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By: Kevin C.
Master Biesik's Martial Arts
I met Master Biesik about 13 years ago when my son Zach was 4. At the time, Master Biesik was Mr. Biesik, a young Taw Kwon Do teacher. I quickly noticed that he was not only the best at everything, but he was also the best teacher. He just has a way with both parents and students that you understand what is important and that your child is safe with him for whatever period of time he and they are at the school. Soon, we retained Master Biesik for private lessons and saw Zach's Tae Kwon Do career take off. He began winning tournaments all over the country. His grades were great and his athleticism increased ten-fold. It was by far his most disciplined period of time. I thoroughly enjoyed this period of time with my son and Master Biesik. After Master Biesik left that school, Zach began to slowly lose interest. The personal attention we were used to was less. The training was less. Soon, Zach parlayed his physical Tae Kwon Do talent to become a terrific hockey player, a very good student, a great person and has enlisted in the Navy as an aviation engineer.I cannot wait until the new school opens so I, who needs exercise, and my 10-year old daughter can begin lessons. Very excited.

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