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By: msnick77
Classy Images Salon
She gave me a mullet & I was literally in shock- - This is one of those shops where, no matter what your hair looks like everyone tells you your your looks nice & the stylist Mary congratulates herself while styling . Well when I walked into another salon the next day to get it fixed;why were all the stylists shock & asking why, why, why?WOW, I waited a while to write this review because I was extremely upset after I had my hair done here. I will try my best to write a reasonable review. I ended up here because my stylist cancelled on me the day of & I needed a haircut. My hair had broken off badly. From my ears forward my hair was 4 or 5 inches. In the back, my hair was long (down my back) but horribly thin & damaged. I need a big chop and was ready to start over. First I needed a texturizer (mild relaxer basically) and color. Both the chemical & color was done by her assistant (?) The entire service was provided while the young lady was on her cell phone. While that's truly rude, I was impressed by her dexterity as she was NOT using a bluetooth headset. Also I have no idea if the young lady was licensed to provide the services she performed on me. Not a good look or very "Classy" should this salon ever be sued. Next was the big chop...sort of. As I mentioned my hair was very long in the back. Mary cut my hair very short in the front and left the back long. Yes people I just described a mullet. Business in the front & party in the back! Now the cut in the front was cute. The problem is it was a precision cut. Very short and difficult to curl. I have, no exaggeration at least 10 curling irons of all sizes, 4 flat irons. But I digress, the point is I could NEVER come close to recreating that style, I mean absolutely nowhere close. Nor could I walk around with all that party in the back so I went to another salon to get the back cut. Many may wonder, why pay another salon? Because, Mary expressed a desire to cut every head of hair that walked into her salon short, even if the hair was already short in my opinion. She seems to believe the shorter, the better & everyone looks great with a short cut. During my haircut I had to object to her using clippers to shave the sides of my head. I did not come into her salon for that type of cut! So I went to a salon where they understand my needs when it comes to a cut. ( I would have gone there initially but they do not provide chemical services for black hair) This was not my 1st time at Classy Images, but Mary had never done my hair before. She had a very talented young lady renting a booth who did great cuts & weaves and an older lady who did weaves. Alone in the salon I noted that Mary's clients are all older & rock short cuts. Maybe if you went in with a picture she would do a good job; but do not let this woman's sense of style fool you. DO NOT allow her to freestyle cut your hair. When I went in recently for a touch-up (at a different salon) the stylist asked..."Did you have a mohawk?" Now that my hair has grown out a bit I can laugh at the situation. Last but not least, part of my aggravation was with the texturizer, but I didn't realize it. Now that I have a touch-up my hair is softer & more manageable.Bottom line, my hair is still extremely short on the sides, from the perimeter to 2 inches above my ears. but my hair has grown out to cover this up. I thought her shop used quality products but my hair was stiff and unmanageable for a weeks afterwards. I use Nexxus products at home & my hair was stiff from the day I returned from the salon. Honestly, I gave up & got braids. One pro, her shop uses Dudley's for semi-permanent color. I will continue to use this product at home!
By: moniepenney
Dynasty Hair-Skin-Nails
I had just moved to Charleston in October of 2011, and was referred to Stella Nova to get my hair done. What a rip off that was! Over priced, poor stylist. So, then I'm visiting Miami in February of 2012 and decide that I would stop in at a very exclusive salon to get my color touched up. Rip off No. 2... I spent $400 and they stripped the color out of my hair and damaged it, as well. I was mortified as I am in the public relations field. A new friend that I had recently met after Miami said, "Hey, why don't you go see my stylist, Lisa"? So, I called and got an appointment with Lisa in March 2012. BEST THING I EVER DID! Lisa not only fixed my color on the first visit, but she started working on the bad haircut and damaged hair, as well. It is now July and my hair is absolutely beautiful.!! It has grown so much and even though I still get highlights, Lisa has somehow made it look natural. Which no one has been able to do in 10 years. She is AWESOME! If you need a stylist for cut, color, whatever, SHE IS THE PERSON TO SEE. Men too! Give her a call... and then you can thank me on your own review!
By: msnick77
Angie's Hair Studio
I went to this salon once last summer. I walked-in and had a consultation with a stylist, then later made an appointment that was honored on time & I was given great service. (The stylist was not Angie) I also had my brows done there and they looked great! So why 3 stars? I called several times for a follow-up appointment, left multiple messages that were never returned & I mean I left at least 4 messages in a 2 week time span. There was only one stylist in the salon both times I visited. On the positive side the salon was nice & comfortable. I felt welcome on my consultation and subsequent appointment. The bottom line though is that their service is unreliable and I've found a better stylist, only because I was forced to. I would have become a regular at this salon. Almost four years in Charleston and I've just found a regular dependable stylist. The downside is I have to drive to Mt. Pleasant to get this service. I have tried more salons in North Charleston than I can count! C'mon North Chuck stylists! Get it together!
By: universalnaturalsphilosophyofhair
Universal Naturals Philosophy Of Hair
Universal Naturals Philosophy Of Hair is owned by Lisa V. Burks. She is an awesome Loc Restorer! She creates, lengthens and thickens Locs. Lisa also custom designs nets and bridges for areas of alopecia(bald areas) with Locs that are made off the head and attatched where needed. Log onto her Universal Naturals Philosophy Of Hair FB Page and experience her work. Follow her on Twitter @ LocRestoration. Blessings flow!
By: springtime1
European Hair Salon & Spa
I have been going to this salon for many years and there now has been new management that has taken over but they have done a world of difference to this salon. It is beautiful and very relaxing and the stylist are absolutely wonderful! I would recommend this salon because the service is great and the prices are also very reasonable.
By: mshonesty77
Salon 843
Tasha just installed a fabulous full WEAVE. I will admit,I'm a stylist won't night.She give me exactly what I wanted. I didn't end up with the "corn head"effects, like so many do around. She also used all of my hair,and give me my leftover HAIR.She is also very fast. Start to Finished 2.5 HOURS,BUNDLES and a close.
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By: Christina A.
Professional Stylers The
Wow! Best hair expierence ever! Went in loooking dull in need of some exreme changes! Left feliing better than a million bucks! I was ready for a photo shoot! Complete opposite of my arival when I didn't even want to see a camera! Perfect pick me up!! Try them for yourself!!
By: cefrye
Tina's African Hair Braiding
Tina's shopped was recommended to by a friend, and it was my first time getting braids put in. The service was good and friendly. I showed them a picture of what I wanted done, and looked exactly like it. :o)
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By: professionalstylers
Professional Stylers The
Best salon in Charleston! ���������������� come in and let us show you! We are accepting new clients! On your first visit with us your first service will be half price! Hope to see you soon!!!!
By: Gamilah J.
Salon Divas Latinas
Love the products they use and attention to your hair but your never in and out. They talk to each a lot with no concept of time

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