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By: tntnum21
Sea Critters Depot
THIS PLACE IS WORTH CHECKING OUT! The owner is very knowledgable and is a great aquarist. To those people who are looking for a place in Myrtle Beach or even in the North Carolina/ South Carolina region should come to Bruce's shop. The prices are MORE than reasonable, the tanks are CLEAR and the selection is HUGE! You will not find a store like it. I've been going to stores all over North Carolina and South Carolina and there is not a store in about a 3 hour radius (in terms of driving) that nearly competes with Bruce's shop. Bruce is an awesome guy who knows his stuff and won't hold back when he gives you his thoughts about introducing new animals to your aquarium. Just saying, I'd put his 30 some years of experience over my few years of experience. He also quarantines his fish! What other pet stores will do that? Answer: not many. It's well worth the trip and if there were more stars to give, then I would give them.People should view the store as it is, a good store, rather than picking at the small imperfections. I hope that any hobbyist, enthusiast, or tourist that comes to Myrtle Beach stops by Sea Critters to check out his selection. It's free to look and it's pretty much as good as Ripley's aquarium. That's my .02To visitors who have never gone to the shop, I am offended by 'mikeinmb' 's words. Yes, Bruce sometimes sells out of his quarantine units, but aren't there hobbyists who have constructed their own quarantine tanks in home? I havn't really seen him sell a fish out of quarantine. When he has, though, he has asked the customer whether they possibly have a quarantine tank and he has made sure the animal is eating, looks healthy, etc. Also, there are aiptasia. Everyone has them. Everyone gets them at some point. Does that effect the quality of the fish and corals you get from him (or any other store for that matter)? That just means dip your corals and look at them before you purchase. I have bought corals before with aiptasia on them. I told him that the aiptasia were on the coral, so he got rid of them with some aiptasia x. All was well.
By: joos820
Sea Critters Depot
I have been going to Sea Critters Depot for 4 years now. I vacation in North Myrtle beach twice a year and every time I go to this amazing reef specialty shop Bruce, the owner, greets me with a smile. He is very knowledgeable about the reef hobby and will speak to you in terms of your experience level. I live about 350 miles away in Virginia and every trip I make, Bruce will pack up all of the livestock (fish, corals, live rock etc) into a cooled or heated cooler for my transport. He will even meet me at the store during closed hours to accommodate my families trip back to Virginia. I have never lost any livestock in these trips and am extremely happy with the selection and health of this store. I would recommend this store to anyone in need of excellent care and service.
By: Sara S.
I have been going to this Petco for the last years and the customer service is great. They will help you find anything you need and they care so much about the animals. From what I saw the fish tanks looked great as well as the homes for the reptiles and hamsters. I took my dog their a few times to get groomed and she came out smelling clean and looking great. I had a wonderful experience here.
By: John B.
Sea Critters Depot
Great Full service store, Wonderful Stock of corals and fish alike. Bruce the owner is a fair competitive business owner whom WILL NOT steer you wrong as far as anything saltwater related. Stop in today and take home a piece of the beach for your saltwater tank. Have a question about anything related? Just ask, They have the answer. I give this store a AAA + Rating.....
By: deborkah
Sea Critters Depot
He is extremely knowledgable and willing to help you set your aquarium up the right way. Has been a hobbiest in salt water for a long time and knows his stuff and sells great looking stuff and his live rock looks amazing. You won't be sorry for visiting him.
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