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By: mindtravels
Wazs 980 AM Request Line
This morning, you gave examples of your pet peeves which included bad spelling and bad grammar. I can't stand the use of local (make that Southern) slang myself. You left out the most common grammatical errors made especially by so-called "professionals" and the horrible misspelling which occurs so frequently on the "crawlers" which appear at the bottom of the bigger news stations. Some of the more glaring errors include, "Are you DONE yet?" Not unless the question is being asked of a pork roast, i.e., an inanimate object. I, being a person, can be finished or through, not done. And, the one that gets my ire is, "Wait ON me, please". If I waited ON you, I would break your ribs. I will wait FOR you, thank you. Or, the horrible misuse of "myself". "Her and me", Him and me, et al. Jake and myself didn't go...I went and took Jake.t. Her and me didn't go. She and I went. Or the use of slang (like "snark" or "snap") and the use of."you know" or "listen up" constantly. I may listen, but hardly need to listen UP. And, I don't "crack the window", I open it. I seldom need to just "hold your pen" (I may borrow it occasionally). I can't "carry you to the store", but I may offer to drive you there. Guess you could call me the grammar grouch. But I have yet to "axe" you a question and I haven't "retched" across the table recently either. Yours, a great fan, Mindtravels from Ladson.
By: scottmichaelwhitley
Kirkman Broadcasting
I would rather have beach music. I love beach music, I live at the beach and no one plays Carolina Beach Music.

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