I noticed more than one person sitting around us had also sent their food back, so this must be a problem in this location. Poor management? Bad cooks/chefs? No one cares? That is the impression that I go. We also talked to some people waiting with us. They were seated before us, even though they had received their pagers after we did. That was a little upsetting also and made us wonder why the waiting time and seating order was not fairly done. No manager in sight and not one person asked us how our food was, if our dining experience was satisfactory (I imagine they get too many complaints and were hiding in the back room). The best restaurants we eat in have a manager on the floor talking to every table and walking around in sight. No refills on drinks. Cold and drafty enough that we had to wear our coats while eating. Over $90 for 3 people for mediocre food and very, VERY small portions of that. I will never eat there again neither will I ever recommend it to anyone else. There are many other establishments with better food for better prices and with MUCH better service. I will be telling everyone I know to STAY AWAY from this one! After waiting for several months to try it and hearing such good reports from relatives and friends who have eaten at them in Texas, Colorado and Indiana, we were extremely disappointed and quite frankly it really put a damper on our Valentines Day celebration. I waited a day to write this, thinking that maybe the experience wouldn't seem so bad after sleeping on it, but it is only worse as I think of the waste of time and money that we will never get back.
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By: John B.
The Grand Diner
The wife and I stopped in this evening for Dinner. The Service was Very Good and the Food was Great all fresh items, I had the Corned Beef Reuben and it was lean and Juicy, not lunch Meat, Wife had the Club , Bread on both sandwiches was very Fresh. Big change from the old place which had not been very good for a long time...
By: Michele K.
The Cheesecake Factory
This is my favorite restaurant. Farfalle with shrimp, and chicken. The sauce is to die for! Seems like it always takes then longer to get our meal to us, but so worth the wait.
By: Angie M.
Novi Coney Island
Great pancakes & fantastic, friendly service
By: Lori M.
TGI Fridays
My friend and I got there about 5:30. We were told it would be about 20 minutes. We told the hostess we would be at the bar. When she called our name we had to pay our tab. It was only a few minutes. When we when up there they had given our table away, but was seated a couple minutes after that. The waiter came by and took our order for the sample appetizer plate. About a half hour went by when we asked him to check on it. Before that we checked on it we ordered an entrée. Finally it came out. We received no refills on our water. The table next to us were there before us never received their food. The table in the corner had to ask for silver ware after their food came out. The waiter mentioned to us the people behind us stiffed him on the tip. A party of 10 said they got there table at 6:00. It was now 8:00 and they had not received their food yet. They as well as I asked for a manager who never came to our table. We left by throwing $14 on the table and told them we didn't want the entree and left. I will never, never go back to that restaurant again!
By: Lamees K.
The Cheesecake Factory
Upon hearing some not so good things about this placeI sill wanted to go since we had a gift card. Our wait wasn't long at all we got seated right away. The waitress came over and asked for our drinks and left. Came back with drinks and no straws asked if we were ready to order we told her no we were still deciding. When she came back I asked her what she would recommend she told us and then we ordered. We waited forever for our food the table behind us got seated way after us and got their food before us so when we got our food it was ok nothing to brag about, my sandwich was disgusting the onion rings were drenched in oil and over cooked. When I did get my sandwich I had asked for cheese which wasn't on there so I asked the waitress why my cheese isn't on there she told me she can bring me a slice ok how do I melt the cheese so then she told me she could take it back and put the cheese on there it just seemed like it was such a hassle for her. finally we were done with our meal and she brought over our bill I had told her that the onion rings were really disgusting she said I could speak to a manager but then she tells me the managers are all in a meeting so I told her that's fine I will wait then comes back with the check so I asked her I said well how come the onion rings are still on there she said the manager didn't come over to the table I told her no so she took the check and went to correct it and decided to have a little meeting with her coworkers like I didn't know she was talking about us which I really didn't care that's why she only got like a three dollar tip like I said never again
By: ladymga
The Cheesecake Factory
Ok I understand metro-Detroit is not a haven for all the posh, fancy or renowned restaurants like other cities, i.e., Chicago, Las Vegas, NY, etc. But really, how much longer will we act as if this place is so awesome. The food is fair, but the customer service SUCKS! I think people like it because you get big servings of traditional unhealthy American cuisine at a decent price, but an hour plus wait for french fries, salads, egg rolls, and cheesecake!? Then when you're finally seated they, eventually, get back over with water and take your drink or appetizer order. Oh, they may remember to bring bread. Hello! I've waited damn near two hours to eat. Get with it! I've gone a few times since they've opened but I think I good for a while. It's truly overrated. And it's not a Detroit thing the same goes for the downtown Chicago one. But folks keep on coming! Unbelievable!
By: kyss19992002
The Cheesecake Factory
The food is the worst. I am not sure why I had to wait for food that looked good but taste awful!

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