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By: heartspeak
Toluca Wholeness Center
After researching and trying various acupuncturists and nutrition approaches to improve my health, I found the Toluca Wholeness Center upon high recommendation from a friend. I was happy to discover The Toluca Wholeness Center indeed provides quality attention and care! I hope everyone has the opportunity to experience such an empowering healing process. I certainly recommend you check out the Toluca Wholeness Center as a part of your journey. These skilled and knowledgeable licensed acupuncturists helped me to restore confidence in my body and its natural abilities through foods, acupuncture, massage, breathing, and an overall new outlook. Acupuncturist Edward Jwa taught me how to listen to my body, let go of old thoughts and eating habits that were causing stress, and create new ways to live moment to moment. His acupuncture treatments were different than others I had experienced and very effective. Both licensed acupuncturists, Edward Jwa and Daniel Cho truly understand how to make you feel at home and relaxed. They are patient, nurturing, and persistent as a support system which is so necessary to have in our fast paced society. I found their approach to health and wellness especially empowering and energizing.
By: Yewon-lauren L.
Toluca Wholeness Center
I had been sick for about four years with seizure, panic attacks, and depression. I was not able to go school. I got introduced Mr. Cho from my dad, who was getting help from Mr. Cho for the backache. Since I am Korean, I had met many other herbal medicine doctors, but no one had cured my sickness. Mr. Cho was different from other doctors. He took notes about all my physical information detail and asked questions deeply. I could see that he is helping me as a doctor who is not curing his patient for money. He truly wanted to cure me and always reminded me that I will be all fine. Whenever I had bad condition, Mr. Cho listened to my every word and analyzed. With Mr. Cho’s herbal medicine plan, I could be all cured in just 5 months and I could study. I really recommend Mr. Cho to people who are struggling with seizure or depression.
By: Dirk G.
The Total Health Center, Bradshaw Nicole LAc
Nicole was excellent ,she talked with my boss at the time to let my company use her when the company wanted to send me somewhere else more costly with no results of getting better in sight...going to her only 3 times i was able to walk again and return to work right after..when my back pain was so intense i couldn't hardly make it to the bathroom.."God bless you Nicole "your awesome and cute !!! 10+ Excellence with a super new clean place...ps even the bathroom is a healing spot .......
By: Nicole B.
The Total Health Center, Bradshaw Nicole LAc
What an amazing facility…everyone goes out of their way to make sure I am comfortable and pleased with my care. They offer amazing acupuncture, great chiropractic and the massage therapist are professional and talented. A true blessing to find doctors with a passion for service.
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By: Melissa S.
Yoga NoHo
I used to visit on my lunch breaks and found this one of the better yoga experiences I've had. Ryan was a great instructor and I felt welcomed and supported where I was at in my journey.

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