By: rodneyams2
1st Choice Property Management
I’ve been with 1st Choice Property for more than 8 years now and I’ve gotten to know what kind of company they are. I’ve had some bad experiences before switching to them and they have helped alleviate a lot of the stress and heartache surrounding my rental property. They are straightforward, direct, and give me a lot of help when I need it. I am thankful we’ve had a long relationship and hopefully a longer one still ahead of us.
By: eletterly
1st Choice Property Management
I shopped around a lot for a good management company before selecting 1st choice. I am truly happy with my decision, had a great experience with them. My property manager handles all issues with my properties in a professional and courteous manner. I would recommend 1st choice to anyone with a busy schedule who wants to avoid the hassles of managing their own rental properties.
By: shirleytrapp6
1st Choice Property Management
I chose 1st Choice Property Management after doing quite a bit of research, and I am very confident I made the right decision. Great experience so far across the board. My property manager is so professional and it seems he handles all issues with ease. Anyone too busy to deal with the hassles of owning a rental property should seriously consider giving 1st Choice a call!
By: meddy136
1st Choice Property Management
We have been completely satisfied with the level of service received from 1st Choice PM. Currently we have several homes under their management and plan to add more. Each and every property is well maintained and managed; 1st choice gives us the reassurance that our money has been well invested.
By: drewbobby66
1st Choice Property Management
I had some bad renter which made my investment experience unpleasant. Thanks to the guys at 1st Choice. They helped ease the pain. They were professional and courteous throughout the 7 plus years I've known hem. Definitely a great management company that I would recommend to any investor.
By: micstark14
1st Choice Property Management
I have to say the service from 1st Choice Property has been excellent. They have always been available and eager to help in any way they can. I appreciate the support, really makes it easy to refer you to friends & family.
By: franksirkiss
1st Choice Property Management
We have received an outstanding quality of service from 1st Choice Property Management. Our ongoing investment with them has returned great results and we are very pleased. We intend to continue with them for the long run.
By: Gary B.
Fortune Real Property Management Services, Inc
Great customer service and always keeping me updated with what is going on. They make everything easy so that you can get everything that needs to be done from the tip of your fingers
By: Mary G.
Fortune Real Property Management Services, Inc
I have worked with the managers for over a year and I can only say they have the best interests of their client's at heart. They provide excellent personalized services.
By: David B.
Fortune Real Property Management Services, Inc
They always return my calls in a prompt manner. Jennifer was really helpful answering my questions. Fortune Real Property has my back. I will recommend them to anyone.

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